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Mysore University and Karnataka department of tourism joined hands to start training program for tourist guides. Millions of tourists who used to visit Mysore and various other parts of Karnataka often return home without gaining the comprehensive understanding of the history or rich culture due to the scarcity of proper knowledgeable guides.

The BN Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences is initiating a four-month training programme for tourist guide on June 20. The candidates completing the course will be provided with a certificate from the university and also a tourist guide license valid for three years.

Studies report that the students will be taught about various tourist places that are recognized by the state tourism department. Besides the history of the places, they will also be trained for soft skills and languages like French and English top remove the linguistic barrier while communicating with the foreign tourists.

Not only just this, the students will be taught about the foreign languages, impact of tourism and various tourism products of Karnataka.

The training programme will be implemented in five batches, with 40 students in each batch. Each student will be selected through interview.

Aisha M Sheriff, the human resource chairperson of BIMS will coordinate the entire training programme.

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