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This weekend, travel to Imagica Snow Park in Khopoli, Maharashtra. Known as the latest attractions, this theme park is built in 30,000 sq ft area. It is regarded as the joint venture with Acme Entertainment.

This makes sure that Indians will not have to travel overseas, in order to grab international standard experiences. As per reports, this theme park contains real snowfall, 50 feet tall dome of snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Imagica theme park, latest Snow Park, Hotel Novotel and water park proves as ideal holiday destinations where couples, corporates, friends and families; all can have a great time together.

Talking about the snow park; this destination offers a number of activities to its guests. It is said that the guests would be given gloves, boots and jackets. But, you must visit 30 minutes before the show.

If you visit here, you can easily play basketball with the snow, enjoy the snowball fight, climb the snowy mountains and so on.

Other activities like snow rafting, dance on snow floor and snow hiking are also the centre of attraction here. Further, this park features 3 cafes where you could relax and have some snacks and beverages.

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