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Northeastern Turkey is famous for its whistle language (bird language), which is going to be preserved using a smartphone app. Kuşdili, is basically a bird language that is a major form of communication spoken by almost 10,000 people living in northeastern Turkey.

This language is spoken through whistling, i.e. by imitating the sound of birds. To make sure that the language does not diminishes in the age of technology; a project has been started by İlkim Odabaş Sever (a Turkish language teacher) and her students Selin İslam and Berk Reçber.

This project is to compete in the competition of TÜBİTAK and aims at preserving the cultural heritage, i.e. the language, Kuşdili, via smartphone app. They have created a vocal dictionary for the language and found 400+ words and phrases.

According to Sever, the user will be able to translate varied phrases or words into the bird language through the app. Not just this, the users may also add new words to the dictionary. It has received positive feedback from many people, who have downloaded the same.

The whistle language is widely used in Black Sea region of turkey, i.e. in Giresun’s Çanakçı district. But, you may also find it in China, Mexico, Spain and France. The only thing that distinguishes the whistle language spoken in turkey from that spoken in other regions is its high frequency. Due to its high frequency, the language can travel to a greater distance, almost 5 kilometers across the deep valleys of the region. 4,000 dB is the maximum frequency of the bird language spoken in Turkey. It is not a distinct language; the Turkish language has been adapted into whistles.

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