US Has The Largest Number Of Hindi Speakers After Gujarati & Telugu

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As per a study, Hindi is one of the most popular Indian languages spoken in the US, after Gujarati and Telugu. However, if we compare the languages in terms of increase in the number of speakers, Telugu is at the top.

Within a period of seven years, i.e. from 2010 to 2017, the the number of Telugu speakers in the US has increased by a whooping 86%. on the other hand, the rise in Gujarati and Hindi speakers was 22% and 42% respectively.As per US reports on languages conducted in 2017, it was found that in the entire US population, over 21.8% of residents spoke a different language other than English. These residents included everyone right from native born to illegal and legal immigrants.

Almost 6.7 crore people out of 30.5 crore were found speaking a foreign language.

If we talk about the figures two years back, US had a total of 8.63 lakh Hindi language speakers, followed by 4.15 lakh Telugu language speakers and 4.34 lakh Gujarati language speakers.

In another report by TOI, it was found that the birthplace of 26.10 lakh individuals in the US population, was India. This figure does not include people who are born in the US, but have parents of Indian origin. It can be thus said that over 33% of Indians living in the US speak Hindi and 17% speak Telugu and Gujarati language. The figures of these most spoken languages in the US have almost doubled since 1990.

In the five largest cities of America, 48% of the residents are known to speak a different language besides English language.

Bengali and Tamil are also among the few languages spoken in the United States. However, they couldn’t make it to the top three Indian languages in the US. There has been an increase of just 57% and 55% in the number of Bengali and Tamil language speakers respectively.

These figures can be very important for a business owner, who has been trying to target Indians living in the US. This is why Hindi and Telugu translation for business can be very importance for those whose target audience speaks the said languages.

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