Which Apps You May Require In Delhi during Odd Even Traffic Rule

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The odd even traffic rule in Delhi has been implemented and people are now looking for apps that they may require while travelling and following this new rule. Since it is not habitual for the common masses, thus, people face certain challenges every other day.

So, to overcome such challenges, one can use some mobile apps that will assist them in following the rule without any hassle.. Here they are:

1. FrndiNeed

Locating your nearby friend, poking them, asking for lift and organizing a meet up; is all what you can do with this app. The SOS tab will help you at times of urgency. This app will also provide you the route to reach to your friend, if he/she accepts your request of taking a lift.

2. Voodoo

Using this app you can locate the nearest cabs available to you. You can just book the cab at just one click. So, you do not need to worry whether your car has an odd number or an even number. Easily check the availability of the cab and book it instantly with this app.

3. Uberpool

It is helpful in carpooling service. You can share and split the charges of your travel with another passenger, if he has to resume on the similar route as yours. So, you can travel at lower prices.

4. Helpchat

If you have any question related to this traffic rule, then you can use this app, i.e. Helpchat. You can even book a cab.

So, get these apps instantly and use them to avoid any difficulty while travelling and following this odd even rule.

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