Why the Gboard is the best Iphone Keyboard ?

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In an effort to change its courtesy on iPhone for adding direct search hook like it has on its own OS Android, Google has launched its brand new application – Gboard – which is a new keyboard application for the IOS apps. The app was released this Thursday. The app is only available for iPhone devices as of now.

The name is blend of the words Keyboard and Google, it came up with exclusive features that are still not yet available for the smartphones powered with android. The key feature is the Google icon in the top left. Once clicked, this bar brings up a search bar in the keyboard app itself.

It works in the same way you can expect it to work. It shows more than mere search results by harnessing the power of Search engines. Google has managed to managed it despite the small space too, When you search for something, the keyboard will get disappeared and search results would be bought up. We don’t need to mention that the search is tailored to bring out only what is highly relevant. If you click on that link, the link would be inserted into keyboard app too.

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