Windows 10 Upgraded on 14 Million Devices on the Very First Day

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On the very first day, 14 million people installed the new Windows 10 operating system. The company said the new operating system was designed in a manner to target mobile devices, computers and a number of other gadgets.

Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice president says that the company is very grateful and humbled to see the spectacular response for Windows 10.

As Windows 10 targets both the mobile devices as well as the traditional computers, therefore, the stakes are high for Microsoft.

The company hopes that the new system might help in gaining traction in mobile devices, where it lags behind Apple iOS, Google Android and various emerging technologies for computing.

Right from Windows 8, Microsoft skipped directly to Windows 10 that is offered as a free upgrade. Thus, it made it possible to be quickly available on billions of devices

It will allow for pen, voice as well as gesture input. For improved security, it may also provide biometric identification in some cases.

Mehdi said that the top priority is to ensure that every user gets a great upgrade experience. As of the now there are almost 14 million devices running on Windows 10. He says that the company still has many more upgrades to catch with those who reserved their upgrade.

The chief executive of Mozilla complained that Windows 10 imposes (as the default option) the new Edge browser, thus overriding choices made by the end users.

Chris Beard (Mozilla CEO) said that the new operating system makes it even more complicated to opt for a competing browser such as Firefox.

It requires more than double the number of mouse clicks and scrolling through content. He further says that it is hard to navigate, confusing, and easy to get lost. Beard urged Microsoft for respecting the right of people to control their online experience.

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