Save more at TridIndia through Big Deals/ Offers and Discounts on Translation Services. We offer exclusive loyalty rewards to all of our customers – both existing and new customers. Hence, our translations are not just authentic, but also vested with unlimited discounts.

These discounts vary from one another and the customer has the freedom to choose a deal appropriate to him/ her.

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We offer special deals for bulk orders (even for urgent translations). The deals vary depending on the quantity of pages, for e.g. for 10 to 20 Pages get 10% offer, 21 to 45 get 15% offer etc.

In case, you contact us again for the second translation assignment, you will get a huge 10% discount on the total translation cost.

We offer 5% discount to customers on referring each new customer. In case, it is your second order and you are also referring a new client, the discount will be 15%.

We offer 10% discount to students, universities, scholars and other academic institutions on their first order. If you invite your colleagues, you may also get additional discount.

On special occasions or festivals like christmas, diwali, independence day, eid, republic day etc, we offer 10% discount to our customers.

Gold customers refer to those loyal customers who receive almost 10-20% on every service order Plus added offer on bulk service purchase.

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