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Are you finding it difficult to convert your paper drawings into an accurate CAD file? In this scenario, you need to look for professional CAD services to get 2D drawings and 3D models with exact measurements. From industrial design to product design, businesses rely on to get perfect models.

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Why You Should Invest in CAD Today?

The global CAD software market size was evaluated at USD 9.46 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 6.4% from 2021 to 2028. The growing utilization of computer-aided design in the automotive industry along with manufacturers’ great focus on additive manufacturing, is expected to enhance the market growth.

We also translate the AutoCAD and engineering drawings in on 3000+ language pairs. Utilizing the latest techniques and standards, our dexterous professionals convert original paper drawings into accurate CAD files and also translate the same (under the guidance of native CAD translators), if demanded by the client. Also, we provide full-fledged engineering services to structural, mechanical, civil, architectural and engineering industries. Our CAD services company offers a wide array of CAD Translation & CAD Services in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Chandigarh Amritsar Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai Kolkata and other parts of the world. Additionally, you can also outsource CAD localization services and engineering transcription services along with CAD Translation. We localize the file as per the specifications of the target culture. This implies that you gain comprehensive engineering and language solutions under one roof, i.e. TridIndia.

Affordable CAD Services for Your Business

As the most trusted name in the market, TridIndia offers the CAD designing & drafting or engineering services at very reasonable rates. Our team of professionals put-in all their efforts for providing maximum satisfaction to our clients all over the world. Since the last 15 years, we are offering high quality engineering solutions to our global customers and we are proud to confess that we have successfully delivered what our clients asked for! If you are also looking for authentic solutions for Architectural design, CAD conversions, Engineering transcription, Civil engineering solutions, Structural Engineering Design, Technical drawings and various other related services, then contact us immediately….!!!








Need of CAD Services for Your Business Today

If you run global operations or planning to do so, you may come across multi-cultured and multilingual clients. Thus, to make sure that the engineering solutions are rendered accurately, need to undertake CAD translation services, for sure. Chances of error get maximized if your service provider is new to the process of converting paper drawings into CAD files. In the absence of a team of CAD qualified translators and technical experts, the services rendered can be a lethal failure for the business units.

Boost Sales

CAD design includes the use of 3D CAD models as well as drawings of products. This is primarily utilized by B2B suppliers to help engineers, designers, and buyers in the architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction industry, accelerate their design processes with great accuracy. it develops an opportunity for leads that can boost sales.

A Global Hit

With paper catalogs, producers will not get any idea what their audiences are doing with their catalog until they get an order. Whereas, Online 3D models can be sent to a global audience, which helps the manufacturers the ability to see whenever their catalog is seen or downloaded. Online 3D models can attract a global audience because they look perfect.

Boost ROI

Marketing is important if a business hopes to get a competitive benefit. Additionally, it is important to make sure self-promotion as well as a stable influx of new consumers as well as revenue. 3D CAD design is an ideal way of enhancing marketing material as well as improving ROI.

Access to Global Market

Businesses, nowadays, expect to make a grand entry in the foreign market but is that possible with the poor designs that you put before your market? Absolutely no. Thus, your business requires CAD services to ensure that the design looks amazing and has an appeal to grab the attention.

To make your mark in the global market, CAD design is the beneficial service that one can get and reap the advantages that come with it. Often people make mistake by choosing the wrong provider that leads to some errors like missing out certain elements and text, inconsistent and cumbersome translation, delay in project completion and lack of knowledge about appropriate terminology . To rise in the multilingual market, you need to look for multilingual CAD design services. At Tridindia, we deliver quick and accurate CAD translation and localization in India and abroad.

Golden 18+ years we’ve passed!

We at Tridindia

Professional CAD for Flawless Design

Tridindia have been providing the most accurate and reliable CAD services to our clients. Owing to our expertise and core competence over technical translation, we have established a high position in the global market. Further, with our expertise in mechanical tasks and seamless coordination between AUTOCAD experts and professional translators, we achieve fast project turnovers with high levels of precision. Vested with immense expertise to work on all types of technical drawings, engineering, architectural, archive drawings, maps and schematic diagrams, we make sure that we offer high quality services to all industries that require designing, drafting or engineering solutions. Some of the industries are mentioned below: Aviation, Hotels & Resorts, Building / Construction, Automotive, Heavy Engineering etc.

Experienced CAD Experts – With a team of highly proficient CAD experts, we make sure that the 2D/3D design should meet your requirements and help your business expand.
Various File Formats – To deliver high level of accuracy and quality in output, our team utilizes a wide of engineering software that helps us to deliver the CAD drawings in your desired format such as dwf, dwg, dxf, dwg, TIFF, JPEG, PDF files etc.

Types of CAD Services We Offer

CAD software has transformed modern-day engineering. The B2B industry has been involved in boosting the transition from 2D CAD to 3D CAD. From architects to drafters, engineers, etc. shifting their focus from 2D to 3D CAD software to get the best design for their product. We provide high quality and comprehensive Computer-Aided Designing & Drafting services that are robust, inventive, agile and productive for the worldwide clients. Some of the services are mentioned below:
  • FEA Services
  • 3D Architectural Walkthroughs
  • CAD Migration
  • Retail Space Planning & Design
  • HVAC Services
  • Construction Drawing Services
  • Millwork Drawings
  • Land Development Design Services
  • Geospatial Services
  • Building Information Model (BIM)
  • PCB Design & Layout
  • Paper To CAD Conversion Services
  • Peer Review Services
  • 3D Modeling & Rendering Services
  • AutoCAD Conversion
  • Finite Element Modeling & Analysis
  • 2D Drafting Services
  • Electrical Design & Layout Services
  • CAD Conversion Services
  • Electrical Instrumentations Services
  • SKETCHUP Modeling Services
  • Construction Cost Estimation Services
  • Landscape Design & Drafting
  • High Rise Structures Design & Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Engineering Transcription Using MATHCAD
  • 3D Product Animation Services
  • Architectural Drafting & Detailing (CAD)
  • Plant Design Management System
  • Industrial Structures Design & Analysis
  • Custom Homes Design & Analysis
  • Retrofitting & Rehabilitation Of Structures
  • MEP Design & Drafting Services
Such wide range of services ensures that we offer you a bunch of authentic civil, mechanical, fabrication, structural, ship building, electrical and architectural engineering solutions, which fulfill your needs perfectly. Our team is vested with immense experiences in providing best-in-class and customized engineering services. But, apart from this, our team also provides value added services across multifarious industry verticals.

Benefits of Outsourcing CAD Services To Us

Are you seeking a company which has the ability to convert PDF, DWG, DGN files and scanned images into functional vector files suitable for CAD applications? Outsource your CAD services to Tridindia that adhere to high-quality processes and provide customized services at affordable prices. We are ace at giving 99% accurate CAD architectural designs and drafts. There are some more benefits that you would get from us.

Data Privacy

Your product should be unique and not copied by anyone. To keep your information completely secure, we strive to keep your designs completely confidential and not shared with other clients.

Culturally Relevant

To ensure our work meets the industry requirements and enable businesses to engage their clients with their designs, our experts create a flawless design that seems culturally relevant.

Quality Control Systems

Quality control plays an important role in making your model design accurate in measurements. Hence, before submitting the final draft to the client our proof-reader will review it thoroughly.

Years Of Experience

Our company holds many years of experience in converting paper drawings into computer aided design to help improve your productivity and expand your business.

Faster TAT

When you outsource your requirement to us, we make sure the design should be created with a fastest turnaround time. Our USP is we deliver work within the deadline without compromising the quality.

Native CAD Experts

We have team members who have a wide range of expertise. Thus, we provide high-end service, regardless of the project size or complexity. Every member of our team is well-trained to utilize art technology.

We follow a streamlined procedure to help you outsource our 2D CAD drafting or 3D modeling services, very easily. The client enquires information about our services and input/ output reference files are exchanged via secure FTP. Samples of the drafts are sent, only if the client demands for it. In-depth evaluation of client’s needs is initiated and work order is sent to the client. After the client signs the work order, our team will start the project and deliver the same within committed time frame.

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    At Tridindia, we can assure that the process will be well-coordinated, efficient, hassle-free, and smooth. Our capable managers will work meticulously throughout the process to make sure that everything works seamlessly from beginning to end.

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    Certified Translation


    Your Trusted CAD
    Agency Online

    Tridindia is a prestigious and trusted provider of CAD services globally. We serve the requirements of hundreds of organizations in PAN India, including all forms of architects, utility companies, engineering firms as well as contractors. We are your one-stop solution for high-end CAD drawing services in the domain of Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and all different engineering lines. We have access to a big pool of talent that empowers us to offer quality services and furthermore, take up large projects! Our global partnerships stay updated with the latest design techniques as well as competitive costs in developed markets.

    Here are the reasons that make us a truly trusted CAD agency online:

    Trained, skilled and dexterous team of professionals

    Ability to handle international assignments

    Fast project turnovers

    100% privacy and data security

    Strictly adhere to the global standards and specifications

    Translate and localize all types of CAD drawings in multiple languages

    Whether you need assistance with a single project, occasional help during occupied periods or a whole CAD management service, Tridindia is focused on providing the best level of service to you and guaranteeing you keep up a top-quality service to your clients.

    Our Native CAD Experts

    Potential of CAD Experts

    Our CAD operators aren’t simply exceptionally talented in CAD, they also have a huge knowledge of building services so they get practical, workable solutions. Our team comprises architectural draftsman, mechanical draftsman, architectural assistants etc. Drawings are made whether to our own current principles or to the standards you state and are provided within pre-agreed time-scales to match even the fastest of fast-track projects.

    Additional Flexibility

    In order to ensure consistency and uniformity in work, our experienced AUTOCAD team utilizes Translation Memories as a substitute for manual translation service. Translation Memories refer to a database that stores “segments” (such as sentences, titles, paragraphs or headings) that have been previously translated. Therefore, the stored words and phrases come up as auto-suggestions whenever the same terminology is repeated in the project. Translation memory sets up the quality benchmarks for those projects that involve large number of drawings to be translated and require a number of translators to work on it simultaneously.

    Modus Operandi for AUTOCAD Translation

    Computerized streamlining of various mechanical tasks, such as zoom, search, pan etc

    Referring translation memory for glossary and consistency

    Using layers or layouts for separate display of languages, ease of printing and identification

    Speed-up the manual translation via translation memory

    Case Studies

    We are dedicated to
    serve you all time

    Let’s help your business grow with our highly accurate CAD service by using the
    latest technologies so that you receive a high-end design that meets your expectations.
    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for CAD Solutions can Be Your Good Decision.

    Finding the most reliable company that meets your needs? Tridindia delivers CAD services, to optimize your designs as well as enhancing complete processes, with the assistance of a fine blend of the latest technologies and advanced tools backed with the vast experience of our CAD experts. Our virtual design capabilities in 2D and 3D CAD modeling, accompanied by project management skills as well as scalability work to your potential benefit.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our team includes efficient proof readers who have good knowledge of designs. They check the same to ensure high-quality and accuracy.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    We know you deal with global clients. To make your designs hit the global market we provide comprehensive language solutions at low cost.

    CAD Services

    Our certified CAD services make sure that our high-end design should meet your requirement and will not get into any legal dispute.

    Native CAD

    With our team of passionate, experienced and dedicated experts, we make sure your work gets done accurately and seamlessly.

    Easy Project

    We conduct project consultation with our client to make sure we better understand their requirements.

    Fastest Turnaround

    Our experts are dedicated and they know the importance of completing work on time. They make sure your project work gets done faster.

    The Unbeatable CAD Master Since 2002

    As every business wants to accelerate its growth and enter into a global market, the need for CAD services rises. We make sure your company gets a flawless design with the right measurements without spending more time and money.

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    Go Through Easy Process for CAD Order

    Whether you are seeking a reputed CAD design outsourcing company to handle your workload, professional engineering & mechanical CAD drawing services, or any other services, we are the ideal choice for all of your CAD drafting requirements.


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    Frequently Asked Questions on CAD

    Computer-aided design (CAD) is the utilization of computers (or workstations) to help in the creation, alteration, analysis, or optimization of a design.

    The files can be provided in any graphic format, such as JPEG, TIFF, or even PDF. AutoCAD drawings can also be mailed to us for 3d modeling.

    We adhere to Drawing Standards as given by you. However, we can additionally use default standards like AIA guidelines.

    The turnaround time relies completely on the project and the output required. Also, we can work on tight deadlines if needed.

    Yes, we prefer to maintain the drawing quality, be it text or any different information. We may need a glossary of architectural vocabulary if the language is different from English.

    We aim to build up a long-term relationship with every client. To accomplish this goal all work is done professionally.

    Tridindia has been working in this field for many years. We have hired our CAD specialists based on the experience they hold in CAD.

    Our CAD drafting specialists have hands-on experience in AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Revit, Maya, VectorWorks, MicroStation, and 3DS Max.

    Every project is different. So, a detailed proposal will be sent to you for approval depending up on the scope of work.

    We avoid disclosing any computer or paper data that we receive from the clients during any project.

    No matter how heavy your data files can be, we can transfer a large amount of data as fast as possible.

    There are many ways to reach us. Call at +91-8527599523 or drop a line [email protected]. Also, you can head to our office at 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.

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