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51+ Language Facts [Unique + Interesting]

Want to learn eye-opening yet fantastic language facts? Our wonderful world is full of diverse languages that bring endless growth opportunities and has a rich history. Did you know? During the age of modern homo sapiens, language first evolved around 50,000–150,000 years ago and since then, there are around 7,111 spoken languages that have been […]
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Interesting Facts About Content Writing [A Quick Guide]

Content writing has always been an important aspect of the promotion of business online. A powerful content writing strategy requires a good knowledge about facts that in turn build your brand reputation among customers. When you take your first step in the field of content writing, always focus more on what you envision as an […]
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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Translation [You Should Know?]

It’s not even clandestine that language is an intricate part and most remarkable feature of our lifestyles. Of course, there are 7,151 languages are spoken today (as per Ethnologue). The translation is the most vital to breaking the language obstruction. Although, when talking about linguistics, which is a multifaceted part and enthralling feature of our […]
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