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Why is French the Language of Future?

What language will be dominating the world in the future? How you will respond to this question, I know. Most of you will say ‘English.’ As the craze for learning English is increasing across the world, undoubtedly no other language seems to be challenging it anywhere. English is the second most spoken languages in the world. […]
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Why is French Language Translation Important? [5 Essentials Facts]

Whether companies or organizations are included in the publishing site content and reports, advertising, or marketing communication, they need to keep in mind the need and importance of quality French translations to interact efficiently with their French-speaking consumers as well as audiences. There are around 1000 languages spoken all around the world and among all […]
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Why Translating into French Is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Mastering the art of French translation takes time. Hence, a translator must invest all his efforts in polishing his/her skills for a brighter future. But, when it comes to the translation into French language, it is not that easy for a translator to perform that. Those who are involved into French translation or aspire for […]
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6 Golden Rules in French Translation for Capitalizing Words

The rules of capitalization play an important role in localizing a text as per the target segment. If you are a part of language or translation industry, then you cannot simply neglect the rules for capitalization. English has different rules and similarly any other language, like French also has some of its capitalization rules. It […]
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