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How Many Spanish Languages and Spanish Dialects Are There?

Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world with 534 million speakers. Therefore, knowing How Many Spanish Languages and Spanish Dialects Are There becomes crucial for businesses before targeting the Spanish market. The vast majority of people in Spain are Spanish speakers because Spanish is their official language. But, this isn’t true. It […]
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Top 10 Languages Used On the Internet And Why?

With approximately 7,151 languages spoken worldwide, there are the top 10 languages used on the internet that online users most commonly use. Let’s find out. English is not just the most widely spoken language but also dominates the digital world. However, businesses relying only on this language for global expansion is not enough. Because there […]
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How Many Mother Tongue Languages Are Around The World?

Mother tongue is mostly those languages which a person speaks from birth. It is something, which he or she is accustomed with and won’t change in any cost. It is the language, in which the person is most comfortable with while interacting with people. It is also subjected to be known as dominant language, home […]
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