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Which Languages are Most in Demand For Translation?

Once you are convinced about the benefits of translation, it raises the question, “Which languages are most in-demand for translation?” The international market needs companies of different sizes to utilize translation solutions to communicate with audiences from all around the world. However, translating in every language is not possible, as people speak around 200 languages […]
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Which Languages Are Most in Demand For Transcription?

The global market needs companies of all sizes that can transcribe everything for proper communication with multilingual audiences. However, transcription of all languages might be a tough job, as people speak about 200 principal languages and a few thousand dialects globally. So, which languages are most in-demand for transcription when taking your business global? There […]
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How Many Mother Tongue Languages Are Around The World?

Mother tongue is mostly those languages which a person speaks from birth. It is something, which he or she is accustomed with and won’t change in any cost. It is the language, in which the person is most comfortable with while interacting with people. It is also subjected to be known as dominant language, home […]
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5 Facts about Languages in India for Global Entrepreneurs

Industries are still unknown to the basic facts about languages in India. The global entrepreneurs have effectively used diversified Indian languages for business outgrowth. This can be truly verified by seeing the rapid economic growth our country has observed since Independence. To cherish the moment let’s have a glance on the 6 basic facts the […]
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