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Gamer Guide: How To Battle With Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

The game, Pokemon Go, is being played by millions of people worldwide and it’s definitely the biggest hit than Mario. The surprising thing is that it has more active users as compare to Facebook and other social networking sites. The game is interactive and battling is something that most of us would definitely do. That’s […]
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How to Find Pokemon in Pokemon Go – Catch Now

No one ever thought that this game would go viral and will be played all around the world. The Game was launched July 2016 and in nearly 7 months this Pokemon go is the most downloaded game in Android and IOS surpassing Facebook and Twitter. The game was also listed on Google’s top trending search […]
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How to play Pokémon Go? Know Steps to follow

This vial game needs no introduction as its already a big hit among people of all ages. You’ll see plenty of people playing and roaming over streets to catch as many Pokémon as they can. Currently the internet is flooded with so many Pokémon related meme, pics, videos, tolls, etc. Even we’ve also played and […]
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