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How to Create Secure Passwords to Avoid Hacking

Passwords should always be secure and strong. Hence, when you create them, you should create the one that cannot be hacked or assumed by someone. ‘May’ is the month when the World Password Day is celebrated. Hence, good habits to create a sound password should definitely be promoted. Here are some key points, using which […]
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WhatsApp May Roll Out Two New Features for the Users

As per some reports, WhatsApp might soon roll out two new features – voicemail and call back for the users. These features are expected to be very beneficial for the users. For the call back feature, it is said that it would help the users in calling back their friends without actually opening the app. […]
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5 Instant Ways to Earn a Giant Six Figure Salary

There are numerous instant ways to earn a giant six figure salary. This is possible if you look for higher paying jobs. Everyone in this world wishes to earn a good salary. Hence, making your career in that particular field is always wonderful. Here are some higher paying jobs that offer $150,000 or more: 1. […]
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4 Super-Quick Ways to Protect Your Phone Battery

One who owns a smartphone always looks for super-quick ways to protect the phone battery. These days, one thing that is most important to any smartphone user, is his phone battery. Protecting the battery has become a major concern. So, here are some ways due to which you can keep your phone battery always protected: […]
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10 Killer Facts about PF Withdrawal That You Do Not Know

PF withdrawal and its latest updates. These facts are of prime importance to an employee, but, generally, a major chunk of employees do not know about its varied facts. Do you know that recently, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has allowed that the PF withdrawal applications could be filed directly to the retirement fund body? […]
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