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How Important Is Quality In Transcription Process?

The war between quality and quantity might never end. But, quality assurance in transcription process is something that you must give maximum attention to. No matter, how expensive transcription seems to be, you must never compromise the quality factor for the service rates or quantity. But, before you entrust a service provider, you must clearly […]
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How You Can Order Human Transcription Online In a Minute

The buzz of Online Human Transcription is soaring new horizons in the international business world, these days. Who would have thought that there can be an amazing technique that converts audio files into properly drafted written texts? In the good old times, it was obviously a dream. But, today, it is one of the most […]
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Why Machine Transcriptions Will Never Replace Human Transcribers

There are various transcription devices available these days, and most of them are now doing the jobs of human transcribers. The exact trouble these devices cannot beat a human’s talent of understanding perspective and transcript; thus, results can be disagreeable. In addition without expressing anything, these machines cannot even replace the knack and aptitudes of […]
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Major Difficulties in Transcription Process

However, when people who just go to buy and use transcriptions every day, often have only an incomplete knowledge of how actually the voice from transcriptions are created. We will discuss about how exactly to use them. On the other hand, as like those electrical devices, you can also get to know more about your […]
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