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How to Improve Your Online Presence With Transcription?

80% of companies now choose video as a powerful marketing tool, and it’s expected that this strategy will increase by 25%. The argument to consider investing in video efforts can’t be ignored, but what makes video a complicated task for businesses is that it doesn’t suit every requirement. To increase the reach of the video, […]
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Which Transcription Service Do You Need? [4 Major Types]

Transcription solutions have become an important part of many businesses as well as professional ventures. Thus, knowing which transcription service you need that meets your requirements is important. These days, effective transcription has turned into an effective way of communication between business and client personnel. The Internet and its consequences need no introduction. With the passing […]
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Difficulties in Transcription Process: How to Overcome Challenges Involved in Transcription?

Like any kind of service, there are a set of difficulties in the transcription process that every you will usually face. There are plenty of reasons why companies opt for transcription. Few clients utilize international transcriptions to develop voice recognition databases, while others for effectively analyzing call histories. Even though the affordable transcription solutions offer a […]
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