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Why is French the Language of Future?

What language will be dominating the world in the future? How you will respond to this question, I know. Most of you will say ‘English.’ As the craze for learning English is increasing across the world, undoubtedly no other language seems to be challenging it anywhere. English is the second most spoken language in the […]
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Translation Services Are Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Although English is the most widely spoken language globally, there are many countries where it is still not so popular. However, interest the population might have in Hollywood films, when it comes to official work, these countries still use their mother tongues. One reason for this is the fluency and the freedom of expression that […]
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A Brief Introduction to Corporate Translation Guide

Translation services have today become a must have tool to expand your business globally. However, there are different clients who consider translation as a low cost source of improving their sales and ROI. With the introduction of Google Translate, more and more businesses have realized the importance of using translation services. As a result, it’s […]
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How to Get on in the Translation Industry ?

There comes a time in any vocation when it’s time to think whether you want to keep on doing exactly what you have been doing all along or make a start on moving up in your field. What does that mean if you are in the translation industry? There’s one thing for sure it is […]
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7 Top Marketing Campaigns That Failed To Translate Globally

Translation industry has become so competent that many Marketing Campaigns That Failed To Translate are still struggling. There are many reasons behind why companies fail and succeed in various instances of time. It is like the better you communicate with the target audience higher will be the profits The best marketing strategy of the company […]
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How Translation Test Pieces Are Fatal For Your Business?

The entire system of translation test pieces is said to be a simple process but it is highly complex when viewed from inside. Both positive and negative aspects lie in this when the system is practically used. It also becomes difficult for the companies to analyze the quality of Language service provider using this piece. […]
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Do You Know Who Uses Translation Services The Most?

Our planet is dwelling into the digital age and for business, keeping up with global communities is essential. But do you know who uses translation services the most? Today translation plays an important role in shaping the brand success and to pass on information from one place to another correctly. One can figure out its […]
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How Translation Of Food Labels Helps To Bring Highest Sales?

Nowadays consumers have a preference to read a lot about eatable goods and translation of food labels plays a significant role in educating them precisely. The global marketplace is changing at a rapid pace with continuous innovation of process and technology. There’s an advent of new players in the FMCG industry and more eatable goods […]
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How Content Marketing Translation In Hindi Is Useful for Brand?

Strategizing a global business through content marketing translation has become exceedingly important to gain best possible results; it is recommended that you seek assistance of professional linguistic experts. The thing is that they understand the grammar and cultural context resulting into accurately adapting of online and offline information in multiple languages. Having an effective marketing […]
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