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Pakistanian Referred as the Language Spoken in Pakistan

Recently, ‘Pakistanian’ was referred as the language spoken in Pakistan in a comics. This left the social media in shock. Actually, the famous DC Comics has mentioned Pakistanian as the language spoken in Pakistan in one of the comics launched recently. This is the reason why the company is facing criticism on the social media. […]
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Now, Make Transactions through Twitter

In the near future, you could make transactions through Twitter. This is because of the partnership that was announced between the company and another company ‘Lookup’.  So, users will be able to make appointments and transactions easily. Lookup provides a direct messaging platform to the customers and retailers. So, they can easily chat with each […]
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Twitter to Improve its Apps on iPad and iPhone

Twitter, the microblogging service is planning to improve its app across iPhone and iPad. This is done to bring it in tandem with experiences that users have on Cupertino’s handset. A responsive design has been visioned (adapting websites layouts to varied screen sizes automatically) by focusing on major aspects, such as, size class, canvas, typography, […]
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