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We are a trusted Bengali Translation Services Agency/ Company Delhi India UAE and various other countries whose main aim is to deliver quality and authentic translation to its worldwide clients. We believe that to shine in translation industry, it is important to set few parameters as your major pillars and that are quality, timely delivery, native translators, domain expertise and budgetary constraints. Hence, since our foundation, we have been working for our clients, keeping the above mentioned pillars strong. One of the major languages that we deal in is Bengali. This language has a wide scope, thus, the translation is heavily demanded.

Bengali Translation Company in India Delhi UAE

Beguiling Facts about Bengali Language

  • This language is spoken in West Bengal, Bangladesh, South Assam and Tripura.
  • Shadhu-bhasha and Cholitobhasha are known as the styles of writing the language.
  • There are almost 300 million people who speak Bengali language all over the world.
  • Bengali spoken in West Bengal and Bangladesh differs in terms of their in phonetics, usage and accent.
  • The history of Bengali language is known for the distinct periods, i.e Old Bengali, Middle Bengali and Modern Bengali.

Significance of Bengali Language


Bengali language is widely spoken in India. Many Bengalis live in different states of India and operate business there. You may find different institutions that are run by Bengalis or where Bengali is taught. The language is very important in India, specifically if you are dealing with a Bengali entrepreneur.


There are various Bengali TV channels that are broadcasted in UAE. Thus, it is for sure that in UAE, there is a considerable chunk of population that understands and speaks Bengali. Hence, the translation is also important for coordinating with Bengali clients.

Huge Scope of Bengali Translation

As a trusted Bengali translation company, we offer quality translation in varied sectors, including the following:

1. Technical Translation

This specialized translation requires precise knowledge about the technical domain. Hence, our team of technical Bengali translators keeps in mind all the quality parameters that help in flawless translation delivery. We translate all types of CAD drawings, manuals and engineering specifications.

2. Certificate Translation

Certificates highly need to be translated when you have to show them in a non-native country. Hence, whether you are going to a foreign country for study or just for travelling, you will need to get your certificates translate, keeping the authenticity intact.

3. Legal Translation

Serving different types of legal areas, such as corporate litigation, mergers and acquisitions, patent litigation and more, we have emerged as a well-known legal translation service provider, based in India. To meet your requirements, our team puts in all their expertise to come up with quality and authenticity.

4. Medical Translation

We even deal with the medical sector and provide quality translation for all types of documents that are used in this sector. We make sure that the medical terminologies are used in their best possible manner. Also, it is assured that the exact meaning in the source text is reflected in the translated version too.

Taste the Experience of Quality Satisfaction

Give us a try for translation and experience the taste of quality satisfaction. Once, you are associated with us we can assure that you will be associated with us for the years to come. Thus, at TridIndia, you can understand the level of quality, authenticity rendered from our our expert translation services in Bengali. We can guide you at every step of translation.

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