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Why You Should Invest in Malayalam Translation Today?

Malayalam is a language spoken in India mainly in Kerala. And do you know it is counted among the 22 scheduled languages of India? Malayalam is the official language of Kerala and the union territories of Puducherry and Lakshadweep. Fastest professional Malayalam Translation Services by 4000+ certified Malayalam translators who offer accurate Translation Services in the Malayalam language for government, public and private sectors. Our expert Malayalam translators offer accurate Malayalam Translation in New Delhi NCR India UAE Chennai Kolkata Hyderabad Ahmedabad Mumbai Chandigarh and other parts of the world. With the growing gamut of translation, many business units are now able to attract more and more customers.

Thus, our Malayalam Translation company enables you to grow firmly in the marketplace, thereby increasing your customer base. Globalization, on one hand, allowed the company to easily enter into any foreign company and on other hand, it also led to a drastic rise in demand for translation in business. Today many organizations take the help of translation to formulate effective communication links between their clients overseas. From merely a concept, translation has become a must-have tool to penetrate any foreign market.

English to Malayalam Translation Services

The number of Malayalam speakers holds a large portion in the Gulf region and it accounts for the huge number of people living in this part of the world. For businesses, using the Malayalam language proudly boasts uniqueness that makes it relevant to function in Kerala and other Malayalam speaking regions. So, using English to Malayalam translation services allows the business to be relevant to the market.

We understand your needs for Malayalam translation and follow the implications of cultural norms and language nuances to provide clear business communications. Our team has skilled translators who always strive to provide reliable and accurate translations that meet the highest standards and expectation of the clients.


Get Certified Malayalam Language Translators For Your Project

The Malayalam language holds great importance for businesses that are dedicated to functioning in the Kerala market. To get the Malayalam translation, businesses trust Tridindia as we have experience and expertise that make us counted as professional Malayalam translation providers. We have translators who ensure accuracy, local and cultural relevance, and proficiency in the translation.

The Malayalam language carries a reflection of a vibrant culture, and history, and is a medium for creative expression. We have trained Malayalam language translators who understand the linguistic nuances and language roots, and thus carry out the accurate translation for your requirements.

Malayalam Translation Market

Kerala may not be considered geographically a large state however, it comes to the diversity of business. Kerala holds great importance in terms of commercial purposes leading it to be the eleventh-largest economy in the country. Kerala is majorly known for hosting various businesses such as agriculture, shipping, fisheries, etc. However, Kerala is best known for Ayurveda tourism.

Business owners, whether domestic or international, have a large scope to establish their ventures in the state. However, to function smoothly in Kerala, it is important to consider Malayalam translations. Kerala boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the country and a lot of people prefer reading and text that’s translated into Malayalam language.

Malayalam has different dialects and it comes with considerable differences in regard to various things. Therefore, for seeking Malayalam translation, it is necessary to hire professional translators. Business owners looking forward to expanding in the Malayalam-speaking region adopt a personalized and more localized approach by choosing professional Malayalam translations.

Malayalam Translation Tips

The Malayalam language comes with an extremely unique set of challenges and it is the most difficult of all the southern Indian languages. During translation, translators have to work on several things, and given below are important tips they consider:


Malayalam vocabulary has several words borrowed from other languages such as Sanskrit and Tamil. Also, several words such as Coir, Catamaran, and Copra are all examples of words that have been loaned to English. So, professional translators need to be very aware of the vocabulary to ensure to deliver accurate Malayalam translation.


The Malayalam script is Kolezhuthu and is derived from the ancient Grandha script. The new script was introduced in 1981 with major changes eliminating the number of characters in the alphabet. So, translators must ensure to use of the right Malayalam script to assure accuracy.

Malayalam Language Facts

Malayalam language is a combination of two words, ‘mala’ meaning mountain and ‘alam’ meaning place. This clearly explains the place where the language was originated. Given below are the following Malayalam language facts that you need to know:

Malayalam language is one out of 22 languages spoken in India, and in 2013 it was given classical language status.

Malayalam is the official language of Kerala and territories of Puducherry and Lakshadweep.

Malayalam shares linguistic traits with Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

The word ‘Malayalam’ is a palindrome. So, whether you read from the right or left, the word stays the same.

Malayalam has 16 vowel letters and 37 constants, bringing it to a total of 53 characters which makes to almost twice the number of English Alphabets.

Malayalam History

Malayalam language is popularly known native language of the South Indian state of Kerala and also to the Lakshadweep Islands on the west coast of India. Approx. 4 percent of the population speaks Malayalam language and it ranks eighth among the 15 major languages of India, in terms of speakers count. The language belongs to the southern group of Dravidian languages such as Tamil, Kota, Kannada, and Kodagu.

Malayalam language shares a likeness to Tamil language and sounds like a variation of the language is also the same. Proto-Tamil Malayalam is the parent language of Malayalam and Tamil. Also, it is the common language from which both languages split to become two distinct languages, over a period of 400-500 years.

According to the experts, Tamil had a huge influence on the early development of Malayalam. Also, the language was further enriched by the arrival of the Europeans. Later, several words and idioms from English, Portuguese, and Dutch were added to Malayalam languages.

Countries that speak Malayalam

The Malayalam language is the official language of Kerala and you can find the majority of Malayalam speakers in different adjoining regions such as Nilgiris, Kanyakumari, Dakshina, Coimbatore of the Tamilnadu, and Kodagu districts of Karnataka as well. The Malayalam language is not limited to India and it is spoken in other countries such as:

United Arab Emirates Bahrain
Israel  India
 Malaysia  Qatar
Singapore  United States
Canada Fiji
 United Kingdom

India Country Data

Country: India
Capital: New Delhi
Population: 140.76 Crores
State With Highly Spoken Malayalam Speakers: Kerala
Constitutional Republic: President Droupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Currency: Rupee
GDP (ppp): 3.18 Lakh Crores USD
Unemployment: 7.1%
Government Type: Constitutional Republic
Industries: Deals in pharmaceuticals, automotive, engineering and machine tools, electronics, computer software, steel, research and development, textiles, agriculture, construction, power, chemical, manufacturing, communication, etc.

Malayalam Dialects

People of each district speak different dialects of Malayalam. The notable difference includes pronunciation, accent, words as well and speaking style. Given below are the following Malayalam language dialects:

Thrissur-Kochi Kasaragod
North Malabar Wayanad
Kozhikode Eranad
Valluvanad (South Malabar) Palakkad
North Travancore Central Travancore
South Travancore Lakshadweep
West Vembanad Beary

Popular Malayalam Translation Phrases

Malayalam language is spoken by around 40 million people and it is termed as one of the most important languages of India. There’s more respect to written Malayalam however, spoken Malayalam also boasts cultural richness. There are several people interested in speaking the Malayalam language and here are the common English phrase and their Malayalam translation:

English PhraseMalayalam Translated Phrase
Hello!ഹലോ  (halayaa)
Good morningസുപ്രഭാതം ( suprabhaatham )
Good luckനല്ലതുവരട്ടെ ( nallathuvaratte )
Goodbyeവിട ( vida )
Thank youനന്ദി (nandi)
How are you?സുഖമാണോ? ( sukhamaaneaa?)

Affordable Malayalam Translation Services for Your Business

One cannot neglect translation to deliver an accurate message across all channels. In the absence of it, it becomes difficult to convey accurately and timely. One cannot be 100 percent sure that the correct message is being passed on in the mind of the customer. This must in order to find out their behavior, attitude toward the product, new product opportunity, etc. it further helps in finding out where your customer lies and which area is most profitable for what type of products. Affordable language translation solutions help in building an effective marketing strategy that helps you to fight competitors. With it, it gets a lot more difficult to survive in any foreign economy and competing with other players might give you tough rivalry.







Need of Malayalam Translation Services For Your Business Today

The native language is something that you understand the best. You build it in the early stages of your life. You express every feeling, emotion, and concept best in your native language in comparison to any other language. No matter how perfect your other language skills are, there will never be a language you know better than the one you have known the longest. Hence, getting information in the Malayalam language is a must, as it assists you to avoid miscommunications. And this is why you need to hire a premier translation service provider for your business today!

Identify Market Potential

It’s very hard to get closer with the audience of native lingual. Translation assists in analyzing the potential of markets; giving them a correct analysis of long-term customers in what location with a complete market analysis. With translation, you are able to have perfect market research that will help you in business expansion.

Reach Target Audience

Getting closer to potential customers becomes a lot easier when you translate business content such as website, software, application, etc in their native form. Translation helps in providing information in a customer’s native way for easy understanding. The translation is beneficial to tie up with local companies

Boost Sales

Competition is something that businesses will eventually face no matter what economy you enter. With translation, you can bypass your competitors with a strong customer base, sales, revenue as well; converting your business into a profitable one. Translation helps you attract long-term customers and influences them to buy from you.

Better ROI

Today’s daunting task is not getting globally hit but having better ROI. The translation strategy made by professionals is really powerful and will definitely boost your ROI. Once the ROI is increased, your business will reach a successful position. Therefore, translation is important to grab long-term customers.

Our multilingual, as well as multicultural work, is in a position where it wants efficient as well as clear communication between cultures and languages. Schools, companies, medical missions, all benefit from translation services in Malayalam. Not only will you be able to reach more people than you have ever thought of, but you will also be able to connect with them on a more efficient level with the power of Malayalam translation.

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Professional Malayalam Translation For Documents

When you are dealing with customers from all over the world, you have no time for communication barriers to get in the way. By hiring a prestigious business translation company, you can break these language barriers and ensure your customers get the information they require to know your company. Your Malayalam translator can provide your company with a great way to reach existing and new clients with your message. From business meetings to phone conversations and reports, translators can make sure your company gets the proper translation of all communications you require to disseminate to your clients. It is the most appropriate way to work with global customers and make certain everyone is on the same page with a business transaction.

Highly Accurate – You’ll know that your business is getting a high accuracy with every translation as our translator works appropriately to convey your message in the most comprehensive and concise manner.
Affordable – We offer affordable Malayalam language translation services to help you expand your business overseas without stressing your pocket much.

Types Of Malayalam Translation We Offer

Getting business translated into various languages has its own advantage. It not only eases your global journey but also ensure the long term survival of your business. Some seek this as just converting word tool and many seek this as an important must-have service in the organization as it is helpful in creating a relation with clients, customers or business partners overseas. At Tridindia, we provide different types of translation as listed below:

As we are undertaking various translation projects, since the past 13 years, we see to it that any information provided in the document is not divulged. Thus, your precious information is kept very safe with us and not disclosed to someone else. Further, we guarantee the completion of translation projects after complete editing and proof-reading. We will be highly obliged to serve you with any type of language translation solutions as per your requirement.

Benefits of Outsourcing Malayalam Translation Services to Us

A key translation factor includes designing the text particularly, to what and who the text is being generated for. Corporations have to know precisely what is required. Will the text be for medical personnel or physicians? By outsourcing the right document translation services to us, your document will have the right vocabulary, style, sentence length, and articulation accordingly. Our Malayalam language version has an equal impact and holds the same message to the particular audience as the original text.

Data Privacy

We look after the data privacy of our valuable clients. Therefore, we commit to 100% confidentiality and privacy in all your assignment. We ensure your information doesn’t get to any third party.

Culturally Relevant

Our team makes sure that along with the language nuances, the translation has major relevance to the culture also. Hiring our services will guarantee you that you’ll get the result in line with the cultural preferences.

Quality Control Systems

We have strict quality control systems, where the translated copy passes through many QC stages. This, as a result, makes sure that the output is high in accuracy and quality.

Faster TAT

One of the advantages of outsourcing translation services to us is you get a faster Turnaround time. To give you a convenient experience, we do not delay anything and provide every work timely.

Years Of Experience

We are working in this industry for more than 18 years and hence have years of experience. Our team has worked for various companies belonging to different industries and regions.

Native Translator

Native translators are the plus point when you hire our services. According to your assigned projects, we will allow an experienced individual who can satisfy your needs properly.
Considering to have a translation service provider that can incorporate to the linguistic aspect a deeper knowledge of these cultural undertones not only will enhance the translation of your message into the Malayalam language but will also boost wider traction for your brand, making it resonate with the identity and cultural framework of the target audience.
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    Believe it or not, only around 10% of the world’s population speaks English. While this language massively dominates North America, it is essential to keep in mind that there are different households, who speak languages like Malayalam. There are even firms that are based out of other countries altogether. If you would like your firm to reach more people, or appeal to organizations all over the world, translation can assist in presenting your brand, purpose, and goals to others.

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    Number of Malayalam Language Speakers

    Many Malayalees have come to the Middle East, the United States, and Europe. Malayalam is basically a classical language. Malayalam holds many words from the Sanskrit language and most likely originated from Tamil in the 6th century. Being the affordable Malayalam content translation provider, Tridindia has a team of skilled and experienced translators, who are professionals in Malayalam translation. The native translators are fluent in Malayalam vocabulary and are very well versed with the common phrases, industry terminology, and the culture of the language- all of which contribute to the proficiency of the source document.

    Specialized Translation

    Translators help you gain a competitive edge with high-quality Malayalam translation. Whatever industry your documents fall into, we have linguists who not only understand Malayalam but also specialize in a wide range of subject areas. With a professional language translation provider, you can get a tailored and budget-friendly solution to/from the Malayalam language, whether you have a college transcript, a literary piece, an E-learning module, or a document translation requirement. Professionals make sure that the Malayalam translation is complicatedly context-based and not merely a proficient translators so that you get quality translation standards without breaking your bank.

    The secret of successful business communication lies in speaking in customer’s native language and culturally connecting with them. Although English is understood around most nations of the world, it is not the native language for around 70% of the wider population. Multilingual communication and translation assist in reaching the global market with confidence.

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    We offer comprehensive language solutions for every industry and type of project. With our expertise and knowledge, we are able to deliver all the work with the right proficiency.

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    Certified translation services are something you can count on while hiring our services. Our translation work can easily get approved for any legal or medical purpose.

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    For making sure our clients get every project work on time, we offer the fastest turnaround time. Fastest TAT gives you a sense of relaxation that you’ll get everything on time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Malayalam Translation

    Yes, we only work with native translators who have the full potential and knowledge to translate in multiple projects belonging to different industries. This ensures the clients that they’ll get what they want and expect.
    No, we really don’t want Malayalam documents for translation. Just a scanned copy is sufficient for our work.
    This depends on the type of project we are receiving. We’ll analyze the length and the wording of the source text. And then accordingly we will give you the time.
    We never compromise on accuracy no matter how urgent the work is. Our team keeps accuracy on priority which definitely reflects in our translation.

    You can get a quote simply by visiting our request a quote page for Malayalam translation.

    Yes, we do provide Malayalam translation to industries such as power & energy, manufacturing, telecom, software, life sciences, insurance, and medical.

    Yes, of course, you can expect complete proofreading in translation it. For more information, contact us.

    With utmost quality and professionalism, we complete the translation. We make sure each of our translated texts gets accepted in foreign embassies or universities.
    We can translate Malayalam into many other languages without affecting the meaning of the context.

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