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Tridindia offers fast and reliable Transcription services for audios, meetings, interviews, conferences, videos by certified transcribers worldwide.

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Why You Should Invest in Transcription Today?

Do you know written texts are smaller files in comparison to audio or video, so sharing them on social media is way easier and faster? 90% of entrepreneurs prefer using transcription as this allows people with impaired hearing to read their content, which conveys a message that you care for people with disabilities. You exert effort to make sure that everyone has a chance to access the information they look for. The process of transcription is designed to simplify the complex barriers of different languages and accents which exist in today’s global world to make it a competitive advantage for one’s business desire. Since multiple languages have gained popularity today and competency in all the languages is not possible for an individual.

Proficiency in all the languages being spoken in this world is beyond anyone’s imagination. But there has to be some way to get permanently rid of such obstacles for the sake of global aspiration businesses looking for a debutant entry to the overseas market. But the question is how such businesses could survive without having proficiency in the native languages they wish to target? Transcription like premium English transcription can make this possible which efficiently eliminates the language barrier and ensure that the knowledge or information is available within the reach of the people.

Affordable Transcription Services for Your Business

As your business grows, so do your requirements for affordable transcription. Your company may have video and audio files that require accurate voice to text transcription to allow use by your staff as well as customers. These files can take a lot of time and might be costly for you to transcribe in-house, whereas an affordable transcription solution can offer you a quick turnaround along with a series of other perks that your company will benefit from. Through transcription, you can focus on other functions of your business and aim for the growth of your firm with the right resources.








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Professional Transcription For Audio Files

Business conferences and events are very important places for networking, meeting potential clients, and presenting your authority on your subject. Professional and error free audio transcription will make sure you make the correct utilization of the opportunity you get through corporate events. Recording your interviews, keynote sessions, and seminars in the text format with essential figures is the perfect way to expand the reach of your conference.

Experienced Transcribers – We have professionally trained transcribers who can efficiently transcribe any audio/video with a cent percent accuracy.
Various file Formats – Capability to handle a wide variety of input file formats (MP3, WAV, and so on) and generates output in customer-specified file formats including .DOCX, .DOC, .TXT or PDF files.

Types Of Transcription We Offer

Our transcribers are extremely qualified for handling a wide range of industries. If you want to order human transcription online for your business, you can choose us. We take immense pleasure in catering a variety of transcription services such as:

These are the most common types of transcription that we render to industries which include – medical, scientific, finance, legal, insurance, academic, and more. If you want your seminar recording to be documented in text format, just reach out to us with your requirements and our team will assist you in any way possible.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services to Us

Apart from cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and speed factor, transcription companies provide plenty of options to businesses to select the kind of professional service they want to hire. Listed below are some real benefits of transcription company for gaining an extra advantage over your competitors.

Native Transcribers

Our native transcribers allow you to focus on your core work rather than investing your time in converting recordings into texts in order to collect information.

Data Privacy

We make sure that you get proper security and confidentiality for every document such as project-related data. This is the major benefit you can get from our place.

Years Of Experience

Get perfect transcripts from our skilled transcribers and raise your bar high to get an edge over your competitors. Opt for our service if you want to fill the language gaps.

Culturally Relevant

In order to provide transcripts in different languages, our translator will expertly translate them into the target language while maintaining the level of quality and accuracy.

Quality Control Systems

Our team uses 3 tier quality check process to make sure that you get error-free and professional work. By considering various quality parameters we manage to deliver you accuracy.

Faster TAT

We know you have deadlines and we share your sense of urgency – if you require transcription of any document, we will do everything in order to ensure you get the best.

At TridIndia, we believe in giving quality work which ensures maximum accuracy, confidentiality, and time efficient results, making sure that our clients are completely satisfied. If you are looking for getting quality transcription including fruitful video transcription, then do get in touch with us today and make your work easier.

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    From board meetings and interviews with multi-day conventions, we deliver you highly accurate transcripts to meet your budget as well as schedule. We know that money and time are very important aspects of your success. With many years of industry experience, Tridindia has a team of multilingual transcribers with expertise in legal, business, medical, insurance, and many more.

    At Tridindia, you get various special features on a complimentary basis along with the transcription that facilitates the reading and understanding process for you:

    Technical Terminology

    5 minutes Timestamp

    Speaker Identification

    Customized transcript formatting

    Digitization of file

    Transcription of strong accents

    Pre assessment of the source file

    If you have an audio or video and you want to turn it into a text-based file, you need to consider our different types of business transcription solutions. Transcription is the method of taking the spoken parts of the file and presenting them on paper. And our team of professionals is master in it.

    Our Experts Native Transcribers

    Potential Of Transcribers

    Some specific fields and industries work need certain experiences to go along with any general transcription. When you hire experienced transcribers, you make the use of their potential to get the best out of your project that seems worthy. Our professional transcriptionists are high-skilled in several areas, including valuable legal transcription, medical transcription, and research transcription, who genuinely understand the jargon and lingo used and can convert it into an appropriate transcript.

    Here are some of the popular combinations which our client bases always avail in order to improve the quality and presentation of the content:

    » Transcription & Proofreading

    » Transcription & Copy Editing

    » Transcription & Summary

    Additional Flexibility

    There is a major need of transcription. Transcripts are easy to understand and perceive by wider audiences including natives and non-natives. They are easy to save and read whenever you want. We are always prepared to do the task for you when the project will be assigned to them from your end, so you can attain the best results in the form of meaningful, precise, and culturally relevant transcripts.

    Furthermore, we cater to multiple formats of the document, audio or video such as given below:

    DSS, MP3, WAV, MOV, MP4, AIFF, MPEG4, WM, PDF, DOCX, PPT, XLS, RA and etc

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    Reap the n number of benefits that transcription brings. It lets you save valuable resources and increase your productivity in the long run.
    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Transcription solutions can be your good decision

    Since we are adroit in transcribing audio or video of any format for years, this enables us to know all the ins and outs of the industry. We could be your trusted partner who can meet your transcription needs, and help you save a lot of time, and get benefits from the actual roles of transcription.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We have all the advanced equipment in place that will assure you of high quality and accuracy in every step of the transcription process.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Our transcriptionists can decode various language dialects and accents. We offer comprehensive language solutions and review our work meticulously.

    Certified Transcription Services

    Our certified native transcriptionists have proper sound knowledge of punctuation, grammar, sentence formation, and vocabulary used in the specific industry.

    Native Expert Transcribers

    We only employ well trained as well as experienced transcribers who know everything about transcription, avoiding delays and inaccuracies in delivery.

    Easy Project Consultation

    We conduct a small consultation before starting working on your project so that we can understand your need clearly. Our easy consultation will be really smooth.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    With our fast turnaround time and professional help, we are able to deliver your assigned work within or before the deadline.

    The Unbeatable Transcription Master since 2002

    Our transcription company helps you grow your business by delivering exceptional transcripts. We make sure your business communication avoids disputes and lawsuits later on.
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    Go Through Easy Process For Transcription Order

    With the help of our effective transcription solutions, make your business a global one and present it powerfully in front of international clients. Let’s walk through our simple process.

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    Consult with Project Manager

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