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Fastest professional App localization Services by 4000+ certified app localizers who offer accurate localization Services in apps for government, public and private sectors. In a technology-driven world like today, growth strategies have undergone through many changes. Expansion of business is one of the vital growth strategies that businesses consider in the first place. We are a well-renowned company offering localization services worldwide. We have successfully managed and handled the large-scale projects and high-profile clients to deliver them the desired results. Therefore, if you are in search of getting your app localized from a third-party, you are at the right place.


What is App Localization?

It is the process of getting your app translated into multiple languages. It is a necessary tool if you want to conquer the foreign markets. If your app is already in English and you add a few new languages to it, chances are you might conquer half of the target market with an ease.


Types of App Localization:

Mobile App LocalizationiOS App Localization
Android App LocalizationSoftware App Localization
iPad App LocalizationiPhone App Localization


Need of App Localization

Have you ever thought of reaching out to the global audience? Are you still confused if your app needs localization? All your confusion will come to an end when you will get to know why you need to localize your app. Here are a few reasons why it is vital to get your app localized:

Get Featured In The App Store: Your apps should be highlighted for what they have to offer in their local versions to get a good listing in the app store. Localization of the content of app according to the target audience helps you in achieving that listing.

Guaranteed ROI: It might seem a costly affair in the beginning but in fact, it can help you in getting significantly more downloads of your app by the global customers. Therefore, you get guaranteed Return on Investment and maximum revenue out of it.

Competitive Edge: People are having access to all the information of products and services companies offer, thanks to globalization! But you might be missing out on many customers who feel more connection with their native language. Getting your app localized helps you in targeting your audience in a better way and thereby ensures you a competitive edge over others.

Unleash The Sales Prospects: When you have a reach to the global audience, you will be able to serve them better with the products and services you offer. You can make the necessary changes by keeping their demand in mind and your sales will increase.

It is required when you decide to internationalize with the apps you deal in and connect to the target locale. It can help you in having better customer retention and contribute to the success of your organization.


Benefits of Outsourcing App Localization Services to Us:

TridIndia team has many years of experience in catering the quality localization to the clients all over the world. Here, it is ensured that your app runs properly after being localized in that particular language to prevent any error.

Complete Privacy and Security: to maintain the trust level and avoid any misunderstandings, from the initial stage of localization till the end, we take full responsibility of the security and privacy of the data provided to us.

High-End Proofreading: after the translation to a particular language, it goes through the proper proof-reading to avoid any errors.

Expert Native App Localizers: to create the best-localized app for you according to the culture and requirements of target locale, native app localizers are there. They are well-equipped with all the information regarding usage of words, persisted values, etc. of the locale.

Low Support Costs: when you outsource the localization of your app to us, you can spend your valuable time on other activities worth your attention.

Get world-class experience with us and rest assured of the timely accomplishment of the target. In order to get benefitted from the localization according to the target market, get your app localized now! And be a part of our several satisfied customers!


Process of App Localization

Are you wondering how all the process of localizing your app is executed and how long does it takes to get completed? The complete process is very easy to understand. It includes few steps that are mentioned below:

1- Client Enquiry
2- Source Document Analysis
3- Source File Preparation
4- Collection and extraction of resources
5- Translation
6- Proof-Reading and Quality Check

The whole process shows the flow of work effectively so that the quality can be checked throughout the entire process. We believe in error-free results with the highest accuracy of 99.9% and then the final delivery to the client is done.


Reasons to Choose Us:

Avail the best quality localization for your app with the help of our professional team of native localizers having years of expertise and knowledge in multiple languages and terminologies associated with it.

 Expert native app localizers
 Affordable rates and proof-reading facility
 Completion of within the prescribed time frame
 Assurance of maximum accuracy

Get your app localized right now to make the most out of it! For the best competitive prices and highest accuracy within the quickest turnaround time, reach out to us!

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