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Get the fastest and professional dubbing services for more than 20 Indian regional languages by 3,000+ certified dubbing experts for public and private sectors. The dubbing experts at Tridindia are capable of providing the service for different platforms including interactive games, animated TV series, corporate presentations, educational videos, documentaries and more.

With the team of more than 3,000 dubbing artists, our clients get ample options to cast from, based on age, gender, voice, style, and tone. We want our clients to settle for nothing less than the best, therefore, the experienced team of production managers, translators, and dubbing artists work in synchronization to deliver the unmatched output.

Besides quality, we are extra cautious about the confidentiality of the clients’ data, hence we incorporate cutting-edge technologies for data safety and security and follow strict confidentiality policies within our organization.

Since you made your way to this page, we assume you already know what exactly dubbing is? However, if you are not very well acquainted with the term, let us take the opportunity to brief you about the service.

 What is Dubbing?

Dubbing, also known as mixing and re-recording, is a post-production procedure of re-recording the original script/dialogues in the localized language, which is used frequently in the video production industry. The procedure first involves the translation of a video file into a desired regional or foreign language using an audio track in the background. Dubbing is an extremely time consuming and complex process, which demands the involvement of professionals.

The service seeker and the experts cast the voice professional depending upon fluency, tone, and gender for the process. During post-production, we ensure that new language recording time is in sync with the original audio duration.

 Types of Dubbing Services Offered at Tridindia

1. TV Shows Dubbing

TV Shows across the country have a wide span of the audience which demands the dubbing of the original language to the source regional language.

2. Film Dubbing

Film dubbing is required to translate the original language into the local languages. The professionals at Tridindia with a dubbing studio are equipped to deliver high-quality service to maintain the artistic quality of the film.

3. Documentaries Dubbing

We have been providing documentary dubbing for a quite long time for different TV channels in India. We offer services for documentaries dubbing for multiple regional languages in India.

4. Webcast and Podcast Dubbing

Since we understand the need of the hour, we keep on upgrading our services. Webcast and Podcast work as new age radios, to be able to spread the reach among the listeners and viewers, dubbing is a must.

5. Educational Video Dubbing

In the age of the Internet, educational videos have become a trend which is benefitting the students, entrepreneurs and more communities across the globe. The content comes in different forms such as audio-books, educational talks, e-learning material, etc., which needs to be translated and dubbed, and we pride ourselves in providing the services in numerous local languages of India.

6. Commercial Advertisements

Companies advertising their products and services across different regions of the country, in the video formats essentially require dubbing to reach a larger audience.

These are the top 6 services hired by our client. Besides above-mentioned options, we offer a wide range of dubbing services such as:

 Theatrical Dubbing
 Live action Dubbing
 Voice over Dubbing
 Corporate Dubbing
 Industrial Dubbing
 Telephonic Dubbing
 Narration Dubbing
 Entertainment Dubbing
 Animation Dubbing
 Commercial Dubbing
 Multilingual Dubbing

 Special Features of Our Dubbing Services

1. Services Available for More Than 20 Regional Languages

The original idea and concept behind the process is to synchronize the voice in the video with what is being displayed on the screen. The team of our dubbing professionals include the experts from different departments such as translators, dubbing artists, adaptors, recordists, directors and the productional managers. With a highly experienced and efficient team on board, our clients rest assured that their projects are in safe and capable hands, from where they can expect an extremely high-quality output.

Lip sync, time sync and natural flow are the major factors, we have gained expertise in the area. Thus, when it comes to dub an audio or video with 99.9% proficiency, we are the name to trust.

2. Professional Artists

We employ a well-trained team of dubbing artists possessing high experience in voice over and dubbing. The process is carried out under the stringent supervision of dubbing directors who maintain strong coordination with dubbing artists and the recordists to meet the client’s expectations.

3. In-house Dubbing Studio

We also own an in-house dubbing and recording studio, equipped with high-end audio instruments allowing the dubbing artist to record at ease. The studio is sound-proof and features the latest technology to ease the entire process. The quality of equipment is not compromised, and hence the headphones we use have a sound cancellation feature.

The quality of the sound and the entire process is measured in a separate video studio, by the experts via cutting-edge software. Hence, the fusion of advanced technology with the real talent of our artists enable us to provide our clients with guaranteed services.

4. End-to-End Dubbing & Post Processing

Our clients trust and know us as a one-stop-solution for dubbing and post-processing services. The responsibility of our clients ends as soon as they hand-over their video files to us. Afterwards, our active and interactive team takes responsibility for their project. From translating and transcribing the video to the target language to dialogue delivery, to synchronization, our professionals take care of every aspect, and ultimately provide our clients with the final and lively output video.

 Our Protocol for the Dubbing Process

We follow a strict protocol for delivering a high-quality service for video dubbing.

1. Preparation

First of all, we collect the required material from the clients. So, you have to share your content (in video or audio format) with us, and we will take over from there.

2. Script Translation/Transcription

Since we have also earned a big name as a translation & transcription service provider, all these requirements are taken care of within the organization. Our highly experienced translators and transcription experts prepare the dialogues from the script in the target language.

3. Casting

When we receive the final script, we begin the casting process and select only the right talent for the project. We have a team of experienced native speakers and dubbing artists from various regions of the nation including males and females of different ages, with different styles and tones.

4. Recording

Once we have the perfect cast for the project, we get started with the recording process. Here the dubbing director supervises and records the sound of the voice actors. This is a time-consuming process, where there is no scope for the errors since there must be a proper lip and time synchronization in the video.

5. Dialogue Mixing

The next step involves the mixing of dialogues, if the script and the video demand for it. The mixing is done to make the dialogues clean and if the step is incorporated in the process, some adjustments are made to the levels of volume, pitch, pace, expressions, and speech.

6. Quality Control

Quality control is a crucial stage of the dubbing process where our experts do a detailed analysis of any errors that might have transpired in the file during the process.

7. Handing-over

Once our experts have performed a strict QC on the dubbed file, the final file is handed-over to the client. We make sure the entire process gets completed within the given timeframe. The final product is provided to the client in different required formats such as DVD, Blu-ray and stereo.

 Why Choose Tridindia for Dubbing Services?

Being a leading language service provider for more than two decades, we have gained immense knowledge and experience in the field. We are a reputed name in providing localization services. Mentioned below are some of the reasons to choose dubbing or post-production services.

1. Our professionals pick up and maintain the cultural variations in the contents.

2. Our dubbed output matches 99.9% with all technical specifications for the target region.

3. With a complete team of dubbing artists, translators, recordists, and directors, we assure the highest quality output, which looks lively and natural.

4. Our experts take special care of dubbing factors such as natural flow and time & lip synchronization.

If you are in search of a language service provider that can accommodate your requirements for video or audio dubbing, look no further than Tridindia. The team of our professionals can help you with high-quality services related to dubbing. So, wondering how to reach out? Give a call on +91-8527599201 or drop your requirements on today. We are waiting to serve you!

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