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Why You Should Invest in Dubbing Today?

Do you know around 85% of entertainment agencies or companies are preferring to dub their video content? Dubbing has become important in reaching a wider audience. The common use of dubbing is conveying information in your target audience’s native language. Today, professional dubbing solutions are also used for important commercial work to survive between competitors.

Get the fastest and most professional dubbing services for more than 20 Indian regional languages by 3,000+ certified dubbing experts for public and private sectors. The dubbing experts at Tridindia are capable of providing the service for different platforms including interactive games, animated TV series, corporate presentations, educational videos, documentaries, and more. With a team of more than 3,000 dubbing artists, our clients get ample options to cast from, based on age, gender, voice, style, and tone. We want our clients to settle for nothing less than the best, therefore, the experienced team of production managers, translators, and actual language dubbing artists work in synchronization to deliver the unmatched output. Besides quality, we are extra cautious about the confidentiality of the clients’ data, hence we incorporate cutting-edge technologies for data safety and security and follow strict confidentiality policies within our organization.

Affordable Dubbing Services for Your Business

Presently, dubbing is playing a crucial role when it comes to expanding the business reach. It always has a long-lasting impression on the customer’s mind. Today, global viewers are preferring audio/video content that is dubbed in their native languages. That is the reason our affordable dubbing solutions are highly in demand, most probably among the advertising companies. We have dubbing artists who are equipped with the abilities to generate striking voices in the corporate world as well as videos to deliver information faster to the audience. By hiring our productive multilingual dubbing, agencies and businesses can double the impact of their videos.




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Need of Dubbing Services For Your Business Today

Dubbing has always been utilized to spread ideas as well as screen films in countries outside those where they were actually produced. In recent years there has been a massive growth in the demand for dubbing. It is believed that around 90% of video content published on the internet will be dubbed by the close of the year.

Boost Sales

Dubbing your content into the target audience’s native language supports your company to increase sales. This is very important when you want to establish your presence in the international market.

Identify Market Potential

Speaking your viewer’s native language will help you identify market potential. With that being said, the major importance of voice dubbing is to help you gain global viewers even faster.

Better ROI

Offering dubbed content to viewers helps you enter a new market and takes you one step ahead of others. It increases the chances for you to be preferred more by potential audiences because of familiarity.

Reach Target Audience

Dubbing your business advertisement video or audio can capture the attention of the viewers or listeners. This will truly help you reach the target audience and get support from them.

Due to the massive demand for videos or podcasts all across the world, the commercial sector has understood the real importance of video dubbing in the last decade. Just like everyone, you might also want to expand your business overseas and reach a genuine audience who speaks different languages. This is the reason why you should localize your content for a potential international market and make your content really informative, entertaining, and helpful.

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Professional Dubbing For Video Files

Dubbing, also known as mixing and re-recording, is a post-production procedure of re-recording the original script/dialogues in the localized language, which is used frequently in the video production industry. The procedure involves the translation of the script into a desired regional or foreign language and then recording it again by a professional dubbing artist. Dubbing is an extremely time-consuming and complex process, which demands the involvement of professionals. The service seeker and the experts or successful local dubbing company cast the voice professional depending upon fluency, tone, and gender for the process. During post-production, we ensure that the new language recording time is in sync with the original audio duration.

Professionalism – Our team is very dedicated and professional towards what they do. They use all their skills and knowledge to deliver you professional dubbing.
High-skilled Dubbing Artists – Hiring a reputed company will ensure that only high-skilled dubbing artists are working on your project. This will give you a sense of relaxation in conveying the right message to the audience.

Types of Language Dubbing We Offer

Dubbed content is very beneficial to boosting viewership from all across the globe. People prefer to watch a video in their native language and this is why the viewership of dubbed videos increases more rapidly. Therefore choosing the right type of dubbing as per your needs is important. Go through some types of dubbing that we offer to meet your dubbing needs:

Dubbing is quite advantageous for a company that wants to convey a message to its target audiences. This approach permits effective communication and is also affordable for companies. Businesses that are looking for the right company that knows fruitful dubbing strategies, we are the one. At Tridindia, professional dubbers are always ready to help you convey your message effectively in the targeted language.

Benefits of Outsourcing Dubbing Services to Us

Is your company planning to promote an online video to an audience that speaks a language different from yours? The exact role of dubbing is something you need to consider. With the help of dubbing, you can make your video accessible to your target audiences. Outsourcing dubbing solutions to us can give your video the support you need to remove all the cultural differences by clearly communicating the appropriate message of the video content.

Dubbing Artists

We have highly experienced dubbing artists who can expertly record in regional or foreign languages without changing the actual meaning.

Data Privacy

There are some security measures that we keep in mind while handling your project. Our team gives special attention to your crucial files to keep them confidential.

Years Of Experience

Our team has many years of experience in the industry and hence knows how to dub properly without changing the context. Their experience assists to satisfy your needs.

Culturally Relevant

With a complete team of dubbing artists, translators, recordists, and directors, we assure the highest quality output, which looks lively and natural. Our dubbed output matches 99.9% with all technical specifications for the target region.

Quality Control Systems

Our team uses 3 tier quality check process to make sure that you get error-free and professional work. By considering various quality parameters we manage to deliver you accuracy.

Faster TAT

Our team of professionals always makes sure that you get every dubbing project within the fastest TAT. This ensures that there is no delay in any of your business work.

If you want to share your company’s video, Youtube or any documentary with an audience that does not communicate in your language, including professional dubbing for your audiovisual content is a must for you. Our dubbing company works with many talented dubbing artists who knows why is language dubbing important and can provide your audiovisual content the boost, it needs.

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    Hiring a company that embraces extensive expertise and professionalism at its core will not just ensure that your audio/video content is dubbed but done so in a believable manner.

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    Types of Dubbing Services Offered at Tridindia

    If you are planning to share your company video or any entertaining video with an audience that speaks some other language than yours, then having professional dubbing for your audiovisual content is important for you. We offer different types of dubbing that are provided by experienced individuals who can provide your content the boost it deserves. Here is some detailed information about the types of dubbing we offer:

    1. TV Shows Dubbing

    TV Shows across the country have a wide span of audiences which demands the dubbing of the original language to the source regional language.

    2. Film Dubbing

    Film dubbing refers to changing the original language of the specific film to the local languages of the viewers. The professionals at Tridindia with a dubbing studio are equipped to deliver high quality film dubbing to maintain the artistic quality of the film.

    3. Documentary Dubbing

    We have been providing documentary dubbing for a quite long time for different TV channels in India. We offer services for documentaries dubbing for multiple regional languages in India.

    4. Webcast and Podcast Dubbing

    Webcasts and Podcasts work as new age radios and to spread the reach among the listeners, premium audio dubbing is a must. We hold expertise in performing dubbing for webcasts and podcasts with accuracy.

    5. Educational Video Dubbing

    In the age of the Internet, educational videos have become a trend that is benefitting students, entrepreneurs, and more communities across the globe. The content comes in different forms such as audio books, educational talks, e-learning material, etc., which needs to be translated and dubbed, and we pride ourselves in providing the services in numerous local and foreign languages.

    6. Commercial Advertisements

    Companies advertising their products and services across different regions of the country, in the video formats essentially require dubbing to reach a larger audience.

    The above-mentioned are the top services hired by our clients. Besides these, we also offer the following dubbing services:

    Theatrical Dubbing

    Live action Dubbing

    Voice over Dubbing

    Corporate Dubbing

    Industrial Dubbing

    Telephonic Dubbing

    Narration Dubbing

    Entertainment Dubbing

    Animation Dubbing

    Commercial Dubbing

    Multilingual Dubbing

    Cartoon Dubbing

    language Dubbing

    Video Dubbing

    Audio Dubbing

    TV Series Dubbing

    Webcast Dubbing

    Podcast Dubbing

    Movie Dubbing

    Commercial Advertisements Dubbing

    YouTube Dubbing

    Educational Video Dubbing

    To make an effective impact on your target market, professionalism is a must. Having the support of a professional dubbing solution can connect you with many potential consumers that will help in growth. Dubbing enables you to reach markets that you have never thought you would expand in. You will not only connect with numerous viewers but also understand their interests.

    Role of Dubbing Talent

    A dubbing artist offering valuable voice over dubbing can use their voice in television films, corporate videos, entertaining videos, and presentations. The work of a professional dubbing talent is all unseen and only heard. There are various scenarios where dubbing artists can help:


    Promotional or corporate work

    Documentary or narrative

    Radio dramas

    Animation and video games

    Narration of productions

    An experienced dubbing artist has the power to modify the personality and tone of their voice to meet the purpose of a recording effectively. These qualities are essential for the dubbing of films and localizing videos in different languages.

    Special Features of Our Dubbing Services

    1. Services Available for More Than 20 Regional Languages

    The original idea and concept behind the process are to synchronize the dubbing with the original voice. The team of our dubbing professionals includes experts from different departments such as translators, dubbing artists, adaptors, recordists, directors, and production managers. With a highly experienced and efficient team on board, our clients rest assured that their projects are in safe and capable hands, from which they can expect to attain the crucial advantages of language dubbing.

    Lip sync, time sync, and natural flow are the major areas in, which we have gained expertise. When it comes to dub audio or video with 99.9% proficiency, we are the name to trust.

    2. Professional Artists

    We employ a well-trained team of dubbing artists possessing high experience in dubbing. The process is carried out under the stringent supervision of dubbing directors who maintain strong coordination with dubbing artists and the recordists to meet the client’s expectations.

    3. In-house Dubbing Studio

    We also own an in-house dubbing and recording studio, equipped with high-end audio instruments allowing the dubbing artist to record at ease. The studio is sound-proof and the latest technology eases the entire process. The quality of equipment is not compromised, and hence the headphones we use have a sound cancellation feature.

    The quality of the sound and the entire process is measured in a separate video studio, by the experts via cutting-edge software. Hence, the fusion of advanced technology with the real talent of our artists enables us to provide our clients with guaranteed services.

    4. End-to-End Dubbing & Post Processing

    Our clients trust and know us as a one-stop solution for dubbing and post-processing services. The responsibility of our clients ends as soon as they hand over their video files to us. Afterward, our active and interactive team takes responsibility for their project. From translating the original audio script to the target language to dialogue delivery to synchronization, our professionals take care of every aspect as they exactly know what is dubbing, and ultimately provide our clients with the final and lively output video.

    Our Protocol for the Dubbing Process

    We follow a strict protocol for delivering a high-quality service for video dubbing.

    1. Preparation

    First of all, we collect the required material from the clients. So, you have to share your content (in video or audio format) with us, and we will take over from there.

    2. Script Translation/Transcription

    All the requirements are taken care of by us. Our highly experienced translators prepare the dialogues from the script in the target language.

    3. Casting

    When we receive the final script, we begin the casting process and select only the right talent for the project. We have a team of experienced native speakers and dubbing artists from various regions of the nation including males and females of different ages, with different styles and tones.

    4. Recording

    Once we have the perfect cast for the project, we get started with the recording process. Here the dubbing director supervises and records the sound of the voice actors. This is a time-consuming process, where there is no scope for the errors since there should be a proper lip and time synchronization in the video.

    5. Dialogue Mixing

    The next step involves the mixing of dialogues if the script and the video demand it. The mixing is done to make the dialogues clean and if the step is incorporated in the process, some adjustments are made to the levels of volume, pitch, pace, expressions, and speech.

    6. Quality Control

    Quality control is a crucial stage of the dubbing process where our experts do a detailed analysis of any errors that might have transpired in the file during the process.

    7. Handing-over

    Once our experts have performed a strict QC on the dubbed file, the final file is handed over to the client. We make sure the entire process gets completed within the given timeframe. The final product is provided to the client in different required formats such as DVD, Blu-ray, and stereo.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our team of quality analysts will cross-check to assure accuracy. We ensure dubbed content maintains a great standard of accuracy and quality level.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    We offer comprehensive language solutions which means we can efficiently dub the audio/video content in 100+ languages with the help of native translators.

    Certified Dubbing Services

    We provide certified dubbing services for dubbing audio-visual content that is free from errors. This way you can communicate your important message to native listeners.

    Native Dubbing Experts

    We have a team of native dubbing artists who have an experience in dubbing podcasts, online game videos, TV series, etc. that engage native customers.

    Easy Project Consultation

    There is an easy project consultation for assigning and sharing your ideas and requirements with us. Our experienced team members will assist you to understand the process.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    Our company offers quick TAT, hence you receive everything on time without any delay. We make sure you receive top-notch quality dubbing in the given time frame.

    The Unbeatable Dubbing Master since 2002

    Our dubbing company is here to assist. We assist you with the professional dubbing artists you need, the languages you are searching for, as well as unrivaled actors. Tridindia has over 18 years of experience in professional dubbing.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Dubbing

    Usually, post-delivery editing in dubbing is never required as the final output is perfectly dubbed while ensuring quality, synchronization, and accuracy.

    The sound quality you will hear in the video will be very clear and engaging. We give special attention to not affecting the quality of sound while recording it.

    The payment methods that we prefer the most are bank transfer and Paypal. Adding to that, if you are comfortable with any other payment options, then just let us know, we can surely help!

    Yes, according to your target language we will assign a dubbing artist who is a native speaker of that specific language. This will assure the accuracy and cultural sensitivity will be maintained.

    Our team ensures that our work can satisfy all your needs. There is some quality control process that we follow to ensure accuracy and the right terminologies. Before delivering the work, we cross-check everything manually.

    It depends on the length of the video and the quantity of work you assign. After going through your allotted work, we can tell you the time within which we can submit it.

    Tridindia accepts various file formats for For video: MOV, m4v, WMV, MPEG, MP4, AVI, FLV. For Audio: MP3, MPG, FLAC, WAV, MP4, FLV, WMA, AVI, and more.

    We support industries like medical & life sciences, software, insurance, telecom, engineering, power & energy, and manufacturing. As per the nature of our work, we support these industries with their website, marketing, financial, business, e-learning, legal, and many other types of commercial translations.

    Yes, we do provide data privacy to maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ original audio/video files! We sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure your files will be safe with us.

    You can contact us at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected]. You can also visit our office on the 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.


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