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Why We are Best in Language Translation Services ?

Quick service is the basic necessity of the business world today. Hence, we offer the world’s most accurate translation services to the global clients that are also the fastest in speed. Often, it is seen that the companies fail to render quality and precision in translation due to pricing rates, in making haste for the project delivery. But, this is not the case with TridIndia. We commit to deliver the world’s fastest translation services with complete surety of quality in it. Being a reputed translation services provider, We follow a well-organized translation procedure, so that the translations are delivered well within the specified time frame. Also, this streamlined process ensures that we offer the highest degree of quality and accurateness within the translation project.


Our team holds specialization in translating varied materials for multiple industries.

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We moderate content for social media, websites, forums, videos, chats and son on.

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Mere translation isn’t enough to get global. Hence, we localize websites, apps, video games etc.

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Capture new markets and niches through multilingual oral communication.

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We convert all types of audio files into well-written text without any hassle.

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Dubbing Services

We offer quality solutions from script adaptation to recording and mixing.

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High quality services for motion graphics, animations, TV and movie content.

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We offer 99% accuracy even for poor audio quality, difficult content or accents.

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Our ISO certified proofreading & editing company can help you get the materials cross-checked and edited by native linguists.

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Content Writing

Grab quality and SEO friendly contents for company profile, catalogues, websites etc.

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Our DTP experts help you grab the final layout of the translated document as per your needs.

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We convert varied paper drawings into accurate CAD files, by utilizing the modern techniques.

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“ Translating Words into Success ”

As we understand your business is mostly about words, we not only translate language we transform business in the world of words.


IT Translation

We work with professional IT translators for a quality driven translation output for all types of documents.

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Legal Translation

Whether it is contracts, patents or other legal documents, we can translate them with maximum accuracy level.

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Medical Translation

Our medical translators are well versed in using the medical terminologies in all sorts of clinical documents.

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Oil And Gas Translation

Backed by subject matter experts, we translate all documents and materials related to the oil & gas sector.

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Tourism Translation

We are quick and expert at translating the hotel menus, brochures, travel guides and other stuff with quality.

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Media Translation

Translation for media content requires great knowledge. Hence, we have expert team on board to help you out.

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The Unbeatable Translation Master
since 2002.


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Why choose us ?

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

Our quality supervisors make sure that the translated text contains the highest degree of quality and accuracy. Thus, quality checks are initiated.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

When it is about language, we make sure to offer authentic solutions for translation, localization and interpretation for the business sector.

Certified Translation Services

Being a CRISIL rated and ISO certified translation company, we offer certified services for any type of interpretation, translation or localization project.

Native Professional Translators

we are able to manage small and large translation projects. We believe that no individual can translate a text so authentically as compared to a native person.

Strict Quality Guidelines

We follow strict quality guidelines in each translated assignment, so that the quality standards are met and the client receives a perfectly translated output.

Easy Project Consultation

We understand that you may have several doubts in mind before outsourcing translation. Thus, we let the customers talk to the project managers for any of their queries.

Fastest Turnaround Time

When it comes to human translations, we always commit for fastest turnaround time, so that the client could implement the further plan of action immediately.

100% Data Privacy

With secure servers and file management panels, we commit for 100% data privacy and confidentiality so that the info is not leaked out to a third party.

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Quality Process

our human quality supervisors and translators keep a close watch on the precision level of the translated file’s.

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Translation Process

Streamlined process ensures the highest degree of accurateness and quality within the translation project.

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Speed And Accuracy

On client’s demand for faster delivery, we divide the assignment among different specialized translators.

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About us

Your Perfect Language Partner – We are known as a reputed online translation agency, which commits to provide ISO rated language translation services in Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Canada, UAE and other worldwide nations. This implies that you can always have access to our translation services, no matter where you are located. Founded in the year 2002, we have worked for all business industries and documents in all Indian and foreign languages.

Why work with us ?

  • Specialization in over 100 global languages with Diverse Specializations
  • Enviable Client Portfolio in Public and Private Sectors
  • Established Track-Record of Flawless Quality and Fast Turnovers
  • We strive to envision a world where language barriers are seamlessly transcended
  • Taking every step towards creating a globe devoid of linguistic barriers
  • Heralding a team of Passionate Linguists, Writers, Managers, Technical Experts and Visionaries
  • To fine-tune the process of delivering service quality, accuracy, authenticity, consistency and reliability
  • To set new standards of professionalism, work ethics and efficiency
  • To reinvigorate our core competency of Multilingual Translation


Our team acts together and opens new routes to worldwide audience.

Translator Job

We recruit for translation jobs around the world, therefore, you can find and search for specific translation assignments.

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Interpreters Jobs

We assure that we will place you in the finest organizations which will have the need to find and hire freelance interpreters.

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Translation Job

We provide you a whole lot of options for translation jobs, and push you towards the most productive company or profile.

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