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Why You Should Invest in Healthcare Translation Today?

More than 60% of patients don’t get proper treatment. Even doctors are unable to treat patients well due to a lack of communication or language barrier. When you leave the translation task to well-qualified translators who understand medical terminology, have industry knowledge, and are really fluent in both target and source languages, you will observe improved communication in different aspects of your business. This will ultimately lead to satisfied patients. Even the smallest mistake with a healthcare translation can lead to a really dangerous situation for a patient. Any confusion regarding patient allergies or medicine dosage can result in serious consequences. Hence, it is a good idea to trust experienced linguists for impeccable translation solutions who have good know-how in this industry.

Our translators are highly experienced and well-qualified professionals with an excellent track record. We ensure rigorous compliance with regulatory authorities’ requirements, process guidelines as well as quality processes.

Affordable Healthcare Translation Services For Your Business

Effective communication is crucial in every field of life, even in the healthcare industry. Often, it happens that patients in one country visit another country for quality and affordable treatment. Most of the time, the doctors find understanding the patient’ language difficult. This creates a problem for both the patient and the doctor before starting the treatment and other related tasks. Therefore, healthcare professionals look for talented Native Language Translators, who provide quality translation. Thus, if your business comes in the healthcare industry, you may certainly need our assistance, as we are one of the most reputed translation agencies in India.








Need of Healthcare Translation Services For Your Business Today

Healthcare documents can involve highly detailed information written in terms that cannot be understood by someone who does not have experience in the industry. If your medical document is in the Russian language, you need a skilled Russian translation expert to generate quality translation. Your translation company will assist you to come up with glossary terms that will be utilized throughout the project.

Boost Sales

Healthcare translation is worth an investment as it assists companies like yours to provide a convenient treatment experience and increase your demand immensely. This will make your medicate treatment smooth.

A Global Hit

Translation needs a lot of time, skills, and effort especially when it’s for the healthcare industry as the smallest mistake can give you a big problem. Hiring professional healthcare translators can assure you of a global hit.

Boost ROI

As the need for the healthcare industry is massive everywhere translating your documents to give or receive good treatment is important to make the conversation understandable.

Access to Global Market

Translating documents such as clinical trials, prescriptions, medical reports and so on is essential to be done by experts who have proper knowledge about the healthcare industry.

If the patient as well as the practitioner do not have a common language to communicate in, the entire process becomes confusing. Even if the patient speaks more than one language, translating the medical terminologies may be quite complicated for an unskilled person. Therefore, it is essential that someone who understands the task and know importance of translation, can translate your healthcare documents for you.

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Professional Healthcare Translation For Business Growth

Healthcare experts require well-translated documents to know medical histories and treat patients who communicate in foreign languages. During treatment, patients may have to sign various documents. Those documents need to be translated appropriately so that they know what they are signing. In the healthcare industry, the basic documents that require translation are consent forms, medical histories needed for medical procedures, medical device labels, post-discharge instructions, drug usage information, doctor manuals, and so on. Similarly, in some legal proceedings, medical records that are considered evidence will be accepted only if they are translated by talented language service providers.

Skilled Translators – Hiring a trustworthy company will provide you with high-skilled translators who know how to translate according to the need. Their translated documents are error-free.
High-quality – Professional healthcare translation will assure you a high-quality translation that will guarantee accuracy.

Types Of Healthcare Documents We Translate

Sometimes you may need an reliable technical documentation translation expert to get the technical details about any medical instrument translated for your client’s convenience because they have good knowledge of the healthcare industry and technical terms. There are many other documents for which you may need to hire our native translators to perform translation. They are:
  • Clinical Study Agreements
  • Patient Information & reports
  • Test procedures
  • Instructions for Use
  • Scientific Journal Articles
  • Company newsletters
  • Multimedia audio and visual
  • Rater Scales
  • Case Report Forms
  • Pharmacovigilance reports
  • Patient Information Leaflets
  • Package Inserts and Labels
  • Quality of Life (QoL) measure
  • Software and Hardware
  • User Guides Regulatory
  • Documents
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Case Report Forms
  • Corporate Websites and Portals
  • Patent applications
  • Physician manuals
  • Patient Recruitment Materials
  • SAE and SOP Procedures
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Study drug labels & drug inserts
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Investigator Brochures
  • Clinical Trials
  • medical software
  • Adverse Events
  • Pharmacological Studies
  • IVR
  • Data Sheets
  • Regulatory Audit
Translating healthcare documents can have a massive impact on the healthcare industry by decreasing barriers between the physician and patient, and reducing the entire time linked with the diagnosis. Healthcare translation can also increase accuracy and improve the productivity of the overall healthcare procedure.

Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Translation Services to Us

When you are sick and require medical help, time is of the essence. Neither the patient nor the healthcare practitioners can afford to misunderstand each other. Having someone who can accurately translate website into German language or any other top language can help patients understand what services you offer. This is where you need to outsource healthcare translation solutions to us because there are certain benefits that you will get.

Data Privacy

All the information you share with us remains confidential and secure with us. To keep your privacy and safeguard your information, we have a strict privacy policy.

Years Of Experience

Our company is in this industry for 18+ years and understands the translation requirements of every industry. With our immense experience, we can assist you well.

Culturally Relevant

Our high-skilled translators team understand the cultural gaps. We translate the healthcare documents considering all the regional dialects differences to ensure that result holds cultural meaning.

Healthcare Translation Experts

This is the top-most benefit that you will get by hiring our solutions. Our healthcare translation company have a team of talented translators who have sufficient knowledge to do the work.

One of the crucial advantages of good translation of healthcare-related documents is that it assists healthcare providers to do the essential treatment required for patients who do not communicate in their language properly.

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    We totally understand the fact that medical documents contain very sensitive information. Hence, such info should not be leaked to a third unknown party. Therefore, our security systems are geared up in a manner that we are able to maintain 100% security of your data. While you are with Tridindia, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands and it would neither be leaked nor misused in any way.

    Spreading the awareness of your healthcare business is easy with translation. Our team contains professional and talented linguists, who are always ready to help clients with authentic translation. They are familiar with various challenges of healthcare translation and have suitable tactics to overcome them with great success.

    Since the company’s inception, we have received a number of translation assignments from worldwide organizations/ clients, which includes:

    Medical Devices Companies

    Clinical Research Organizations

    Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies

    Biotechnology Companies

    Medical Practitioners

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


    And so on..

    Documentation is a huge aspect to make sure that a patient’s medical history has been correctly recorded. While they may be unsure of exactly what to consider, mainly if a language gap is there, their records offer a good baseline to begin from.

    If you dream big of global business expansion or diversification, all you need is instant translation help. A written translation by our native translator is provided to doctors that permit them to see an accurate accounting of patients’ health questionnaires and other records.

    Our Native Healthcare Translation Experts

    Need of Translation Experts

    There are multiple areas within the medical industry that need an accurate translation. The correct words can offer the best treatment to patients across the globe. The incorrect words, however, can have a huge impact on the treatment procedure utilized to assist a patient with healing.

    One of the major translation challenges is that, from the basic translation to the editing, medical documents should be translated with full accuracy. A small error on a healthcare document can lead to massive harm or even death to an innocent patient.

    Medical documents can involve detailed information written in terms that are difficult to understand by someone who does not have enough experience in the field. The only individual who can translate medical documents perfectly is someone with expertise in this industry.

    Trustworthy Translation Company

    There are certain factors, which help us stand out from the crowd. Hence, a number of organizations trust our company and our services, for a long time. So, if you are in need of quick foreign document translation, we are the ideal translation vendor for you. Here are some of the major reasons –

    • ISO 9001:2015 certified translation company
    • Work in 3000+ language combinations and regional dialects
    • 15+ years of translation experience
    • 100% confidentiality and data privacy
    • 150+ native translators or subject-matter experts
    • No machine translation
    • Pocket friendly translation rates
    • Testing and quality assurance
    • Offer urgent translation within 24 to 48 hours
    • Stringent QC under expert’s supervision
    • Work on diverse file formats
    • Fastest turnaround time
    • Impressive clientele on a global scale
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    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Healthcare Translation can be your good decision

    No matter what language your patients communicate in, you need to be able to interact with them efficiently. The only solution is to hire a professional translator. One of the surprising benefits of translation company is that it can efficiently translate medical documents such as service agreements, patient records, and post-discharge instructions as well.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We maintain the quality and accuracy level throughout the translation process. For maintaining that we cross check everything before submitting the work to you.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    With talented translators in our team, we are able to offer comprehensive language solutions that will help you to target any market and reach audiences.


    Our company deliver you certified language translation solutions that will assist to expand your business effectively in a new market without any trouble.

    Native Expert

    We work with native translators who are very talented and knowledgeable. We assign the project to someone who can handle the project properly.

    Easy Project

    Our company provides project consultation for your convenience so that you share your concerns. It helps us to better understand your project requirement.

    Fastest Turnaround

    We make sure that without affecting the quality, the translation work gets done with the fastest turnaround time and then delivered to you before or on time.

    The Unbeatable Healthcare Translation Master since 2002

    Low-cost travel as well as advances in technology have permitted people to get medical treatment in other countries also. Patients and healthcare experts depend on the translated medical document to communicate with each other effortlessly. A professional translator will be able to translate all your healthcare documents without any errors.
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