Our Translation Process

Being a reputed translation services provider, TridIndia follows a well-organized translation procedure, so that the translations are delivered well within the specified time frame. Also, this streamlined process ensures that we offer the highest degree of quality and accurateness within the translation project.

☞ Here’s Our Step-By-Step Procedure For Translation :


1- Client Enquiry : First of all, the client enquires about the translation offered by us and requests for the price quote.

2- Source Document Analysis : When a quote is requested and we receive a client’s query, we analyze the source document thoroughly and send the quote to the client along with a confirmation mail, defining the turnaround time for the project.

3- Source File Preparation : This step is undertaken by the Project coordinator who involves with the localization engineer and extracts only those portions from the source text that require translation.

4- Resource Allocation : After the text has been extracted, the translation task is allocated to the most experienced translator who specializes in the type of translation (industry specific translation), you demanded for.

5- Translation : The translation has been started in this step. The translators perform accurate translation as per the client’s specifications.

6- Proof-Reading and Quality Check : After the translation task is over, the translated files are delivered to the proof-reading experts and quality supervisors, who edit/ proof-read the entire text and check the same on stringent quality parameters.

7- Project Delivery : This is the last step, wherein all quality checks have been performed over the translated document and is finally handed over to the client within the proposed time deadlines.

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