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Why You Should Invest in Tamil Translation Today?

With 74 million native speakers across the world, Tamil is definitely one of the most important languages for translation. Also, it is considered as a gateway to deal with numerous foreign clients, residing in Singapore, Ceylon, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia, Fiji Islands, South Africa and Mauritius. Hence, if you are planning to target one of such markets that speak Tamil, you must invest in translation service for better results. If you think your targeted Tamil customers can understand the English language, then you still require translating into the native language of the audience. With fastest professional Tamil translation service by 4000+ certified Tamil translators who offer accurate translation services in Tamil for government, public and private sectors, you can grow your brand.

This is because research shows that consumers prefer to avail products and services if find brand information is in their mother tongue. So, don’t ignore the importance of translation if launching a successful international brand. The conversion-oriented and high-quality translation ensures brands speak all around the world and doesn’t get lost in translation. Translating your content or product, service and its accompanying platforms like e-commerce or websites into the Tamil language will be an important aspect on your way to success in the global arena.

English to Tamil Translation Services

Tamil is an old and living language spoken by millions across India and Sri Lanka. With time, Tamil continues to thrive in a modern global context and there is huge demand for businesses to grow while bringing accurate and culturally relevant. Using English to Tamil translation services will contribute to the vibrant tapestry and allow the business to seek great communication in the Tamil market.

Tamil-speaking communities are in majority in India and Sri Lanka but they have also spread across the globe. The majority of the businesses who are seeking to invest in Tamil translation can choose our solutions. We have a great team of translators who can easily allow your business to tap into a vast consumer base and establish a strong global presence.


Get Certified Tamil Language Translators For Your Project

To succeed in the Tamil-speaking market, businesses need to understand the consumer and the market. Tamil translations come with their own challenges and Tridindia can assure you to get a highly accurate and effective translation. We have skilled translators who have great experience in translation and also understand the Tamil language well. Therefore, they assure to preservation of the essence of this ancient language in translation.

Our Tamil language translators are native language experts and they very well understand the Tamil language and market. Therefore, they successfully preserve the cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and historical context that make Tamil translation to serve well.

Tamil Translation Market

Global businesses are shifting focus to regional expansion and they are highly drawn by the regions that can promise great growth. In India, businesses are not ignoring the Tamil market as the language provides them huge audience base. Tamil Nadu and Puducherry have the highest number of Tamil speakers in India and businesses dealing in manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism, are using Tamil translation solutions.

Tamil language has 77 million Tamil speakers around the world, and about 68 million are native ones. Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world and there is huge presence of Tamilians across various South East Asian countries. Also, Tamil languages hold great importance in Malaysia and is one of the educational languages.

Using Tamil translation solutions plays an integral role in preserving cultural heritage, facilitating cross-cultural communication, and fostering great connections across linguistic divides. The Tamil language is known for its unique culture, traditions, and using professional translation can help your business to target the market and seek excellent growth.

Tamil Translation Tips

The Tamil language is one of the classical languages that has been used over the centuries. Experts estimate the Tamil language to have a long history and the Tamil writing system is estimated to be over 1500 years old. With time, it has evolved so much that has brought a change in its grammar and syntax. There are several challenges associated with Tamil translation and below are the tips our translators follow:

Know Vast Vocabulary

Tamil is an old living classical language and it has an old literary heritage. This includes classical Tamil terms that come under vocabulary and forms of spoken Tamil. New translators may not be aware of them and there is a need to have in-depth knowledge about language and its heritage.

Spoken and Written Tamil

There is a great variation when it comes to Tamil. There are various differences between written and spoken Tamil and this varies a lot on regional accents and dialects. Thus, translators have to work with translation very carefully.

Tamil Language Facts

The Tamil language has a rich heritage that encompasses literature, philosophy, music, and art that have contributed significantly to global culture. With the progression of time, early Tamil evolved into middle Tamil and witnessed a number of phonological and grammatical changes that made it a much-evolved language. Below are some interesting facts that you need to know about the Tamil language:

Tamil is the oldest living language in the world.

Tamil was declared a classical language by UNESCO and the criteria requirement was based on antiquity, a rich and varied ancient text with original literary tradition.

The word ‘Tamil’ has several meanings and a very less known meaning relates to beauty, sweet, and natural.

Tamil is an official language in Singapore and Sri Lanka

Tamil language is also recognized as a minority language in South Africa, Malaysia, and Mauritius.

Tamil is the only language in the world that is personified as a God. There is a temple located at Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu named ‘Tamil Thai’ representing Tamil language as God.

Tamil History

Tamil is a popular Dravidian language whose origin can be traced back to the Proto-Dravidian language. It is believed that the Proto-Dravidian language was spoken around the third millennium BC and this region is near the lower Godavari river basin. Archaeological studies suggest speakers of Proto-Dravidian were associated with the Neolithic cultures of South India.

In Indian languages, Tamil is the most ancient non-Sanskritic Indian literature. The language has a history of the language into three distinct periods, Old Tamil (6th century B.C. and 6th century A.D.), Middle Tamil (6th and the 12th century), and Modern Tamil (twelfth century onwards). The Tamil language is the surviving literature that holds great admiration for the Pandiyan Kings. These kings were credited for organizing the Tamil Sangams.

The language developed by these Tamil Sangams is referred to as Tamil. With time, there were several inscriptions and references were found that provide valuable historical evidence of the existence and significance of the Tamil language during ancient times.

Countries that speak Tamil

When talking about a language that stands vibrant and historically significant today is Tamil language. It is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is also widely spoken in other parts of India. Being an old language, it has spread to various regions. Besides India, the Tamil language is spoken in various other countries around the world such as:

IndiaSri Lanka
SingaporeSouth America
North AmericaEurope

India Country Data

Country: India
Capital: New Delhi
Population: 140.76 Crores
State With Highly Spoken Tamil Speakers: Tamil Nadu and Puducherry
Constitutional Republic: President Droupadi Murmu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Currency: Rupee
GDP (ppp): 3.18 Lakh Crores USD
Unemployment: 7.1%
Government Type: Constitutional Republic
Industries: Deals in pharmaceuticals, automotive, engineering and machine tools, electronics, computer software, steel, research and development, textiles, agriculture, construction, power, chemical, manufacturing, communication, etc.

Tamil Dialects

Tamil language has two distinct registers based on socioeconomic status. Also, Tamil dialects exhibit variations and these changes occurred over time from Old Tamil. Given below are the following dialects of the Tamil language:

Bangalore Tamil Brahmin Tamil
Central Tamil dialect Indian Tamil dialect of Sri Lanka
Iyengar Tamil Kongu Tamil
Lingua Malabar Tamul Madras Bashai
Madurai Tamil Batticaloa Tamil
Jaffna Tamil dialect Malaysian Tamil
Negombo Tamil dialect Sankethi dialect
Sri Lankan Tamil dialects Tirunelveli Tamil

Popular Tamil Translation Phrases

Tamil literature often carries emotions and there are several historical references written that have cultural significance. If you want to communicate effectively in Tamil language, then given below are common English phrases and their Tamil translations:

English PhraseTamil Translated Phrase
Helloவணக்கம் ( Vaṇakkam )
Good morningகாலை வணக்கம் (Kālai vaṇakkam)
Good eveningமாலை வணக்கம் ( Mālai vaṇakkam )
How are you?எப்படி இருக்கிறீர்கள்? ( Eppaṭi irukkiṟīrkaḷ? )
Thank youநன்றி ( Naṉṟi )
Excuse meமன்னிக்கவும் ( Maṉṉikkavum )

Affordable Tamil Translation Services for Your Business

The affordable Tamil translation service enables the chance of extending one’s social and business network. The network of people in business or social environments increases when a translation is used to bridge a gap in communication. There are different international meetings that take place across the world which involve people from sometimes a hundred languages. There is need to understand the crucial benefits of translation to make sure communication is not lost. As travel and communication enhance formal barriers between countries feel less imposing so firms are encouraged into global markets. They can get an advantage from the affordability of products and services found in some countries and the availability of industrial as well as professional expertise having more countries to trade with.







Need of Tamil Translation Services For Your Business Today

Be it any sector, Tamil translation is the most important thing for every business, whose target audience speaks Tamil. You need to understand and figure out the types of translation I need that help you in the global expansion. Apart from a killer business idea, productive marketing strategies and other tactics, you also need to have a strong hold on the native language of the target audience. One of the major reasons behind the failure of businesses on a foreign land is that they fail to persuade their customers in the right way.

Better ROI

Through quality driven Tamil language translation, you can also improve or maximize the returns on investment. If you have cheap translation solutions, this will lead to wrong translation where your customers will not feel connected to you. So, by using reliable translation you are able to connect with the customers and get better returns on investment.

Reach Target Audience

Every business that steps in the global market wishes to become a global hit sooner or later. But, do you think it’s that easy? No brand can become globally recognized unless and until it makes the right approach by choosing right translation. Getting with professionals is best as they follow translation quality standards to make the brand reach out to its customers in better way. Hence, to accomplish this, you will have to resort to error free translation into or from Tamil.

Boost Sales

One of the biggest reasons why you need to invest in Tamil translation is ‘sales’. Every business desires for continuous improvement in its product or services sales. However, in the absence of quality translation, your message would not reach to the customers in an appropriate manner, eventually leading to losses.

Identify Market Potential

Translation is increasingly important to determine the market value. Market size, customers and their preferences, product or service demand, and competition level are vital factors to consider while identifying market value. You can get information about these by communicating in the native language. Hence, translation is must.

To put it short, translation is the need of the hour for every business that desires to expand its operations on a global scale. Right from advertisements and brochures to e-commerce websites and e-mail marketing campaigns, translation into/ from Tamil has always been and will always be the most important part of business growth. So, if you want avoid wastage of your money and make the right move, do invest in translation.

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Professional Tamil Translation For Documents

Professional Tamil translation is also important to enter the global market. As the business world is getting globalized and competitive day by day, it is important to keep ‘translation’ for documents as the major priority. When you know exactly what does translation mean for your business growth, you will see the results how it can help you to grow at every step without worrying about language barrier. To expand the business operation overseas, translation is a must. From helping you communicate to boost sales, The translation services in Tamil assist companies operate smoothly around international borders. Hence, companies across the world use this as a core part of their day-to-day operations.

Business Credibility – Adding a professional translation solution can assist you to increase credibility. Our experts help ensure that your branding and corporate message are not lost.
Strengthens Brand Image – We help you strengthen your brand image to keep your target market’s eyes glued to your company. Translating your content into the Tamil language of different foreign markets is a perfect way to do that.

Types Of Tamil Translation We Offer

With the large network of translators from various business sectors and linguistic skills, we are able to translate various types of documents and content as per your customized translating needs. Here is an overview of the services we offer for translation in the Tamil language. Our experienced and trained Tamil native translators are fluent in industry-specific terminology. One of the major benefits of professional translator is no matter which sector your business belongs to, you will always get the accurate translation well on time. Professional translators can offer your company an efficient way to reach existing and new clients with your message. From business meetings to reports and phone conversations, your translator can make sure your company gets the proper translation of all communications you require to communicate with your customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Tamil Translation Services to Us

Outsourcing Tamil translation is definitely a good way as you may fail to deal with major translation challenges that gives rise to several mistakes. At one hand, where you may get ‘n’ numbers of options, i.e. translation providers online, at the other hand, you are also at a risk of choosing the wrong vendor. Hence, we are here at your service to make sure that you choose right.

Data Privacy

We commit 100% data privacy of any information related to the client or his project. So, with us, your information is completely safe and you can sit back & relax.

Faster TAT

Our team commits the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We deliver even the bulkiest assignments within the shortest time frame without any delay.

Native Translator

Native translators are what will make you consider us. We have 150+ native translators who are well-experienced in translating for different industries.

Culturally Relevant

In the global business world, culture is equally important as language. Hence, we deliver culturally relevant translations at your end.

Years Of Experience

With 18+ years of experience, we know correctly how to satisfy a companies needs when planning to reach a global market. And hence, execute services accordingly.

Quality Control Systems

Without a proper quality check, you cannot be completely sure about the translation quality. Hence, we have QC systems to deliver high quality results at your end.
These are the major benefits of associating with us. We assure that once you join hands with us on your translation project, you will realize that there are more benefits of translation through us. With an extensive experience in different types of translation, our team assures for high quality output in the least possible time frame.
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    Your Trusted Tamil Translation Agency Online

    You can count on accuracy and professionalism from your trusted Tamil translation agency as they are held to the highest standards. As a professional translation company, we understand your business requirements and can communicate your wants to clients of all nationalities, languages, and cultures. It is highly said that effective globalization and translation are related and globalization has provided growth to translation industry. You will know that your business is getting a high degree of accuracy with every translation as your translator works appropriately to convey your message in the most comprehensive and concise manner. Opting for professional Tamil language translation services can assist you to discover the undiscovered market. Listed below are some perks you get from translators:

    Error-free translation

    Certified translation


    Professional Execution

    Implementing translation and SEO for your website content not only gives more opportunities for people landing on your page to read the content, but also generates traction for indexed pages, and many queries in various languages, crowned by a massive increase in foreign and new user of about 60%. Language barriers can affect your business in more than one manner. It is a major hurdle in getting success. Miscommunication may lead to financial loss and reputation damage. As an outcome, it is always suggested to invest in Tamil translation to make sure clear communication with the clients. This will assist to know the diverse culture and their languages. It will also facilitate the audience and positively impact their purchasing decision.

    Our Experts Tamil Translators

    Number of Tamil Language Speakers

    During the British rule of India, Tamil-speaking laborers were sent to different parts of the British empire where they founded Tamil-speaking communities. Today, there are Tamil-speaking populations in Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, South Africa, and Mauritius. Furthermore, Tamil is also spoken in Fiji, Bahrain, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, Qatar, United Kingdom, Reunion, and United Arab Emirates. The global population of first-language speakers of Tamil is about 69 million people with as many as 8 million speaking it as a second language.

    Specialized Translation

    The need to overcome language barriers is massive on the graph of companies nowadays. As communication is a must. Translations have assisted service industries to reach out to wider markets and serve people on an international level. However, business cultures still differ from one country to another with respect to standard manners, practice, and styles of writing. With translation, you will gain immeasurably as your company can communicate with clients all over the world but before this you need to evaluate is translation affordable that will help you to grow but being on budget.

    The secret of successful business communications depends on speaking in customer’s native language and culturally connecting with them. Although most people understand English, the native language is spoken by about 70% of the wider population. Multilingual communication and translation help in reaching the global market with so much confidence.

    As said earlier also, inaccurate translation can change the intended message for your business as well, and have a very negative effect on your operations, mainly in a new country. If you are planning to enter a foreign region or expand your business worldwide it is vital to analyze and partner with a company that can offer you accurate and worthwhile tamil language translation.

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    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Tamil language solutions can be the best decision.

    In today’s world, every entrepreneur wishes to reach out to a global audience. There is a constant need to build relations with multi-cultured clients, in order to attain huge margins of profit. Translating your documents into multiple languages helps you in a successful branding of your firm. Associated with an adept team of translators, we promote and advertise your brand into a variety of languages.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We have always kept two things as our priority and I.e, accuracy and quality, we have never compromised on these things. Our team assures you these things in the translation.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Tridindia provides comprehensive Tamil translation services that will help you to enter the international market conveniently. Our expertise can deliver you all the work efficiently.

    Certified Translation

    Hiring us will help you to get a certified translation of all the legal and medical documents which will help you in the official sphere. Our translators have the expertise to offer you certified translation.

    Native Expert Translators

    We only work with native expert translators as they have sufficient knowledge and expertise to serve translation to businesses belonging to various industries.

    Easy Project Consultation

    At our place, you will not have to waste your time as we offer easy project consultation. This helps our customers save their time that they can use in other business works.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    Our team always ensures to submit complete assigned work with the fastest turnaround time. Our company doesn’t make you wait for long to get the work done.

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    Having a professional Tamil translation agency can increase your business confidence in different global countries, and this is something that every growing business wants.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Tamil Translation

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    Answer: Yes, we only work with native translators who have expertise in this field. According to your project requirement, we will assign the work to the one who can do it the best.

    Answer: Tridindia has worked and is still working with industries like power & energy, telecom, software, insurance manufacturing, life sciences software, engineering, and medical.

    Answer: No, you don’t need to provide original documents, just a scanned copy is enough for our work to complete.

    Answer: Quality and accuracy are the two aspects that we always keep in our minds while translating the content. Also, we have experienced translators who proofread everything before its delivered.

    Answer: You can through us an e-mail at [email protected] or reach us by phone or Skype.

    Answer: Yes, with our knowledge and expertise all our Tamil translated documents get easily accepted in foreign embassies or universities.

    Answer: Not only for the Tamil language, but we offer translation in 150+ languages that include international and Indian.

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