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You cannot go wrong if your team boasts of certified native translators (more precisely professional human translators), as a team is a major pillar on which the success of a company stays and flourishes. It can either be the reason for your consistent and speedy growth or it can be the major cause of your failure. For TridIndia, the translation expertise and the commitment to quality are the prominent pre-requisite for entry into its language translators’ team.

In line with such parameters, our management (project services team) has chosen some of the finest gems from all around the world, thereby making TridIndia, the most diverse translation company in terms of workforce.

Certified Human Translators

It is majorly due to our linguistic experts that we are able to manage small and large translation projects, irrespective of the language required. We believe that no individual can translate a text so authentically as compared to a native person. That’s why, at TridIndia, all the translations are rendered under the supervision of native human translators, belonging to the specific culture and language.

We have almost 2000+ professional and certified translators who are highly specialized and dedicated to their work that make us a trustworthy translation company in united kingdom.

They make sure that each project is translated and delivered within the proposed tight deadlines.

Further, some of the major industries where our native language translators show their magic are legal, medical, technical, software localization, financial, academics, website localization, IT and so on.

Our Stringent Selection Policy for Translators

In adherence to our mission to recruit and select only and only qualified and eligible translators, we follow a stringent policy that assists us in selecting candidates who have:

Masters or P.H.D level of qualification
A minimum 5 years’ experience in translation industry
Practical working experience of working in technical, legal, medical and other fields that require usage of specific terminologies
Tremendous expertise in two or more languages
The potential to work in alignment with tight time deadlines

HHence, all of our 2862 (current figure as of now) native translators are well-composed with all the above attributes and bring high linguistic quality in translation.

8-Point Checklist

One of the major traits of our translators’ team is that they are accustomed to ensuring certain points before delivering the translated assignment at the clients’ end, i.e. they go through an 8-point checklist.

Prevent Grammatical Errors
Word By Word Analysis for Accuracy
Review on Technical Terminology
Streamline for Target Audience
Check for Consistent Format
Convey Intended Meaning
Thorough Proofreading and Editing
Avoid Symbols That Have Different Meanings in Different Cultures

Hence, our team is always ready to take on your translation assignments and deliver error-free translations in your desired language.

So, whether it is a foreign language or an Indian language that is hindering your way, we being one of the reputed Indian translation companies can help your business transcend the cultural/linguistic barriers smoothly via 100% authentic multilingual translations.

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