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English to Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is a very famous language around the world and has different accents. You will be able to interact and engage Spanish customers in a better way when your business decides to operate in the Spanish language. Using English to Spanish translation services makes your content to adapt the style, context, tone, and intent of the Spanish market. This helps to level up your strategies and present solutions accurately to your target audience.

Whether you are focusing on Spanish speakers in South America or Europe, we can assure you to get the right translation. Our certified translators understand the Spanish language better and focus on dialects and various other aspects during translation. This makes it easier for you to reach and serve foreign Spanish markets

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Get Certified Spanish Language Translators For Your Project

Spanish is the most spoken European language and using Spanish translation helps you to translate to get to serve not only in Spain but in the US market, where Spanish is the major spoken language after English. Tridindia can help you with Spanish translation services to expand your business and pave the way for new market opportunities leading to more international relationships.

The Spanish language has multiple nuances and complexities that make an accurate translation to Spanish challenging. With us, you can be assured of the accuracy. We have Spanish language translators who are experts in providing Spanish translation that further enhances your business growth potential.

Spanish Translation Market

Spain comes in the 13th position in the list of world economies determined by IMF, having a GDP of 110 billion euros. The Spanish foreign part has been a strong sector despite any crisis and now it is the only aspect of the economy that brings growth, along with managing the national demand, which remains dead. Spain is the 3rd most preferred country to live in as per the standard of health, living, and economy. Also, it has one of Europe’s rapidly growing property markets.

According to World Trade Organization, Spain is placed in the 18th position in the world ranking of exporters. Along with Spain, India and the United Arab Emirates also stays at the same level. Plus, as per the WTO report, Spain is the 11th world power in the sale of services. And when it comes to imports, Spain is in the 15th position in the ranking, with countries like Russia, Mexico, and Singapore.

Nowadays, companies should not ignore the attractive markets that the Spanish language provides. Native Spanish speakers hold a huge community that shares services, products, culture and helps businesses to attain international growth. With the help of professional Spanish translation, you can be assured to see great growth in Spanish markets.

Spanish Translation Tips

Spanish language is acquiring vast global importance but there are a number of challenges associated in achieving a successful Spanish translation. Translators have to work on various aspects that help to make the content to be localized well to the market. Given below are following tips our translators follow:

Handling Translation Length

One of the major problems that comes with Spanish translation is its length. Spanish is a longer language and when translating from English to Spanish translation, this often takes longer space. As per estimates suggest, Spanish is around 30% longer than English. So, translators ensure there are no vast changes in the formats.

Working On Localization and Accents

In Spanish translation, there is a great issue of localization. Spanish is one language but it has varied slang and vocabulary that differ wildly across countries with Spanish speaking. This creates a major problem of localization as per the region and translators always keep a check on that.

Spanish Language Facts

Spanish is the world’s most widely spoken native language and has more than 400 million native Spanish speakers worldwide. It is also the official language of 21 countries in Europe, Africa, Central America, and North America. Below are the following language facts that you need to know:

Spanish is the official language of Equatorial Guinea and Spain.

Spanish is also the native language of 19 countries in the Americas, where it is widely spoken by around 418 million people.

The United States considers Spanish as the most popular second language to be learned.

Spanish is termed as Castellano as well as español in Spain.

Spanish is composed of five vowels and 17 to 19 consonants.

In 1492, the first Spanish grammar was written and presented to Queen Isabella.

Due to Spanish colonization, the language became popular in various American and also in some Pacific island groups, viz. Micronesia, Guam, Palau, the Marianas, and the Philippines.

Spanish History

The history of the Spanish language is complicated and rich. The language has witnessed the rise and fall of many great empires. It has been a symbol of cultural identity and has been utilized as a tool of unity and sometimes caused divisiveness too. Currently, It is counted as the world’s 2nd most spoken native language and there are many Spanish speakers in all corners of the globe.

Spanish has its origins in Latin, which was introduced to the Iberian peninsula just after the Roman conquest in the 3rd- 2nd centuries BC. King Alfonso declared Castilian dialect the official language of government administration in the 13th century. After that, Castilian became the main language of the area now known as Spain. On the other hand, other Latin languages like Catalan, Galician, Basque, and so on, remain appropriate in this region and continue to be used by many people today.

After the Roman empire diminished, there occurred no Europe-based empire extending outside the continent. In history, there was no larger empire than the Spanish empire. Established in the 16th century, the Spanish establishment introduced the language to Central, Mexico, Southern, Central, and Western South America, where it is used now also. Over 500,000,000 individuals communicate in Spanish in Spain, all of South and Central America except Brazil, and in the Canary Islands, part of the Philippines, as well as Morocco.

Countries that speak Spanish

It is interesting to know Spanish is the official language of 21 countries but it holds an official status in Spain and Equatorial Guinea outside of the Americas. Given below are the following countries with Spanish language speakers:

Argentina Dominican Republic
Honduras Philippines
Andorra Cuba
Guatemala Peru
Belize Ecuador
Mexico Puerto Rico
Chile France
Equatorial Guinea Nicaragua
United States Bolivia
Morocco Trinidad and Tobago
Panama Uruguay
Costa Rica Gibraltar
Paraguay Venezuela
El Salvador Colombia

Spanish Country Data

Country: Mexico
Capital: Mexico City
Population: 12.67 Crores
Federal Presidential Republic: Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Currency: Mexican Peso
GDP (ppp): 1.27 Lakh Crores USD
Unemployment: 2.9%
Government Type: Federal Presidential Republic
Industries: Deals in electronics, agriculture, chemicals, iron and steel, etc.

Country: Spain
Capital: Madrid
Population: 4.74 Crores
Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy: King Felipe VI of Spain and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez
Currency: Euro
GDP (ppp): 1.43 Lakh Crores USD
Unemployment: 11.6%
Government Type: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Industries: Deals in textiles, apparel, metal manufacturing and chemicals.

Spanish Dialects

Spanish language have dozens of dialects around the world. Though, Castilian Spanish is generally taught in schools because Spanish is a second language in the U.S. and Canada. Whenever translating into Spanish, translators must be fully aware of the cultural and regional differences along with dialects. Given below are major known dialects of the Spanish language:

Andean-Pacific Chilean
Mexico and the United States Rioplatense
 Central American Caribbean
Canarian Philippine Spanish
Central-Southern Peninsular  Southern Peninsular
Northern Peninsular

Popular Spanish Translation Phrases

There are various similarities between the Spanish and English languages. Both languages follow the basic word order of sentences and use the Latin alphabet. So, it is not difficult for English speakers to communicate in the Spanish language. Given below are common English phrases and their Spanish translation that would be helpful for you:

English PhraseSpanish Translated Phrase
Good morning!Buenos díasBWAY-nos DEE-as
Good evening!Buenas tardesBWAY-nas TAR-des)
How are you?¿Cómo estás?KOH-moh eh-STAHS
Thank you! GraciasGRA-thee-as/GRA-see-as
Excuse mePerdoneper-DON-ay/ OY-ga

Why You Should Invest in Spanish Translation Today?

Around 500,000,000 people speak Spanish in Spain, all of South and Central American except Brazil, and in the Canary Islands, parts of the Philippines, and Morocco. It is the second most spoken language around the world, next to Mandarin Chinese. It is also the world’s second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese according to numerous research. Also, it is the third most studied language in the world. So, this all information shows that how important Spanish translation is.

Fastest professional Spanish translation services by 4000+ certified Spanish translators who offer accurate translation services in Spanish language for public, private and government sectors. Are you planning to move to the Spanish-speaking regions to expand your business? If yes, then it’s a perfect decision because there are about 20 Spanish speaking countries in the world.

Hence, you have an excellent market potential for global expansion. Whether you are targeting Barcelona to start a new business or promoting a product in Madrid, you need translation to globalize your brand. Wherever you do business in the Spanish-speaking areas, you might need the support of native translators if you have no knowledge of this lingo. Our experienced translators are there to help you with effective translation at every moment such as marketing conference, meetings, documentation, and etc for proper communication.

Affordable Spanish Translation Services for Your Business

The global reach of the language can make prominent translation difficult. The same type of Spanish is not spoken everywhere in the world: Spanish speaks in a varied Castilian dialect, and Mexico has its own dialect. Subtle differences can also be observed in the Andes Mountains region of South America, the Caribbean, in Argentina’s Rioplatense dialect, and in many other regions across the world. When it’s a matter of Spanish translation, it is always good to depend on a top-notch translation service provider. Specialization is essential. Everyone knows that linguistics features of languages can differ. Hence it is essential to not only translate a text appropriately but also do it considering the target audience.







Need of Spanish Translation Services For Your Business Today

Translation serves as a bilingual mediator between organization and overseas clients, with a motive to ease communication process and to remove cultural hindrances that might affect business deals. It plays a crucial role in bridging the communication gap, which in turn, helps you succeed in the target market. Always remember that in a highly competitive global world, only those entrepreneurs are successful, who know how to formulate effective message circulation from one end to another. Hence, you need to realize that there is an urgent need of Spanish language translation to keep your back strong. Here are some of the potential reasons as to why you should invest in translation

Reach Target Audience

A business that doesn’t speak in the target country’s native language is nothing but a flop show as one won’t be able to target wider audience because consumers prefer information in their mother tongue. Hence, being a smart business owner, you cannot afford to ignore translation. So, if you are looking forward to international success, you should definitely think about translation.

Better ROI

This reason is quite obvious, as every entrepreneur looks forward to better returns on investment. No matter how little or how huge you have invested in the target market, you will always hope for better returns. But, this won’t be possible, if you fail to win the hearts of your target audience, and that can certainly be achieved through translating your business content.

Boost Sales

This is one of the major concerns that every entrepreneur thinks about. Especially, if you are targeting a global market, you should definitely take translation on priority basis. Without a perfectly translated content, you won’t be able to reach out to your customers. As a result, your customers will not understand & sales will get down by multiple times.

Identify Market Potential

This is the important reasons to invest in translation. No matter how much money and time you have spent on finding the value of your targeted market, you would not achieve the goal if you don’t know how to communicate in the native language. Hence, a translation should be your priority for determining market potential.

Outperforming your competitors is the ultimate way to become a global hit in the industry. Translation helps in distinguishing your business from others, thereby giving you an opportunity to evolve as the pioneer in the industry. Hence, you get access to a global market or a global segment that will only add to your business reach or success. It is a vital strategic tool that helps businesses regulate and organize universal communication. So, if you are looking forward to international success, you should definitely think about translation.

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Professional Spanish Translation For Documents

As per recent statistics, Spanish is spoken by around 4 million people just in the UK. Also, it is only an A-level language course that hasn’t faced a decline in students wishing to study. Therefore, it is clearly the language that future generations are picking as one of England’s important languages. Because of the large number of Spanish speakers, hiring professional Spanish translation is essential for many reasons. No matter what services you provide or what content you want to translate, there are different ways you can make sure you are successful in your efforts. There is a wide range of perks to hiring Spanish translation at pretty much any event. From convenient communication to massive engagement between people, Spanish translators make a greater level of person-to-person interaction as much as they can.

Highly-knowledgeable Translators – Our translators are fully aware of the regional and cultural differences between dialects and cultural differences from country to country.
Professional Services – Our professional Spanish language solutions have been designed to satisfy the needs of all our valuable clients.

Types Of Spanish Translation We Offer

Our team of translators has great expertise and experience in translating a variety of documents and content. Following are the professional services we provide on a regular basis for translation in/from Spanish to other languages and vice-versa.

Our services do not restrict to only these types of translation, but lots more in all formats and varying lengths. We work to save your time, money, and efforts by providing accurately translated content possible.

Benefits of Outsourcing Spanish Translation Services to Us

Translation is a great medium to spread your brand message across the international boundaries. Hence, investing in translation can be the wisest decision of your professional life. However, it should be noted that you cannot get the task done in-house, as setting up an in-house team for translation can involve a huge amount. It would simply add to your hiring and other related costs. This is why it is better to outsource the services. Backed by immense expertise and talented translators, we can offer you the desired services within the promised time frame. Here are some of the benefits that you will get by associating with us –

Data Privacy

Data privacy is the major concern of most of the clients. Thus, we make sure that the information provided from the client’s end is protected from all ends. We use a secure file sharing medium.

Culturally Relevant

This is one of the major benefits that you may get by joining hands with us. Our team focuses on making the content relevant as per the target culture.

Quality Control Systems

At TridIndia, we have high quality control systems in place, which encourages our team to deliver error-free translations each time the task is performed. Thus, you can always rely on us.

Faster TAT

We make sure that the translated file is delivered as fast as possible. Our team discusses every single detail with you and aligns its work as per the allotted time frame.

Years Of Experience

We have around 18+ years of experience in this field and hence have confidence to deliver you accurate translation. All our translators are well-specialized in different industries.

Native Translator

Native translators are what you can get at our place. We have a team of native translators who are highly knowledgeable in what they do and provide the best services possible.

In simple words, we are the ideal outsourcing partner, who can fulfill all your translation needs with flying colors. We have the right expertise on board that can help you achieve your business goals via perfectly translated content. Communication is the major facilitator of international business success. Hence, you should always on that. Especially, with a non-native audience, effective communication is a must, and translation can certainly help you out.

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    With translation, you can display your products and services to a wider audience. Additionally, you also get more viewership which will lead to growth in the company’s sales.

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    Your Trusted Spanish Translation Agency Online

    Whether you require English to Spanish translation or any other language combination, our professional Spanish translators are here to help. Our network of 250+ native translators can bring a truly local feel to Spanish translation, no matter who your target audience is. With many Spanish translators available, we will always have an experienced native translator who is ready to work on every project. We promise to deliver you translated content in the given time frame, every time. Here are some perks that you can get from our company:

    International reach


    Native Spanish translators

    Professional Work

    With many satisfied clients from all across the world, no other company can offer you the depth of expertise in Spanish translation at our prices. We employ professional resources on staff- thereby improving the quality of every Spanish translation while offering you cost-effective rates in the industry. Some of our areas of industry expertise in translation services in Spanish are aerospace, advertising, business, legal, financial, localization, government, medical, litigation, globalization, telecommunications, patents, manufacturing, patents, media, user manuals, religion, technical, websites, and retail.

    Implementing multilingual translation and SEO for the website content not only develops more chances for people landing on the page to interact with the content, but also boost traction for indexed pages, and various queries in various languages, crowned by a massive increase in foreign and new users of around 60%.

    Our Experts Spanish Translators

    Number of Spanish Language Speakers

    If you think that people living in Spain only speak the Spanish language, then you are absolutely wrong. Looking at the number of speakers, Spanish is there at the top of the list. After the Chinese language, it is the second most speaking language with around 400 million people using it as their medium to communicate. Different nations in North America, Europe, and South America have Spanish speakers. You can find Spanish speakers in countries such as Spain, Cuba, the US, Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and many more. The top two Spanish-speaking nations are the United States and Mexico. In the US, 12% of the population knows Spanish, while in Mexico around 90% population uses this language. This shows the dominance of the Spanish language in the business domain. For that matter, the majority of the students in the US also consider studying Spanish.

    Specialized Translation

    Translation plays an important role in filling the language gap. All book authors, authors, and academic researchers have much to acquire from getting their research and ideas translated. The translation is a special skill and must be done by experts and professionals who know the topic of your writing. Whenever someone wants to invest capital in a new market, it is recommended to know the audience first. As language is the perfect way to connect with them and establish a positive image of the brand, it will lead to a rise in the price of the company’s shares and fetch high returns. Our aim as the leading U.S.-based Spanish translation agency is to assist you to get your objectives in national, local, and international markets by offering Spanish translation of the highest quality for all your communication requirements.

    Case Studies

    We are dedicated to
    serve you all time

    With Spanish being the most widely spoken language around the world, businesses
    have to keep up with the demand of the market for increasing revenues massively.
    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Spanish language solutions can be the best decision.

    If you are looking forward to get high quality Spanish language translation services, you need no explanation about why we are the right choice for you. In the contemporary business world, your each and every move is noticed and counted as well. Thus, choosing the right translation service provider is mandatory to stay on the right path and avoid any wastage of time in choosing the wrong option.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We ensure that all our translated content is 100% accurate and of high-quality. No matter what the deadline is, we ensure that you get an effective translation.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Our company provides comprehensive language solutions to help you step into the international marketplace. The immense knowledge of our translators assures you to deliver such solutions.

    Certified Translation

    With our knowledge and expertise, we assure to offer you certified translation services. Professional translators have the skills to deliver you what you have expected.

    Native Expert Translators

    We have a team of native expert translators who are well-experienced in different industries. They know what companies need to step into the global market.

    Easy Project Consultation

    Tridindia has an easy project consultation process. We don’t take much of your valuable time that you can use for doing other important business work.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    Our team delivers the complete assigned work with the fastest turnaround time which means you don’t have to wait much to get your allotted work done within the given time.

    The Unbeatable Spanish Translation Master since 2002

    Having a professional Spanish translation agency can increase your business confidence in different global countries, and this is something that every growing business wants.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Spanish Translation

    We have well-experienced and skilled translators who can guarantee you to deliver translated documents that will surely get accepted in foreign universities or embassies.
    Yes, of course, you can trust us in that. We only work with professionals as we understand the importance of accuracy in any file or document.
    We support and work for every industry. Some industries that we would like to mention are telecom, manufacturing, medical, legal, software, insurance, engineering, academic, and so on.
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    Quality and accuracy are two main things that we keep in mind while translating any content. We assure customers what we can actually do.

    You can simply e-mail us at [email protected] or reach us by phone or Skype.

    Yes, if it’s needed, we can do it as the translations are done by professionals who have knowledge of more than one language.

    We offer proofreading services for more than 150 languages. According to your project needs, we’ll use our skills to proofread everything.

    Using knowledge and creativity, we execute our services. Our team holds 150+ translators who are well-experienced in this industry and can provide accurate translations.

    The time-frame would be decided according to your project. If the source text is lengthy then it might take a little time more than any other project.

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    You can contact us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected] You can also visit our office on the 2nd Floor, H-219, H Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.

    Spain Culture & Etiquette

    Spain is a very vibrant and welcoming country, identified by its love of life. With a population of around 44 million, it is observed as a diverse place. And to know the people properly, you first need to understand their culture and etiquette.


    Spain residents don’t take punctuality seriously for business meetings but obviously expect that you will be on time.

    Meetings in Spain are usually held to communicate instructions or save time.

    Before doing business, Spaniards prefer to spend time to know more about you.

    Spanish is the language of business, but many companies conduct business in both English and Spanish language. You cannot expect English to be the only language preferred or spoken.

    People of Spain have a lack of trust in institutions and thus produces a constant atmosphere of emergency and crisis.

    Spaniards prefer making decisions by themselves. Do not tell your decision directly.

    The organizational chart is basically social and not functional. The 4th or 3rd level down may be way powerful in comparison to those at the top.

    Knowing the etiquette and culture of Spanish people will help you understand and adjust to them more efficiently.

    Basic Etiquette

    Ensure to say hello and goodbye when entering and leaving any place.

    Punctuality is not very essential in Spain. People can arrive a little late to a party with no questions raised.

    It is usually expected that the man pays for the woman.

    The person who invites guests for dinner should pay for it. It is considered a little awkward for people to calculate fair share.

    Greet people when you meet anyone or someone enters a lift or elevator.

    Spanish People And Language Synopsis

    The Spanish market is one of the most wide spread markets around the world. So, it would be very profitable if you know about the Spanish language and people properly to target them for your business growth.


    Spanish (Español), a romance language is spoken as a first language by around 360 million people all across the world. In the 21st century, Mexico has the most number speakers- more than 85 million, then Colombia with about 40 million speakers, after that Argentina comes that has more than 35 million, followed by the United States and Spain with 31 million and 30 million speakers. Although many Central and South Americans use different languages as their first language, Spanish is continuing to spread around the world. And you can easily find Spanish speakers at different places you visit. For your business, Spanish-speaking individuals would be great as if they trust any brand, they continue to buy from there only.


    The Spanish language is a member of the Indo-European family of languages. The official language of Spain as well as 19 Latin American nations, the Spanish language is taken as a first language by around 330 million individuals and as a second language by about another 50 million people. You can say that it is the mother tongue of more than 40 million people in Spain, where the language emerged and whence it was later brought by Spanish colonists, explorers, and empire-builders to the Western Hemisphere and various other parts of the world during the last 5 centuries. Spanish is considered the native language of 17 million people in the United States and is counted among the official languages of the UN.

    When compared to other languages, the difference in Spanish dialects all across the world is not that challenging to master. Spanish speakers from various corners of the world can still communicate efficiently without understanding the particular vernacular tongue.

    Spanish Translation & Localization Tips

    Translation and localization serve as a bilingual mediator between organization and clients overseas with a motive to ease the communication process and to remove cultural hindrances that might affect business deals. It plays a crucial role in bridging the communication gap in a country of different languages. In a highly competitive global world, only those entrepreneurs are successful who know how to formulate effective message circulation from one end to another. Here are some tips that might help you in conveying your message properly.
    Translation Tips

    In Spanish translation, culture should not be neglected. The translation is not just a medium of conversion. When you are doing Spanish translation, cultural differences should be taken into account. Otherwise, you may lose your target audience by conveying your text in a way that sounds completely different from what you intended.

    It’s important to know your audience who is reading content. Some pronouns are not utilized for the same audiences and you need to avoid every confusion for the targeted readers. Understand what type of content you are translating so you can maintain the style of the content.

    It is essential that the translators understand every little detail about the target locale. According to various dialects, Spanish may differ a little from one region to another. Hence, your translation must be according to the locale.

    Localization Tips

    For attaining a smooth and fluent localization, word-for-word localizing should be avoided. If the information is localized without an understanding of the text, the content might lack in sounding natural. To make the text understandable, try to know the actual intention of the sentence.

    In comparison to Spanish, English has a higher grammatical density. This means that much information is distilled in some syllables when you compare it to Spanish. This, ultimately means that you require around 25% more space in Spanish to convey the same message actually written in English.

    Neglecting idioms will assist to prevent confusion for the reader. Some idioms may localize around regions, but some might make literally no sense or have a completely different meaning. With proper understanding, you can analyze which terms are suitable and which are not.

    Interesting Spanish Language & Spain Facts

    Do you think you know enough about Spain to establish your business there efficiently? If not then it would be a good idea to learn a little more about your new business place. Here are some interesting Spanish language and Spain facts that might surprise you.
    Spanish Language

    Spanish is the official language of Equatorial Guinea and Spain.

    This language constitutes almost 570 million total speakers.

    Spanish is also the native language of 19 countries in the Americas, where it is widely spoken by around 418 million people.

    The United States considers Spanish as the most popular second language to be learned.

    Spanish is termed as Castellano as well as español in Spain.

    Spanish is composed of five vowels and 17 to 19 consonants.

    In 1492, the first Spanish grammar was written and presented to Queen Isabella.

    Due to Spanish colonization, the language became popular in various American and also in some Pacific island groups, viz. Micronesia, Guam, Palau, the Marianas, and the Philippines.

    Spain is a very loving country that has many things to offer the visitors. It is the 3rd country in the world that receives a good amount of visitors and companies that want to enter the market, only behind USA and France.


    Spain is considered the only European country to hold a physical border with an African country.

    A very interesting fact about Spain is that the highest mountain in the country is Mount Teide which is 3718 meters.

    Spain is identified with the second-highest life expectancy of all the OECD countries at an amazing 83 years.

    Spanish is the second widely spoken native language around the world. Many Latin American countries and Equatorial Guinea take Spanish as their official language.

    Spain has around 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Compared to Spain, only Italy and China have more.

    Despite the massive importance of religion in Spanish culture, only 13.6% of Spain’s population actually visits Church every Sunday.

    There are many islands in Spain. In Spain, you will find some beaches at every point. It is not just the Iberian Peninsula where you can witness Spanish territory.

    Christmas is celebrated at a very special level in Spain. This time of the year is very special for the people and they live it very intensely. Also, Spain has a tradition to eat 12 grapes at a time to receive the new year.

    Difference Between English & Spanish

    While Spanish is the most complicated language for a native-English speaker to understand or learn, there are surely some things that one might find contrary at first. Here, we’ll give you a quick sneak-peak at some of those differences that make English and Spanish different from each other.

    Noun and Adjective

    In English, when we want to describe a characteristic of a noun, we just put the adjective first, and then the noun is placed. But in Spanish, this structure varies. A noun is placed first from an adjective.


    Sentences in English generally follow a “noun-verb” word order, like “I sleep”. Whereas in Spanish, you can skip the subject completely as it is included in the verb- it can simply be “sleep”.


    When forming sentences, you should be very careful to not use double negatives. On the other hand in Spanish, just writing no before the word will negate it, and there are very few prefixes.

    Both languages are very important. Understanding the differences between both the languages- English and Spanish is vital if you want to learn them properly.

    Common Spanish Translation Phrases

    Listed below are 10 survival words to note down in your notebook ahead of your trip. Scroll down to know the basic phrases of the Spanish language.
    English Española Spanish
    Hello Hola O-la
    Good morning! Buenos días BWAY-nos DEE-as
    Good evening! Buenas tardes BWAY-nas TAR-des)
    How are you? ¿Cómo estás? KOH-moh eh-STAHS
    How’s it going? ¿Cómo te va? KOH-moh te BAH
    How’ve you been? ¿Cómo te ha ido? KOH-moh te ah EE-doh
    I’m fine, thanks Estoy bien ¡Gracias! eh-STOY bee-en GRA-thee-as/GRA-see-as
    Thank you! Gracias GRA-thee-as/GRA-see-as
    Excuse me Perdone per-DON-ay/ OY-ga
    Can I help you? Podría ayudarle? poh-DREE-a ay-oo-DAR-le
    Common Spanish phrases open doors by making communication smooth. They also make it convenient for language learners, even those who are at a beginning level to read, write and understand the Spanish language.
    Services We Offered

    Major Areas Where Japanese Translation is Offered

    Translation serves as a bilingual mediator between organization and clients overseas with a motive to ease communication process and to remove cultural hindrances that might affect business deals. It plays a crucial role in bridging communication gap in a country of different language. In a highly competitive global world, only those entrepreneurs are successful who knows how to formulate effective message circulation from one end to another.Here are some areas where translation is offered:

    Spanish Finance

    In order to attract new customers at an international level and get a high level of consistency, companies in the financial industry use professional translation.

    Spanish Medical &
    Healthcare Translation

    When medical and healthcare companies plan to business in the Spanish market they will surely require to translate various documents for proper and effective communication.

    Spanish Legal

    The legal industry needs an array of language solutions including translation. Legal clients all around the world rely on Spanish legal translation for court cases, contracts, etc.

    Spanish Educational &
    eLearning Translation

    The education & e-learning industry should not depend on just one language, so translation has become an essential aspect for the industry. They develop a worldwide network to improve skills.

    Spanish Manufacturing

    The manufacturing industry is rapidly becoming global and thus needs translation. Any company that is into exports should make sure that all their documents are perfectly translated.

    Spanish Travel and Tourism Translation

    It is a global industry and with that role of translation automatically becomes important. The translation is vital to maintain relationships with global clients and build brand loyalty with consumers.

    Operating beyond national boundaries might sound easier but it is only fruitful if you avail translation that enhances companies’ communication skills.


    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

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