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Just as a trident, Tridindia works on three simple premises – language, culture and communication – which help Indian and foreign businesses explore the international market, with complete ease. Started as just a mediocre online translation agency, we stand today as the most appreciated privately held service provider in language domain. Be it translation, interpretation, subtitling, localization, DTP or anything else that helps you ‘communicate’ better across geographical borders, is what we excel at.

We work with native human translators, who portray their talent in over 3000 language pairs. This is the reason why 40% of our clients belong to the fortune 500 list of companies. They rely on the quality that we have offered to them in the past, and are still continuing the outsourcing tradition.

TridIndia-Language Translation Experts

There was never a path of growth for us. But, we created it!!

In 2002, when communicating across geographical boundaries was not a trendy thing, a young far-sighted Indian, who just came from Russia after completing his studies, began to dream about facilitating clear communication across different cultures and languages. He started to question himself as to why the world does not communicate and unite into one. His inner conquests started getting so deep that he couldn’t sleep for several nights. Such was his passion towards deriving an instant solution for cross-cultural communication.

Thus, in October 2002, he founded a company known as TRIDINDIA IT TRANSLATION SERVICES COMPANY that centered at promoting the importance of quality communication across a variety of regions/ locales and countries. As time was passing by, many companies and individuals got associated with TridIndia, with a hope that the latter would effectively translate their conversations in the target language. Eventually, TridIndia emerged as a global hit in the world of translation and other language solutions. Today, we help a number of businesses communicate in each and every language or dialect that exists in the world. The dream of the company’s founder finally got achieved with flying colors.

☞ Solid Facts to Know

 3000 language pairs  More than 15 year’s experience
 98% accuracy  250+ languages (both Indian and foreign languages)
 4000+ native experts  ISO certified company
 Support all file formats  25,000+ loyal business customers
 Fastest turnaround  Guaranteed customer satisfaction
 100% privacy  Translation projects for both public and private sector

Further, our high quality translation specializes in offering certified business translations for multiple industries that include technical, IT, legal, mobile applications, websites, media, software, marketing, oil and gas & more. Apart from translation, we also provide premium quality Multilingual DTP, Voiceover, Transcription, Dubbing, Subtitling, Website Localization, Software Localization and CAD Services.

☞ Irresistible Translation Offers and Deals

■  Bulk order deals and discounts
■  10% discount on your second order
■  5% discount on referring a new customer
■  10% discount for institutions
■  15-20% discount for loyal customers
■  Deals on special occasions or festivals

☞ Clients We Work For

Emerson NIIT Technologies BHEL
Larsen and Turbo Flowserve TATA
HP And more

☞ Translation Service Providers in India

■ Although TridIndia is an India based company, yet the scope of our quality translation is spread, not just in India, but also in foreign countries like Russia, UAE, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Africa and Israel.

■ The translators at TridIndia are local natives who have in-depth knowledge of not only the local language, but also about the culture and tradition of particular nation.

■ Each project we undertake is subject to high degree of accuracy and quality. Therefore, a project manager is assigned for each project to maintain quality of work, accuracy, and on time delivery. Every single translation and interpretation project is revised by an additional translator for comprehensive quality assurance. In addition, a second round of editing is executed by a professional editor in chief.

We provide quality translation and localization services to start-ups, SMEs and even to the large sized businesses:

☞ Benefits of Translation by TridIndia

Translation is vested with a number of benefits that helps a business flourish in an international environment. Customers are same everywhere; it’s just the persuading style that changes from one market to another. This is basically what translations at TridIndia help you in. We not just convert the words from one language to another, but also make sure that the translated text is appealing enough to persuade your customers. Hence, you’ll be at benefit, if you join us –

■  Premium quality human translation
■  Certified native translators
■  Fastest translation delivery
■  Affordable rates
■  Freedom of choosing any language combination
■  Industry specific translation
■  No hidden charges

☞ Transparent Pricing Policy

While we ensure that each and every effort for providing authentic translations remains an epitome of excellence and ethics, we see to it the pricing policy is also transparent. Thus, we do not cost any hidden charges to our clients; rather the translation services can be availed within pocket-friendly rates. So, if you are looking for effective translation for any language or industry, just call or drop us a mail..!!

“Devoted for Timely Translations, Quality Culmination and Customer Satisfaction”

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