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What is Document Translation?

Document translation is all about translating the entire document terminologies while keeping the formats of the document the same. There are various types of technical documents, service documentation, product documentation, or any other type of document, that require translation to bring clarity and make things easy to understand. It can be official to legal, document translation is required to easily manage the day-to-day operation when dealing with new market.

The role of document translation is to keep the information right while communicating in a foreign language. This secures the optimum use for company products/solutions and also helps by supporting customers to be comfortable in their native languages. Several regulated industries such as healthcare, government, private, and legal highly depend upon professional document translation solutions to provide the documents without affecting the authenticity of the message of the document.


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Professional Document Translation

Document translation is exceptionally essential for businesses and companies which operate in different countries and mostly need to share and get information from various global offices and branches around the world. In such cases, the shared information has to be translated into a locally preferred language so that everyone included is on the same page. The translation is also beneficial when companies need to tie up with local businesses or generate governmental proposals. Today, international diplomacy is the most vital component of a nation’s external affairs. Be it a new economic or global summit, diplomats and world leaders always present their thoughts and ideas in a language they are comfortable in. It is very essential that these ideas are translated in a non-condoning, expressive and accurate manner, barring which it can lead to proper issues between diplomatic relations of two or more nations.

Professional Document Translators – Our professional translators can provide your company with the profitable benefits of professional translation company to reach a wider audience. From business meetings to reports and phone conversations, a professional translator can ensure your company gets a proper translation of every document.
Quality Translation – Our top-notch translation can help you expand your business all across the world. It will attract many potential audiences and generate sales.

Types Of Document Translation We Offer

We translate a number of documents (related to different languages and industries) on daily basis. Our team manages all assignments in such a manner that they are delivered with 100% accuracy within a proposed time frame. So, no matter, it is a short-term assignment or a long-term, we can help you with quality translation for any or all types of documents, as given below: This is a quick sneak peek into the types of documents we translate; there are more of them. So, in case, you have a document for translation that is not mentioned here, kindly let us know. We provide all different types of document translation.

Affordable Document Translation Services for Your Business

Searching for a perfect translation company is a very important task, as the number of mediocre ones is way better than the good ones. With proper exploration, you can increase the possibilities of you finding a very proficient translation company. Irrespective of the quantity of data that has to be translated properly, translation is known to give a number of benefits. These solutions provide you with the best superior work that is accurately what you want.

Using this information, you can provide your customers with the best solutions that they need. This will help you to gather the attention of a larger section of society. When you select document translation solutions provided by various companies, you can select the best ones according to financial plan and trade requirements. Therefore, go ahead and mark your presence in the business world with prominent document translation.







Why You Should Invest in Document Translation Today?

90% of the businesses have the common goal to expand and communicate to a wider audience. The best method to get your message out there is through professional document translation. When a person who is translating is not greatly trained, the language tends to be much less precise in comparison to when a professional is hired. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to efficiently appeal to larger audiences. One of those factors is knowing cultural differences that help to offer certified quality and specialization.

Fastest professional document translation solution by 4000+ certified document translators who offer accurate translation services in the document for government, public and private sectors. Reports say that most the fortune 500 companies and other business giants get their documents translated, in order to expand their operations around the world. As you may know, international trade is a common practice these days; Even startups connect with international clients to grow their business globally. Hence, the need for effective translation of documents is quite obvious. The absence of translation might put your brand at risk, and you might end up losing the business deal. This is why we are here at your service, whenever you are in urgent need of business document translation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Translation Services to Us

As technology is creating easier and faster means of communication, the world is moving towards becoming a global community. The need to communicate with people from multiple language backgrounds has also increased. Hence, with an elite team of translators around the world, we can easily do proper content translation management related to domains such as- Technical, Financial, Legal, Medical, Commercial, and various industry specific domains. Hence if outsource the services to us, you’ll have access to multiple benefits, such as the ones mentioned below–

Data Privacy

We maintain complete confidentiality of your data, making sure that none of your private information is leaked to any third party. We even sign a non-disclosure agreement to assure 100% data privacy.

Culturally Relevant

The mere translation is not enough to succeed in the global market. This is why we make sure that the output delivered at your end is not just translated, but also localized as per the target culture.

Quality Control Systems

We have quality control procedures on board that ensure the accuracy & quality supremacy level in the end output. The translated file is thoroughly checked for QC and then delivered to you.

Faster TAT

Time is very precious to us and we know that it holds the same importance for you as well. This is why we deliver high-quality translated files within the shortest and fastest turnaround time.

Years Of Experience

We have 18+ years of experience which means we can deliver you accurately translated documents that too at a fast pace. With us, you will never have a problem with quality.

Native Translator

We only hire native translators who have enough experience to deal with every complicated translation project. Our native translators are highly-skilled to translate the documents.

Since our foundation, we are serving different industries with avant-garde translation output. Thus, our accurate translation has paved the way for global success for many small and large organizations, belonging to different industry backgrounds. Therefore, use the powerful benefits of outsourcing to translation company that lets you communicate across borders.

Need of Document Translation Services For Your Business Today

Global success is the major factor that drives the need for translating different types of documents, related to business and others. While communicating with foreign business delegates, employees and clients, you need to ascertain that the other party clearly understands what your document is trying to convey. This is why a reliable translation agency plays a major role in eliminating the language barrier and fulfilling your objective.

Reach Target Audience

When you access high-quality translation, you actually access a strong combination of subject matter expertise, linguistic ability, and translation skills. Hence, you get the power to persuade your customers in a better way, using their mother tongue language. Eventually, you turn a global hit in the market.

Better ROI

You may have invested a lot to reach out to a global audience. But what's the point of such an investment, if it could not deliver better ROIs to you. This is why translation is needed, as it eliminates the language gap and makes it easier for the target audience to understand your brand message. Hence conversions and returns are better

Boost Sales

In the fast-paced world, communication is the major backbone of businesses. Not just it helps you convey your message but also helps you put your opinions in front of the clients with full conviction. Hence, the conversion rate of clients multiplies and you get enhanced sales.

Identify Market Potential

The translation is a key to the global market; it opens up all the doors that restrict your way to growth. Hence, through effective business translation, you would be able to identify the market potential, and analyze the chances of success of your product/service in the target area.

In simple words, translation is the only sword that you need to carry in the battle of international business competition. It will help you come up as the best warrior in today’s cut-throat business environment. So, if you want to expand your business roots in a foreign country, it is highly recommended to get your documents translated.

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    Your business has a wide range of communication needs, and you have to meet these needs with the strictest of ease. When you are managing global customers, you have no time for language barriers to get in the way. With professional translation, you can break down these language barriers and make sure your clients get the information they require to invest in your company. Selecting a translator for your business comes with many benefits that can help align your company with its business goals. There are many fruitful benefits of professional translation company. Being part of a global company means making your company marketable to an array of customers and clients is your number one priority. You need to grow, you want to connect with potential clients beyond your local market, and you want to enhance your success. But without a trusted document translation company, your ideas for growth will become a flop. Types of languages we offer document translation are:

    • Tamil
    • Hindi
    • Telugu
    • Gujarati
    • Kannada
    • Punjabi
    • Malayalam
    • Marathi
    • Bengali
    • Urdu
    • Russian
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
    • Arabic
    • Korean
    • Dutch
    • Turkish
    • And More..

    Language barriers can affect your business reputation in more than one way. It is a major problem in achieving success. Miscommunication may lead to financial loss and reputation damage. As an outcome, it is always suggested to invest in document translation to make sure clear communication with the customers. This will assist you to know diverse cultures as well as their languages. It will also facilitate the visitors and positively impact your business presence. As per a survey, many popular agencies benefit from translations and it will rise in the coming years.

    Our Experts Document Translators

    Number of Document Language Speakers

    It is a globalized world, where many cultures and countries are connected whether by political or commercial relations, or merely cultural exchanges. However, there are language barriers that can mostly complicate said relations. These barriers are mainly linguistic since these relations and exchanges are mostly established between countries and people that don’t speak the same language, hence increasing the complexity of the communication. In a world with around 7000 spoken languages, translation is essential as it permits people to communicate and understand each other’s ideas and cultures without even learning a second language. Adding to that, even if people know more than one language, they are not capable of handling major translation challenges.

    Specialized Translation

    Inaccurate document translation can change the entire message for your business also, and have negative effects on your operations, mainly in a new country. If you are planning to step into a foreign region or expand your business globally it is essential to analyze and partner with a company that can offer you worthwhile and accurate language translation. The most essential business destinations of today are the BRIC countries that are Russia, Brazil, India, and China. Anyone with proper business acumen will know that it is in these growing markets that new fortunes will be forged, as it is massively forecasted that the BRIC countries will overtake the G7 countries within 20 years in the amount of business revenue gathered.

    For many businesses, the huge question is how to outsource translation, and what they can outsource. Outsourcing not only provides a more effective and cheaper alternative to traditional translation solutions but also delivers you access to knowledge and better translation tips.

    To make sure that the translation is accurate and of high quality, you should only get experienced translators to translate your document. A professional translator has the right experience, training, linguistic proficiency, and writing skills to perform translation work.

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    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Document language solutions can be the best decision.

    As Tridindia works by matching all your translation requirements, you never need to worry about your translation assignments. Our translators use state-of-the-art technologies to make the credible corporate document translation processes run magnificently for all the valuable clients in more than 250 regional, national and foreign languages.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our company maintains a certain standard in higher quality and accuracy level as this will give you peace of mind that you will get every translated document that is professionally done.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    With expertise and skills, we are able to offer you comprehensive language solutions that will surely help you in every new market. With such effective service, you can gather many customers.


    Every certified translation offered by our company is 100% certified. We have trained and certified translators who are able to provide you with actual translation in business field.

    Native Expert

    Our team holds native expert translators who have worked for many industries and have proper knowledge of how to translate your documents without changing the intended meaning.

    Easy Project

    With our easy project consultation, you can get the ease to work with our professionals as we will not consume much of your valuable time that you can invest in much other essential business work.

    Fastest Turnaround

    We deliver every assigned project with the fastest turnaround time. We have been working in this industry for many years that’s why we can complete the work quickly without affecting the quality.

    The Unbeatable Document Translation Master since 2002

    Translating your content into some other language will give your business a global and professional appearance, but we can do more than that. Our company gives your brand confidence, which can increase your revenue massively.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on Document Translation

    Answer: We are focused on translation. Besides this, we provide ancillary solutions related to our delivery of document translation, like quality assurance, video subtitling, interpretation, project management, and so on.

    Answer: Most of the requests come from companies, but we also work with private individuals and are happy to assist them with their translation requirements.

    Answer: You can e-mail us at [email protected] or reach us by Skype or phone. We will always be there to respond to your every call or mail.

    Answer: Tridindia specializes in working with different industries like hardware, software, medical & life sciences, telecom, manufacturing, insurance, and engineering. According to the nature of our work, we also support these industries with their website, business, marketing, financial, legal, human resource, and other commercial translation.

    Answer: The delivery time solely depends on the quantity of text you want to translate, and on the language combination.

    Answer: You can pay via PayPal or bank. Generally, we prefer not to get checks since the costs for cashing checks are relatively high and the client’s responsibility. Please don’t hesitate, if you want to inquire about any other payment methods.

    Answer: No, an original document is not at all required. Just a scanned copy is enough to start doing crucial types of language translation.

    Answer: As a Tridindia client, you will always get a service that involves a high-quality translation that has been completed by a native speaker of the target language, along with document proofreading that has been done by a professional.

    Answer: We have a team of 150+ translators and provide you with translation in more than 250 languages with full accuracy and professionalism.

    Answer: The cost of a document translation differs and relies on the number of words, the language combination, the delivery time, and the file format that you have given us.

    Answer: For talking to us, you can mail us at [email protected] or call us at +91-8527599523 without any hesitation.

    Answer: You can contact us at +91-8527599523 or mail us at [email protected]. You can also visit our office on the Second Floor, Plot-19, Sector-5, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (N.C.R.), U.P. – 201005.


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