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Choosing a professional and global translation agency is not an easy task. In today’s market, there are ‘n’ numbers of companies who provide services for translation or localization. But, how can you be so sure about any service provider? Maybe the company is just a startup; maybe the translation offered is not certified; maybe the translators are not experienced and so on. Such concerns will always surround you if you have no idea about outsourcing or choosing a translation vendor.

So, here are some beguiling facts that state how to choose a translation company –

1. Certified or Accredited:

If you are looking for quality outcomes, it is important to check whether the company is certified or not. Companies that are certified by varied certifications, like ISO are generally the most trusted firms for translation. So, while approaching the company, you can ask for quality certifications.

If the company would actually be a professional translation service provider, then they will never ever hesitate to show you the same.

2. Specialization: Industries:

If the agency you outsource, does not have expertise or specialization in your business sector, then what’s the point of investing in the same? Right? So, before you are persuaded by the company, just go through the details about the industries served by that particular translation entity.

If you wish, you can also ask for case studies regarding their work with other global clients. Make sure the case studies relate to your industry or to the language that is relevant for your business growth.

3. Specialization: Translators:

Another important factor is the team of translators. Quality rendered by a company depends on the experience and talent of its translators’ team (to some extent). So, find and read about the translation experts and see if their talent is at par with the quality you need. A reputable business translation company will always have a team of linguistic experts that specializes in one or other business sectors.

Hence, it is essential to know whether the translators hold expertise in your industry or subject area. Also, see that the translation are not machine-generated.

4. Specialization: Languages:

To check the availability of languages or language translators – that you are looking for – should be your major priority. There is no point in wasting time and effort in researching a translation provider that does not deal with the language you need. The company may or may not have native translation experts for your desired language.

Henceforth, make sure that the company deals with multilingual translation in multiple combinations or at least it deals with your preferred language.

5. Real or Virtual Global Offices:

What is the location of the office? This might be a very petty concern for you. But, in reality, this factor plays a major role, as it defines how easy or fast the premium translation for business would be made accessible to you.

While searching for the vendors, you may find that few companies have real global offices at different locations. Global branches of a company definitely define that it is a big and renowned firm.

But, there are also certain companies that have virtual global offices. This implies that some companies are based at a particular location, but, operate in multiple locations in the world.

6. Core Translation Business:

Most companies today, offer a multitude of services, other than translation.

Hence, it is your responsibility to check whether the translation is the core business or not. The quality of the translation would be reduced if the core business of the company is not translation.

Such companies often outsource certain elements of the translation process to third parties. Thus, it results in the addition of cost and decreased accountability.

7. NDAs:

You’ll be giving access to your confidential files to the translators or the company. Therefore, it is important to see whether or not the company is ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This assures that the vendor along with the linguists (assigned to that project) will not disclose the info available in the documents. You can also ask them to provide the Photostat copy of the NDA.

8. Well-Made Workflow:

Another factor important for choosing a translation partner or vendor is the workflow. A streamlined workflow is one of the major parameters that make a business or a company successful. This results in quality output by a company.

Hence, before outsourcing the vendor, make sure that the project managers, translators, and the company uses a well-scheduled procedure that aims at producing authentic outcome and building proven translation strategies.

Further, the process to get started with translation should also be smooth running.

9. Impressive Clientele:

Apart from quality assurance through certifications, experienced translators, and managed workflow, an impressive clientele is also important to judge the credibility and work potential of a company.

Obviously, if the service provider would have worked for different biggies in the business world, you would definitely wish to associate with the same and outsource the services instantly.

A little background check of the previous assignments is very very important for you, as you are investing money into translation.

10. Data Security Assurance:

A major concern for an entrepreneur is data security. Hence, you must be 100% assured about the same. Even if the company agrees to sign the NDA, you must have a look at the company’s policies and special certifications that acclaim that the service provider is a trusted one and would maintain the promise of data security. This will help you to gain a clear understanding of the company’s security guidelines.

11. Affordability:

Although rates do not matter, if you are receiving an exceptional quality output, it cannot be ignored that every business has a certain budget limit.

Therefore, look for the translation vendor whose translations are not just qualitative or authentic, but also highly affordable. Feasible rates will not let your budget get disturbed. There are many popular industries benefit from language translation because they hired a good company.

Search for the Icing; Not for the Cake

Nothing can be better than a translation provider, who serves as an icing on the cake. This implies that locating someone who is just the right choice for the fulfillment of your requirements, is hard to perform.

Hence, to get straight to your right choice, you must search for the top translation companies (here, icing) that meet your standard of requirements and delight you with your satisfaction level. You may find a number of companies (here, cake) that deal with the translation business. But, only a few can prove it as an icing to you…!!!!

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