Why We Are The ‘Right’ Choice For Your Business Expansion? We are all together in this global business world, aiming at performing what we are good at. Hence, we always keep our best foot forward and guide you throughout your journey of business expansion. So, if you want to continue wooing your audience with what you excel at, let’s join hands, as we will be your catalyst that enables a local business transform into global one.
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Wide Range of Services offered at Tridindia

We offer a wide range of services to let the clients bridge the gap between them and their targeted customers.


Our team holds specialization in translating varied materials for multiple industries.


We moderate content for social media, websites, forums, videos, chats and son on.


Translation isn’t enough to get global. Hence, we localize websites, apps, video games etc.


Capture new markets and niches through multilingual oral communication.


We convert all types of audio
files into well-written text without any hassle.


We offer quality solutions from script adaptation to recording and mixing.


High quality services for motion graphics, animations, TV and movie content.


We offer 99% accuracy even for poor audio quality, difficult content or accents.


Our company can help you get the materials cross-checked and edited by native linguists.

Content Writing

Grab quality and SEO friendly contents for company profile, catalogues, websites etc.


Our DTP experts help you grab the final layout of the translated document.


We convert varied paper drawings into accurate CAD files with modern techniques.
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