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Tridindia offers accurate and fast German translation services, providing legal, scientific, medical, technical translation into and out of German Language by certified German translators worldwide.
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Why You Should Invest in German Translation Today?

With about 100 million native speakers, German is the 11th most spoken language around the world. German is the third most taught international language in the English-speaking world, after Spanish and French, and is the official language of seven countries. Some of them are Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Tyrol, and Belgium. Also, German is the second most spoken native language in Europe after Russian. German is also the 2nd most well-known international language in the European Union. All this information shows how important the language is for translation.

Fastest professional German translation Services by 4000+ certified German translators who offer accurate Translation services in German language for public, private, and government sectors. In today’s fastest-growing digital economy, precise translation in the German language is becoming highly important before making any move. So, if you need to translate marketing strategies or any documentation required for effective market penetration, we are here to help. It does not matter whether you are branching out your growing business or localizing your products in German-speaking markets, we help you navigate the target marketplace through accurate translation by our native speakers.

English to German Translation Services

Germany is known to be a difficult country to champion in business. Despite this, several businesses assume that Germans know English however, there is a need to use translation to make your solutions perfectly fit the target audience. German consumers find it comfortable to receive information in German and therefore, using English to German translation services becomes essential to sustainably growing your business.

When you are in need of professional English-to-German translation, we are in high demand. Translating from English to German possesses unique challenges in terms of word order and grammar and our translators are skilled to handle these challenges. They are experienced and know well how to work on it and ensure to maintain the accuracy and quality in every aspect of translation.


Get Certified German Language Translators For Your Project

For better functioning in the German market, it is important to build trust and gain trustworthy connections that can help you grow in the German market. For the German market, you must not underestimate the importance of quality for the German language and thus several businesses now choose to translate. Tridindia is a stop solution for businesses that need an accurate and affordable translation from expert native language translators.

Our German language translators have great knowledge of the German language and they have great expertise in delivering the right translation. Our German translators will provide massive benefits for your business and this will allow you to expand into new markets and improve its operations globally without any fear of miscommunication. Also, with us, you can be assured of getting quality German translation at the best prices.

German Translation Market

German ranks as the world’s 4th largest economy by nominal GDP and is 5th largest by purchasing power parity. It is also the 3rd largest exporter and 3rd largest importer of goods. Germany is growing at a very fast pace and the main reason for its growth is the values of certainty and facts. Germans are much less likely to take risks and therefore, businesses always try to earn their trust. In this, using German translation is the key to your solutions.

The German language is not only the official language in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Belgium, and Luxembourg. So, when you want to successfully enter the German-speaking market, you are able to connect with them more when you use the German language. This makes it essential for businesses to analyze their approach and work on translating to get with the German-speaking audience in a better way.

Using high-quality German translation benefits huge businesses that are looking to enter the EU market. Indeed, many industries that work globally and need accurate cross-cultural communication use Greek translation. This helps to improve relationships and make you open up to more opportunities.

German Translation Tips

Many people assume English is the most spoken language in Europe however; there are more German speakers than English speakers. Getting German translation becomes highly important and there are some valuable translation tips our translators consider to deliver the translation:

Understanding Of Formal vs. Informal

While doing translation from English to German language, there are several formalities involved. Formal language is generally used for business purposes and informal German defines your audience. Before translation, translators understand the context and thus deliver the translation that goes right.

Accurate Formatting and Design

The German language has notoriously long words and many of the words used in the German language consist of smaller words. So, during English to German language translation, the text will be around 35% longer than the original English content. Also, there is a need to work on the design that goes well with the German market.

German Language Facts

The German language has great influence in the fields of theology, philosophy, science, and technology. Also, German is the second most commonly used scientific language and the most widely used global language on websites. There are several other interesting facts about the German language and here are some of them you must know:

German language is also an official language in Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

In the German language, there are three genders in German words: masculine, feminine, and neuter.

The German language shares more than half of its vocabulary with English but still German to English translation or vice versa is not easy.

There are more than 100 million German speakers worldwide.

The German language is the widely spoken language in Europe.

There are several extremely long words in the German language and the longest word has 65 letters.

German History

The origin of the German language is back to the Indo-European family of languages. In 750 BCE, there was the term “Germanic Sound Shift” in the ancestral language to see new ways of pronouncing words in German. The German language was earlier used by Germanic tribes and with the arrival of Romans in 55 BCE, the vocabulary expanded was influenced heavily by Latin.

In around 600 CE, the German language saw a second sound shift that split German from other West Germanic languages. Today, this version of the German language is known as Old German. The new German-language became the language of people in Southern and Central Germany, whereas Northern Germany continued to use old pronunciation.

This pattern of speaking new and old German continued from the Middle Ages when Middle German emerged. There was great economic growth and political decentralization seen in the duration of 1050 and 1350 CE and language experienced development in the regional dialects. During this time, pronunciation also changed and this continued to today in the German language.

Countries that speak German

German is one of the common languages of the Germany and has the largest economy in Europe. The Germanic diaspora has reached worldwide and this significant ethnic enclave in South and North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia too. Given below are list of countries where the German language is officially spoken:

Austria Hungary
Luxembourg Romania
Belgium Italy
Namibia Switzerland
Germany Liechtenstein
Poland United States

German Country Data

Country: Germany
Capital: Berlin
Population: 8.32 Crores
Federal Parliamentary Republic: President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Currency: Euro
GDP (ppp): 4.26 Lakh Crores
Unemployment: 5.7%
Government Type: Federal parliamentary republic
Industries: Majorly deals in engineering, iron and steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, financial services, tourism, manufacturing, automotive, ships, solar energy, electrical engineering products and tools

German Dialects

German is the most spoken language in the European Union and it is also one of the top-five spoken languages and considered more far-reaching languages like Chinese and Russian. Its spread has brought great variation to the dialects and given below are the common German language dialects:

Niederdeutsch or (Low German)
Saxon, Westphalian, Eastphalian, Brandenburgisch and Mittelpommersch
Mitteldeutsch (Middle German)
FriesischBavarian-Austrian or Bairisch-Österreichisch

Popular German Translation Phrases

German is the commonly spoken language and it is also identified as a minority language in other places such as Denmark, Russia, etc. Many people are interested in speaking German and given below are the following German translations for common English phrases:

English PhraseGerman Translated Phrase
Good MorningGuten Morgen
Good LuckViel Glück
GoodbyeAuf Wiedersehen
Thank YouDanke
How Are You?Wie geht es Dir?

Affordable German Translation Services for Your Business

You can get multiple benefit from German language translation. Having professionals in the support who can help your company market to an array of customers and clients is vital. With professional translation, you can connect with clients, expand beyond your current market, and get success in other locations too. But without the perfect translation, your ideas for growth are going to take a lot of time. Locating the correct translation is the key to expanding your business internationally. If you own a business with global interests, professional translation solutions can support you in terms of getting success and expansion.







Need of German Translation Services For Your Business Today

If you are planning to do business in Berlin or moving to Munich for a meeting or other purposes, you will need to translate your documents into the German language. However, you need to ensure that the translation is accurate because real mistranslation in a sentence can cause misunderstandings, which might affect customer relationships and brand reputation as well. Thus, there is a major need for professional German translation.

Reach Target Audience

However, online and offline marketing tactics are result-oriented, but the high-quality translation in the German language adds value to your resourcefulness. By translating your promotional, marketing, and website content, you can quickly and easily target prospective German customers.

Better ROI

Germany has a high economic growth rate. It not only helps companies to reach potential customers but also provides them with the golden opportunity to involve in a long-term partnership with the leading companies. Through translation, you can interact with consumers which will improve ROI.

Boost Sales

Germany is home to a huge population who speaks German as their native language. Hence, by reaching this population by communicating in their language, you can convert the targeted audiences into loyal consumers of your products and services. This will result in maximum sales volume.

Identify Market Potential

By lowering the communication barriers through translation, companies can effectively adapt to the local language. This will allow them to interact with customers, understand their demands, know the market size and determine the competition level that ultimately helps to identify market potential.

Concluding these points, it can be said that hiring a successful local translation company for professional translation of business papers, documents, promotional material, and other content should be a top priority for companies focusing on international expansion.

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We at Tridindia

Professional German Translation For Documents

A common goal for businesses is to communicate and reach larger audiences. The best way to get your message out there is via professional translation services in German. It is already challenging to know someone due to language barriers, but when the person who is translating is not fully trained, the language tends to be much less precise in comparison to when a professional works for you. There are different factors that need to be considered for approaching larger audiences and understanding cultural differences.

Translation Delivery On Time – If your business is going global, you will probably require translation. Set a time frame with an experienced individual and you are assured to have the projects finished on time.
Specialized Translators – Our knowledgeable native language translators are specialized in different industries and can provide a very high-quality service. The translators will be chosen according to your industry.

Types Of German Translation We Offer

If you want to translate any document or content into or from German, you can trust us. Our experts with the complete knowledge of all nuances and linguistic skills of the source language provide the following types of profitable translation for global campaign.

It does not matter which type of translation you require, we will meet all your needs quickly and accurately to get your message across to a targeted audience and build your brand reputation.

Benefits of Outsourcing German Translation Services to Us

There are multiple German dialects and all of these vary from one region to another. Hence, learning German and translating content into this language precisely is not easy. In the contrary, while working with us, you can be assured that the entire translation would be done by professional human translators with the following benefits-

Data Privacy

A professional translation team protects a client’s information perfectly and makes sure nothing gets leaked to a third party. Our translators sign NDA and follow a strict privacy policy.

Culturally Relevant

Our human German translators are the residents of the language they translate. Hence, they have expertise in the regional dialects of Germany and all areas where the German language is spoken.

Quality Control Systems

To ensure utmost accuracy and 100% quality, we perform post-translation checks for QA, editings, review, and proofreading. This allows us to offer professional and error free business translation.

Faster TAT

Our main motive is to translate your content precisely and timely while keeping its original meaning. We provide fast turnaround translation to let you reach the targeted audience ASAP.

Years Of Experience

If your business content is for a particular audience, it is important to avail experienced translators. With 18+ years of experience, we can offer consistency in the translated content.

Native Translator

Our professional translators are native speakers. They follow popular trends of translation industry and follow culturally appropriate language, which is based on the preferences of the end-users.
Whatever your business is or wherever you’re located, we will always provide you with efficient translation solutions on-demand. To put it in simpler words, we will create a custom solution to fit all types of translation requirements.
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    Preparing your business to go global is so much more than just translating your site copy and content into another language. A reliable local translation company can offer you translation, which looks at your design and content from the inside out. Multimedia components or graphic banners everything is culturally adapted to your target audience to make your company’s content culturally as well as regionally relevant. Think of it this way- a freelance translator can overcome the language barriers, but an experienced translation company like Tridindia can seamlessly bridge your business to the target culture.

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    Translating your company’s content for global consumption is already a necessity, but having a professional translation company look after your needs doubles as a marketing tool. Not only does a professional translation agency have the knowledge, but they also have the expertise to aim at your intended market, they know the culture, they have worked with similar businesses, and they understand technologies. You do not have to worry that your newly translated content is going to fall short in another country with a translation company, it will seem like your brand was always meant to be globalized.

    Our Experts German Translators

    Number of German Language Speakers

    German language is spoken by around 105 million people and is deemed the official language in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Every 10th book published around the world is written in German and every 10th request on the web is made in German. There are around 25 dialects of the German language, all of them are different from each other, sometimes the inhabitants of the polar regions of the country can not understand each other. Germans put together long words and the longest word is 87 letters. Specialists at Tridindia know everything about German and can translate any original format from German into English and vice versa.

    Specialized Translation

    With a wide array of international languages spoken by our professional translators, you will have the capability to reach customers all around the world. There will be no need to avoid projects because of language barriers as your translator will translate all information and data essential for you to participate and proceed in any language you want. You will get massive benefits as your business will be able to expand into new markets and improve its operations globally without any fear of miscommunication. Your translator can offer your company an efficient way to reach existing and new clients. Also, your translator will make sure your company gets a proper translation of all communication you have to disseminate to your clients. It is an easy way to work with global clients and make sure that everyone is on the same page with a proficient business transaction. This shows, that there is a major importance of translation service.

    Translation provides an inexpensive way to expand your business all across the world because now you have the means to work with different clients in a range of countries. There are no limitations to the success of your business as the products and services you offer can be provided worldwide and penetrate new markets with a fury.

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    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for German language solutions can be the best decision.

    The translation is not an easy process. So, it is necessary to ensure that you remain good at both source and target language. With a qualified and talented team of experts, we believe that we can satisfy all your German language translation services-related requirements with the highest degree of accuracy. We have an edge because of the following:

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We assure you to give high quality and accuracy level in our every work. Deadlines have never affected the effectiveness of our work as we have professionals with us.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Comprehensive language solutions are something that you can get benefit from by hiring our services. With the assistance of our professionals, you can target any market with proper translation strategies.

    Native Expert

    We work with native expert translators only who are specialized in different industries and have high skills that bring professionalism to the work.

    Certified Translation

    Our company offers certified translation services that ensure that you will never face any hurdle regarding your translated document in legal or medical cases.

    Easy Project Consultation

    With us, you will get easy project consultation that will not consume much of your time and you will be able to make our professionals understand what your requirements are with ease.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    All the project work is delivered within the fastest turnaround time. We ensure that you do not have to face any problems because of our late deliveries and hence we offer quick TAT.

    The Unbeatable German Translation Master since 2002

    If your business is planning to succeed in the global market, having a solid hold on the German language is very important. With our well-experienced team, you can get what you want in the global market.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on German Translation

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    Answer: Not only in German, but we can also provide proofreading services in more than 150 languages. As per your project needs, we appoint one who can do it better.

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