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Fastest professional Top Ten/ 10 Languages Translation for International Business start-ups entrepreneurs by 4000 certified translators for 24/ 7 secure & high quality translation for the most common or the top 10 languages spoken in the world (both by internet users and total number of speakers). Backed by professional top 10 language translators, we provide authentic and accurate top ten languages translation services in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Noida Amritsar Pune Chennai Chandigarh Gurgaon Kolkata Ghaziabad and worldwide countries. Furthermore, our ISO 9001:2015 certified top ten languages translation company works for multifarious industries, viz. technical, media, legal, hospitality, medical, aviation, real estate, oil & gas, tourism, automobile, mining, fashion, retail, life science, and all private, public & government sectors. This implies that we serve a huge clientele across the world and business sectors. But, this is not the end, we also provide high quality top ten languages localization services (for websites, software, apps, games etc.) and top 10 languages interpretation services, under the guidance of multilingual localization experts and native top 10 languages interpreters respectively. In short, we have got you covered from all sides, as far as language services or solutions are concerned.

☞ Need of Most Common Languages Translation for Business

No matter you run a small scale/ large scale business, start-ups, non-profit organization or any global entity, you may definitely require accurate translation of the most common languages spoken in the world. This is important as translation paves your way to international success and exposure. Through translation, you can reach and appeal the global audience and niches that are still unexplored. Some of the major needs or reasons for translating into/ from the top languages for business are:

✓  It drives higher revenues
✓  Attracts more customers globally
✓  Helps in making your brand popular
✓  Boosts your marketing campaign
✓  Helps in eliminating linguistic barriers
✓  Improve sales graph
✓  Understand the demographics, needs and preferences of global customers

☞ Research Report

Here’s a detailed research report on the top 10 most common languages by number of total speakers and internet users –

1. Top Ten Internet Languages (Worldwide Statistics)

According to reports, there has always been a debate over the most commonly used languages over the Internet and websites. But, as per the research conducted on November 30, 2015 and 18 March 2015, listed below are the most common internet languages used by the web users and the content languages used on the websites respectively

a) 10 Popular Languages by Internet Users
RankLanguageInternet users%
 b) 10 Popular Content Languages for Websites
RankLanguageInternet users

2. Top Ten Languages in World (By Number of Total Speakers)

According to Ethnologue (2015, 18th edition), these are some of the major languages that constitute the highest number of total speakers –


RankLanguageFamilyL1 SpeakersTotal
1Mandarin ChineseSino-Tibetan, Chinese900 million1,090 million
2EnglishIndo-European, Germanic339 million942 million
3SpanishIndo-European, Romance472 million570 million
4ArabicAfro-Asiatic, Semitic295 million385 million
5HindiIndo-European, Indo-Aryan260 million (2001)380 million
6RussianIndo-European, Slavic150 million (2010)260 million
7BengaliIndo-European, Indo-Aryan240 million (2011)259 million
8PortugueseIndo-European, Romance215 million (2010)250 million
9BahasaAustronesian, Malayo-Polynesian77 million (2010 census of Indonesia & Malaysia)274 million
10FrenchIndo-European, Romance80 million (2015)220 million

☞ ISO Certified TridIndia Translation

TridIndia offers global language solutions to worldwide countries in 3000+ language pairs. Hence, if you are planning for international business expansion, we can fulfill all of your language needs with utmost precision. These days, these top languages are highly demanded by organizations and entrepreneurs who target global audiences and niches. Without authentic translation, you cannot appeal to your global audience. Thus, translating into/ from these major languages may certainly be of paramount importance to you and your business growth. We have the talent and native expertise to help you sail through. So, contact us today and gain best-in class translation for not just these top 10 languages, but also for other languages as well.

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