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Fastest software localization Services by 4000+ certified software localizers who offer accurate localization Services in software for government, public and private sectors. In the world of World Wide Web, businesses are not limited to the boundaries of a particular country. Business operations are done across the global market through the internet. In order to survive in the cut-throat competition and understanding the need of customers, it is vital. TridIndia is a well-known for providing excellence in the customized localization services with superior quality in the shortest possible time span. So, if you are searching for a reliable localization company in the global market, you are at the right place.


What Is Software Localization?

It is a process of translating a software interface and content to another language and adaptation of few formats such as measures, dates and currency. It also includes the translation of the adaptation to local cultures.

There are broadly two major areas of concentration in this:

 Localization of UI elements (messages, menus, tooltips etc.)
 Information Architecture & Workflows

Need of Software Localization:

Are you in search of localization services to improve your position in the global market? Are you still confused if you should invest in it? To get all your doubts clear, here are the reasons to localize the software mentioned below:

Global Reach: It is the procedure which includes the making of different software in multiple languages for the convenience of global consumers. This is required to reach the target locale in other countries.

Remove The Barriers: It is much more than just the translation of a product’s user interface. It also helps in removing the cultural hindrances to attract the potential customers.

Provides Competitive Edge: It helps in gaining the strategic advantage over other competitors as the user friendly interface of products and services connect more with the customers.

Enhanced Customer Relationship: With the help of it, you can have maximum satisfied customers. This helps in building the loyalty and trust among customers and increases the long-term customer relationship.

It lets you understand the demand of customers better in any particular area or region and delivering the quality products or services accordingly.

Apart from these, it helps you in providing quick understanding with a user-friendly interface and functionality to the potential customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Software Localization Services to Us:

TridIndia provides multilingual localization services for software to the customers within the promised time and associate with the future prospects. Below-mentioned are few of the benefits to outsource the localization services to us:

Fulfills the cultural requirement: We provide the Localized software as per the cultural, technical and linguistic requirement of the potential customers in the locale. Proper care is taken to remove the deviations of both the languages that may arise during this process.

Expert native speakers: Professional native software localizers proficient in different languages, diction and usage of word according to the requirement of client. These expert software localizers have many years of experience in providing high quality results.

Cost-effective services: We take the responsibility for the completion of your entire task at a reasonable price and complete it within the prescribed time limit. You can rest assured if you need to get your software localized to meet the deadlines.

Quality analysis: Once the process is completed, quality analysis and proof reading is done by the expert software localizers. This helps in removing the errors and making correction accordingly.

You can maximize your revenue and improve the ROI by outsourcing the localization services to us and enjoy the advantages of gaining the trust and loyalty of clients. Expand your reach to the global customers within the short span of time.

Process of Software Localization

The process is easy to understand and helps you with knowing the methodology of work we follow to fulfill your business needs.

The process consists of the following steps:

 Document analysis
 Collecting and extracting resources
 Translation of the software
 Review of the localized software
 Final delivery to the client

The whole process is completed and delivered to the client in the quickest turnaround time.

Why to Rely On Us?

You can rest assured of the quality of the project as it is managed by the team of expert software localizers who works efficiently to offer you the maximum satisfaction within the shortest span of time. Here is what we offer:

 100% confidentiality of data
 Native software localizers with years of expertise
 Quality analysis with maximum accuracy and authenticity
 Capacity to deliver the correct results within the prescribed time limit
 Customized services at an affordable rate

If you are in search of reliable localization for your software that could improve your brand visibility then you are at the right place. Our experienced team is proficient in different languages and terminologies related to it. So, make a call right away or drop an email to reach us!

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