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Now, See Translation for Comments on Instagram

Instagram is soon going to introduce a ‘See Translation’ button that will translate the user bios, captions and comments automatically.

You will now be able to understand the captions or comments written alongside the images, as they would be translated into your native language. According to the social network, this feature will be rolled out in the coming month.

The personal details, captions and comments will be translated or rendered as per the language settings of the user. The descriptions and comments would be automatically translated into the language chosen by the user.

Further, it is said that the translation would be a machine translation that would translate the original language into the native language of the user. You will have to select your language in the user’s app settings.

The translation will be visible to the user, by just a simple tap on the ‘see translation’ button. This button would be placed under comments and captions.

With the addition of this translation feature, Instagram managed to keep up the speed with social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Both of the networks have introduced the automatic machine translation earlier.

Reports suggest that this option in instagram would arrive in the month of July.

range of dialects supported by Instagram version 3.4.0 include Spanish, Afrikaans, Danish, Chinese, Czech, French, Dutch, Russian, Finnish, German, , Indonesian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Malay, Tagalog, Norwegian, Korean, Turkish, Polish and Swedish.

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Paytm to Add 6 Regional Languages for Seller Assistance

Reports suggest that Paytm is planning to add 6 regional languages for seller assistance and consolidating the ecommerce, seller marketplace and digital payments platform.

It is said that the local languages will help the sellers in documentation, cataloguing and loan applications.

The end-to-end seller services worked pretty well for the Flipkart and ShopClues, which launched Seller Hub and Merchant Central programme respectively.

This helped the companies to provide information to their sellers and that too in their local languages.

Talking about Paytm; the vice-president of Paytm said that they are working on the language translations in-house.

He further adds that with such a platform for regional languages, the sellers would be able to manage orders and inventory, grab payment details and even add new products in the regional language app.

Almost 20% adoption has been noticed for the regional language app that is presently available in Hindi language. In the coming future, more regional languages will be added up.

Reports say that the marketplace has joined hands with almost 150 seller services providers. This move aims at creating a centralised system for assisting the sellers.

The seller app in Hindi is reported to have 40,000 monthly active users.

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Why the Gboard is the best Iphone Keyboard ?

In an effort to change its courtesy on iPhone for adding direct search hook like it has on its own OS Android, Google has launched its brand new application – Gboard – which is a new keyboard application for the IOS apps. The app was released this Thursday. The app is only available for iPhone devices as of now.

Gboard is the best Iphone Keyboard

The name is blend of the words Keyboard and Google, it came up with exclusive features that are still not yet available for the smartphones powered with android. The key feature is the Google icon in the top left. Once clicked, this bar brings up a search bar in the keyboard app itself.

It works in the same way you can expect it to work. It shows more than mere search results by harnessing the power of Search engines. Google has managed to managed it despite the small space too, When you search for something, the keyboard will get disappeared and search results would be bought up. We don’t need to mention that the search is tailored to bring out only what is highly relevant. If you click on that link, the link would be inserted into keyboard app too.


4 Most Popular Messaging Apps That are Safe for Texts or Calls

A number of messaging apps are now safe and secure to text or call someone; WhatsApp is just a big example of this. Just the way WhatsApp is known for its end-to-end encryption, in the similar way other apps are also becoming popular that keeps the messages and texts secure from the hackers.

Popular Messaging Apps for safe messages or calls

Some of the popular apps that you must know are listed below:

1. iMessage & Facetime

Apple claims that both the applications, iMessage & Facetime are end-to-end encrypted and thus, users enjoy a protected communication. They are protected on iOS and OSX operating systems. It is said that the communication cannot be accessed by anyone without your passcode.

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2. Wickr

This app was launched for Linux, iOS and Android devices. Using the app, you can send different photos, file attachments and videos securely. According to the company, it does not save or store any of the texts or videos sent via app.

3. Telegram

The company claims that the messages, videos or any kind of data sent by the app cannot be hacked or intercepted by someone. In this app, you may find a secret chat option. Also, the messages destruct by self after a particular time period.

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4. Signal

Available for iOS and Android devices, this app has been developed by Open Whisper Systems. This is based on open-source code and offers encrypted communications for image, videos and texts.

These are some of the many apps that are popularly known for encrypted communication. So, now you can enjoy a private chat without having the fear of being hacked.


An App that Makes Smartphone Easy to Use for Low Vision Users

Smartphones have eased our lives a lot. Let it be reserving a taxi, ordering food or surfing the web, anything is merely a few touch away. Well another application has added in the list of making things easier for us.

Smartphone App for Low Vision Users

A team has successfully developed an application that provides a zoomed version to make it easy to see for those who have the problem of low vision.

The team of developers from Schepens Eye research institute of Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School make the application work by projecting a Zoomed in image of Smartphone screen to Google Glasses. Once user has Google glass he can take use of Head Movements to view the required section of the screen.

The senior author Gang luo said “When people with low visual acuity zoom in on their smartphones, they see only a small portion of the screen, and it’s difficult for them to navigate around — they do not know whether the current position is in the center of the screen or in the corner of the screen”.

Luo further added “This application transfers the image of smartphone screens to Google Glass and allows users to control the portion of the screen they see by moving their heads to scan, which gives them a very good sense of orientation”.


LinkedIn Launches New App to Help Students in Job Search

LinkedIn is introducing a new app that would help the students in job search. According to reports, this app will help the students who are just about to complete their graduation or higher studies and looking for a job.

LinkedIn Launches App for Job Search

This app will be available for both android and iOS platform.

With all the job related data in the network of LinkedIn, it helps the students who are going to complete the studies and leave the college.

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This will help them to find appropriate positions and job roles according to their qualification and background.

When you download the app, you will be asked to provide varied information, like background and educational info. After this, you’ll be required to go through 5 steps to keep tandem with the job search.

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To make sure that the students find it easy to hunt for the job, they will be provided with job hunting articles, information about which companies are hiring fresh talents, suggesting job roles and so forth.


After WhatsApp, Its Viber to Encrypt Messages and Calls

Viber is working in the direction to provide encryption for messages and calls, just like WhatsApp. It is said that though encryption, the messages and calls of the users will be protected and would be safer. The private conversation, will thus, be saved.

Viber to Encrypt Messages and Calls

According to reports, the company had been working hard to make the privation communications easier, through encryption.

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This will help the users to use the app without any fear of losing any kind of private information.

Michael Shmilov said that this would be finally introduced on a global scale by the next two weeks. To confirm that the user is secured, he or she would be able to see a grey padlock.

Further, hidden chats have been introduced on this app. Thus, the users could hide some of their private chats.

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Manual contacts authentication is also available, in which the lock color would change to green. If the color changes to red, it indicates that there is some problem. Generally, this would mean that you have changed your primary phone.


RBI and Others Launched a Smartphone App for Easy Payments

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and other banks have launched a smartphone app for easy payments. Known as Unified Payments Interface, this app will make the money transactions (below Rs. 1 lakh) easier. Further, it is said that using this app is also very convenient, both for regular transactions and paying money to someone.

Smartphone Apps for easy payments

In case, you need to pay money to someone, you will just need the receiver’s unique ID. After this, you money will be sent in just 4 simple steps:

1. Open the app
2. Provide the amount that is to be paid
3. Add the receiver’s ID
4. Select send

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Finally, you’ll be asked for a mobile pin. This is simply to authenticate the payment.

Thus, without any IFSC code, you can transfer money from your account to other’s account.

Here is how you can use this app:

• You must have a smart phone plus a bank account.
• Open playstore and download the bank’s UPI app.
• Link the bank account
• Unique ID creation
• Mobile pin Generation
• Link Aadhaar number

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As per the reports, only 10 banks are involved in this. However, sources suggest that few banks may join in future.

Additionally, you can use any bank’s system. You do not need to have an account with a particular bank to use this app.


Twitter App Embarks a New Initiative for Visually Impaired Users

Twitter app now embarks on a new initiative for visually impaired users. This implies that accessing and understanding images would be easier for those who suffer from visual impairments.

Twitter adds image descriptions

Whenever an image would be posted on the site, the users will have the option to add description for the image. The android and iOS users can provide a description of almost 420 characters.

This description would be accessed and read by the visually impaired users, just like any other text via assistive technology.

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According to the last year reports, it was found that it is due to the tweets with photos that attract huge engagement on twitter. The visually impaired users had to use the third-party workarounds for alternative text.

But, with this feature in the app, twitter has certainly given a lovely surprise to its visually impaired users.

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According to Venture Beat, this feature will help the search engines find specific tweets. Further, it would be useful through API partners and within Twitter’s own search field.


Importance of French Translation in Boosting APP Store Ranking and Sales

These days the online app stores are on a hike. Thus, the business of app store has intensified its roots in the globalized world, giving birth to cut-throat competition internationally. This has eventually led the marketers to ponder over the major aspects that would rank their online app store higher on various search engines. Trends show that, since the advent of online stores, the marketers are thoroughly scrutinizing to evolve with great ‘rank boosting ideas’. After comprehensive analysis, research showed that language translation is an ideal way out to translate the app store into different languages for a better global reach.

How Can French Translation Save Money

As mentioned above, app store ranking is dependent on language translation. For each and every business to thrive, it is important to invest time and money significantly at the right time at the right place. Hence, translating the app into every language would neither be possible for you, nor beneficial in terms of revenue. Hence, business analysts advocate for certified French Language Translation, as French is highly prioritized language in the business world. There are a number of non-English speaking nations that can be targeted with these translations. Also, with French translation, you will be able to cover a significant proportion of market with just a minimal investment, thereby saving a lot of money and other resources.

The Power of Localization

According to statistics, the modern customers are downloading the apps heavily in their native language, specifically French language. As a result, it has turned out to be an important strategy for the marketers to employ for greater sales. Other reason for employing this strategy is the fact that through translation, the app also gets localized. Thus, it has two-fold benefits.

Not just this, the recent survey reported that the more the apps are translated into French, the more the apps are getting downloaded. Since, the translated apps also features localizations, the marketers are definitely offering phenomenal experience to their customers. If you have still not localized your app, then you must do so, as it is the only way to rank it higher. The benefits borne to translation and localization of app might be clear from the following:

  • Translation and localization increased the app download by more than 128% within one week.
  • 27% of the marketers agreed that they clearly noticed the sales growth after translating and localizing their app.
  • 39% of the marketers enjoyed the benefits of high revenue through French translation.

Reach To Global Market

The US, Japan and Korea markets are known to generate more revenues via translated app downloads than other countries combined. Even the markets in Russia, Brazil, India and China collectively grew 120%. Hence, it is needless to describe the wide scope of App Translation in today’s modernized competitive era. Minimum 80% of the online population can be targeted via localized and translated app. Among Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Korean and other languages, French has significantly come up with assured results.


The modern app developers need to generate flexible translation solutions, in order to increase the global app demand. This is necessary for evoking out the constructive benefits from the marketing campaigns. Further, through pristine app localization and translation, companies are on a positive side to save money, shorten the timelines to market their product and attain better visibility and workflow.