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Electronic Glasses to Fight against the Lazy Eye for a Child

According to a new study, the electronic glasses can be used to fight against the lazy eye disease in children. Such digital glasses may help in improving the eye sight or vision of kids who are suffering from this disease.

Electronic Glasses

Lazy eye disease is actually known as ‘Amblyopia’. This occurs when proper vision is not developed in an eye of a kid. This visual impairment must be cured as soon as possible.

By the age of 8, a child suffering from lazy eye must be treated, as otherwise it may result into blindness in that eye.

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Thus, as per reports, such electronic glasses may help in curing such children. These glasses combine occlusion and vision correction together and may be turned to opaque.

The lenses in these glasses are LCD. LCD refers to liquid crystal display.

So, for parents this technology would be a great alternative to cure their child’s disorder quickly.

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The occlusion glasses have been regarded as a medical device by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).


Next Gen Pacemakers to Prompt Heart Beats Using Your Heart

The next generation pacemakers (battery free) may now use your heart to prompt the normal heart beats. Few scientists are working on this technology to develop such pacemakers that will use heart as the source of normal heart beats.

next generation pacemakers

Pacemakers are actually small devices that are used to treat arrhythmias. It helps the heart to beat at a normal rate. It has been said that this technology might eliminate different costs and medical risks.

Not just this, such technology might also eliminate the hassle of battery replacement. The battery is replaced every 5 to 12 years, as per the researchers.

Science has definitely made a huge achievement in technology world. The eco-friendly helmets is one of its example.

The pacemakers are of the size of a pocket watch and are implanted in a human’s chest through an incision.

This technology is based upon piezoelectric system. This converts the vibrational energy into electricity energy. This way the pacemaker would get powered. The vibrational energy mentioned here is thee energy that will be created inside with each heartbeat.

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Further, this new option does not require any leads, but the device relies on a battery. The battery must be replaced just like the batteries in conventional pacemakers.


How to Detect and Track the Spread of Chikungunya in 2 Hours

In order to detect and track the spread of Chikungunya, researchers have come up with a low-cost diagnostic test that would check for any mosquito-borne illness in almost 2 hours’ time period.

detect and track the spread of Chikungunya

The researchers at InBios International and University of Texas Medical Branch used mosquito-borne virus for developing the new test. This test would help the doctors top observe or track the extent of spread of this disease.

According to Scott Weaver, director at UTMB, the Eilat virus which is related to this disease (Chikungunya) was collected 3 decades ago in Israel’s Negev Desert.

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The Eilat virus-based chimera was used by the scientists, in order to create a safe diagnostic test.

Weaver further said that the medical professionals became able to take the serum of chikungunya patients and use the diagnostic test kit for a quick result in almost 2 hours.

Science has made huge achievements, like observing the presence of water on mars and now this diagnostic test.

The tests for Chikungunya are quite expensive and is difficult to diagnose. So, this test will definitely help the patients to come out of this dangerous disease.