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Turkish Translation Services Company Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad

Earning huge acclaim and trust for the Turkish Translation Services in Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad, was never a daunting task for us. The major reason for this is our contact with the finest Turkish translators in the industry. We work with a professional team of native translators who are well versed in the art of translating different types of documents, according to the client’s specifications. Further, our team boasts of quality supervisors who check all the translation assignments on varied parameters. This ensures into an effectively translated text. So, if you are looking for translation into/from Turkish, for any specific document, then you are at the right place.

Turkish Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad

What to Know about Turkish Language

  • Turkish language is known to be spoken by almost 80 million native speakers.
  • It is the official language of Turkey and is also spoken by Turkish diaspora in nearly 30 countries.
  • Turkish language is also called as Istanbul Turkish.
  • This language is also known to be one of the official languages that are spoken in Cyprus.
  • Places where small groups of Turkish speakers can be found include Northern Cyprus, the Caucasus, Greece, Macedonia, Germany, Bulgaria and parts of Central Asia and Europe.

Scope of Turkish Translation Services

We offer quality translation services into/ from Turkish for a number of industries. Some of them are given below:

1. Healthcare

For authentic translation in the healthcare industry, it is very important to use the medical terminologies precisely. Our team makes sure that the translation of such sensitive documents is undertaken with utmost precision and excellence. Furthermore, we promise 100% privacy for the information contained within the medical documents.

2. Legal

Legal industry is also a major sector where translation into/ from Turkish is highly demanded. Thus, we translate all sorts of documents that are related to this industry. Some of the major documents translated by us are – mergers/ acquisitions, anti-trust, patent litigation, commercial litigation, corporate litigation and so on. After translation, the translated text undergoes varied quality checks that results into a quality output.

3. Tourism and Hospitality

Turkey is a beautiful place. Hence, a large number of tourists visit this place to explore its exquisite beauty. This is the reason why the companies get their marketing materials or websites etc translated into the native language of the tourist. Keeping up with the quality standards, we translate different documents like pamphlets, restaurant menus, brochures, travel guides, magazines and the like.

4. Real Estate

Proper knowledge of the industry is highly essential for delivering quality translation. Hence, we are associated with talented translators who have massive knowledge and experience in translating the real estate documents. Further, working in close coordination with the client, helps us to render pristine grade translation in line with the clients’ specifications and requirements.

Your Translation Needs: Our Major Concern

Your translation needs are a major concern to us. Hence, we aim at delivering authentic translation solutions, so that all your translation needs and requirements are met. We believe that we can be a perfect translation service provider for our clients, owing to our immense experience and the talented team of translators that we have on board with us. So, if you have any need related to translation, we can certainly help with that.

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Russian Translation Services Company Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad

It has been more than a decade for our Russian Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad, to offer quality translations for innumerable industries. All thanks, to our professional Russian translators whose efforts made us a well renowned name in the global translation industry. In the present scenario, majority of small and large scale corporations opt for multilingual translation, when it comes to expanding the business operations on a global level. Hence, you cannot ignore translation, if you are planning to conduct business beyond the national boundaries. So, if you also have such massive plans for your business, you are at the right platform, as we will provide authentic solutions to all of your translation requirements.

Russian Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad

What to Know About Russian Language

  • Russian language is spoken by almost 260 million people around the world.
  • It is spoken as an official language in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
  • Balachka, Runglish, Taimyr Pidgin Russian, Fenya and Trasianka are some of the languages that are derived from Russian.
  • This language stands at the eighth position amongst the most spoken languages in the world.
  • Russian is known to be the geographically-widespread language of Eurasia.
  • One may find Influences from Western as well as Central European languages in its vocabulary and literary style.

Scope of Russian Translation

Translation into/ from Russian has a widespread scope in various industries. Hence, we offer the same for all types of industries. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Mobile App

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among the smartphone users. But, to make sure that the app is globally available to the audience, you will certainly need an authentic localization and translation of the app. Hence, if you are a marketer and wish to boost your customer base, you should the app translated into multiple languages. Our Russian translators translate different types of apps into/ from Russian language.

2. Real Estate

If you are a Russian entrepreneur, looking for property investment in a foreign country (or vice versa), you will definitely translation for different types of documents like Property Management Documents, Real Estate Marketing and Sales, Corporate Real Estate Documents, Agreements and Relocation Services Material. Most of the companies get their documents translated for smooth communications and so must you.

3. Legal

You may definitely agree that the information contained in the legal documents is highly sensitive. Hence, it should be translated with great precision. Keeping this in mind, we have gathered a team of talented legal translators who have years of experience in legal translation. Further, we also commit for 100% confidentiality of the information in the source documents.

4. Software

We also translate several kinds of software in numerous formats. Some of the formats that we work in are: JavaScript, Ajax, VB, Delphi, Perl, ColdFusion, .jsp, PHP, HTML, C++ and much more. We can assure 100% satisfaction for translation, as the technically competent industry experts are handed over the translation assignment.

Language Combos as Per Your Needs

Almost all language combinations can be found here at TridIndia. This implies that we translate the documents in different language combinations, as per your needs and specifications. Hence, we have an apt solution for all of your translation requirements. Our project managers and translators are always at your service, providing you quality translation within time frame.

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Korean Translation Services Company Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad

What makes a respectable Korean Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad? It is actually the sheer dedication of a translation company and ofcourse the Korean translators who deliver maximum quality satisfaction to the clients. Thus, we keep our efforts in the direction, which aims at authentic translation, affordable rates, timely delivery and different language combinations. This, in turn helps us to obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction. So, if you are planning to expand your business operations beyond the national boundaries, you would definitely need translation. Further, if you need translation into/ from Korean language, you are at the right place.

Korean Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad

What to Know About Korean Language

  • Korean language is spoken by almost 80 million people around the world.
  • This language consists of nine parts of speech.
  • Korean is often classified as a language isolate, by historical linguists.
  • Differences in vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling and grammar mark the major differences in Korean language spoken in North and South Korea.
  • Its dialects include Jeju and mainland Korean dialects.

Scope of Korean Translation

Translation into/from Korean language is widely demanded in several industries. Keeping this in mind, we offer quality translation for all industries and related documents:

1. Medical

Translating the medical documents is not easy. It requires great precision, professionalism and consistent focus. Hence, we are associated with experienced medical translators who have been delivering authentic translation for medical documents, since years. Further, the translators on board with us have immense knowledge about the latest trends in medical industry plus the terminologies used.

2. Travel and Hospitality

An easy and effective way to attract new customers is to make the right approach towards them in their native language. Hence, if your business is related to travel and hospitality, you must plan to get your documents translated into the language of the target audience. We translate different kinds of documents, viz. restaurant menus, tourist guides, brochures, magazines, newsletters and posters.

3. Certificates

Diploma certificates, adoption certificates, passports, licence, police clearance certificates, immigration documents and birth certificates etc are among the major documents or certificates that are highly demanded for translation. Hence, we translate all such types of certificates with complete focus on quality. Further, you can demand for the certificate translation in any language combination, you want.

4. Software

We also provide translation for different types of software. Not just we support different types of languages for translation, but also work on several formats, like Perl, Python, Delphi, Flash, Ajax, JavaScript and much more. So, you get complete solutions for software translation, while you are with us. We also commit complete confidentiality of the client’s files.

Quality + Privacy Assurance

At the time of our foundation, we took a pledge to be always honest towards our work and the client. This helped us to ensure that quality and privacy matters are regarded as the most prioritized parameters. The privacy of the information within the source documents is highly important to the client and thus, it is our duty to make sure that the information is kept safe. Further, for the quality factor, we follow a stringent QC procedure. Hence, quality and privacy are ensured, when you are with us.

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Italian Translation Services Company Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad

Approaching the most famed and reputed Italian Translation Services Company Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad is not that difficult, as some people may think. You just need to prepare a list of companies and judge them on varied parameters that may be important to you. We also stand amongst the globally recognized translation entities, with a dexterous team of native Italian translators. A major factor that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd is our quality assurance. We are an ISO certified and CRISIL rated Translation Company that aims at delivering authentic translation into / from Italian language. Hence, the translations rendered from our end are flawless and in line with the specifications of the client.

Italian Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad

Interesting Facts about Italian Language

  • An approximate total of 85 million people speak Italian around the world.
  • Almost 65 million people speak Italian language in the EU.
  • It is known as the working language of the Holy see.
  • Italian is the official language in Switzerland, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City and Istria.
  • It is widely used in opera and musical terminology. Thus, it is referred to as the language of music.

Applications of Italian Translation

Italian translation is used in several industries. Thus, keeping this in mind, we offer pristine grade translation into/ from Italian for all sectors and documents –

1. Market Research Translation

A thorough market research is very important for a business man. Hence, while expanding your business globally, you will need to get several research related documents translated into your native language. Thus, we translate different sorts of documents such as surveys, research reports and questionnaire etc. Further, we render the translation in numerous language or dialect combinations.

2. Travel and Hospitality

Italy is a beautiful travel destination. Hence, you may find a great inflow of tourists here. But, as a tourist, if you do not receive certain necessary info in your native language, will you seriously enjoy your trip? No. Unless and until you understand the language, you will not be able to understand the way to particular destination, the premium hotels etc. Hence, translation is a must.

3. Real Estate Translation

Real estate is also one of those sectors where the demand of translation is increasing speedily. Hence, we translate all types of documents that are related to this industry. Some of them are investment documents, net leasing and agreements, marketing and sales documents, corporate documents, relocation services material and various others.

4. Legal Translation

The translation for scholarly writings and legal documents is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, we are associated with a dexterous team of legal translators who are experienced, professional and talented enough to provide the translation with utmost authenticity and quality. Further, our team uses the terminologies very precisely.

All What You Need

Once you plan for global expansion, you may come across the need for translation of innumerable types of documents. Hence, in such a situation, you will need quick and quality translations that we can definitely provide you. No matter which industry you are dealing in, which type of documents you wish to get translated, we will serve you with the highest grade of quality in translations.

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German Translation Services Company Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad

Started up as a German Translation Services in Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad, we are now a premium translation service provider with premium German translators’ team that is responsible for offering quality translations in varied language combinations. Translating into/ from German language has always been our forte. Hence, we provide the translation for different industries like oil and gas, media, hospitality, IT, medical and so on. Further, after translation, the translated text undergoes a stringent quality check series that ensures that the outcome is devoid of any errors. This is the reason why big brands and names are associated with us. Some of them are Tata, BHEL, Schneider electric, NIIT Technologies, Flowserve, Emerson, HP and Petrofac.

German Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad

Surprising Features of German Language

  • German is majorly spoken in Central Europe and is considered to be the official language in South Tyrol (Italy), Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
  • Almost 95 million people speak German as their first language.
  • This language is taught as a foreign language in US and EU.
  • Books in German language comprises nearly one tenth of the total books published in the world.
  • Languages that are similar to German include Afrikaans, Dutch and English.

Applications of German Translation

German translation is used in several industries. Thus, we provide the same in almost all industries. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. E-Learning

E-learning translation has become an important aspect for marketers, companies and institutions. Most of the companies get their e-learning materials localized and translated to provide relevant information to the customers and diverse workforce. Hence, we translate all types of e-learning materials in several language combinations.

2. Media

Our translators are well-versed in translating varied types of media related documents. Since, years we are translating a diverse pool of documents like press release, news articles, corporate communications, brochures and various others. Further, the translated documents are checked on different quality parameters; thereby delivering you an error-free translation outcome.

3. Healthcare

Doctors, patients, clinicians and regulatory representatives often require medical translation. It involves the translation of varied documents like Physician manuals, Patent applications, Company newsletters, Study drug labels and Case Report Forms. Hence, to translate such documents, we have a team of experienced medical translators who have minimum 5 years of experience in the industry.

4. Real Estate

In the real estate industry too, the translation holds significant importance, as it is the only source for eliminating the language barriers. With expertise in translating all types of documents, we have gained a reputable position in the marketplace. Hence, if you have any requirements for such type of translation, you know where to go.

Translations as Per Your Needs

We offer quality translations as per your needs and specifications. Hence, no matter which type of translation you need, we will provide you the same with the highest level of quality intact in it. Further, we deliver the translation within stipulated time frame and budget. So, you get quality at just affordable rates. With this, we can assure you that TridIndia will always be there for you, whenever you need multilingual translations.

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French Translation Services Company Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad

The quality benchmarks set by our French Translation Services in Gurgaon Noida Ghaziabad have helped us grow in the translation industry. This is the result of the dedication of our French translators, our streamlined work flow and rigorous QC procedure that tests every translation assignment on its quality quotient. We believe that translation today, has innumerable benefits in multiple industries. Hence, you may often see a brand getting localized and translated for the target audience in a non-native country. Whether it is travel, engineering, healthcare, literature, real estate or any other specific industry, you will definitely realize the need of translation in today’s global marketplace. To fulfill such needs, we are always there as your translation partners.

French Translation Services in Noida Gurgaon Ghaziabad

Interesting Facts about French Language

  • French holds the first language status in France, western Switzerland, southern Belgium, Monaco and parts of US and Canada.
  • Total population of French speaking individuals is estimated to be around 220 million.
  • The term Francophone is used to represent a French speaking individual. This term is same in both English and French language.
  • In the fields of diplomacy, literature, commerce and science standards, French is well known as an international language.
  • French is also one of the most beneficial languages for business.

Scope of French Translation

The scope of French language and translation is quite evident from the fact that French stands at the third position amongst the most beneficial languages for business. Hence, we provide pristine grade translation for all types of documents and industries –

1. Media Translation

Backed by an expert team of media translators, we provide supreme grade translation for all types of media related documents like corporate communications, brochures, digital content, press release, customer letters, news articles and so forth. Further, we translate the same into/ from French language, i.e. in any specific language combination.

2. Travel and Hospitality Translation

Val d’Isere, Camargue, Lascaux II, Bonifacio, Strasbourg Old Town, Annecy and Eiffel Tower – These are some of the major tourists attractions in France. People from around the world visit these places. Hence, it becomes important for the hotels, travel operators and other such companies top translate varied material into the native language of the tourists.

3. Certificate Translation

Certificate translation is something that can come across you at any point of time. Hence, translating certificates into varied language combinations had been our forte. You may require different types of certificates to be translated like diploma certificates, registration papers, government papers, marriage certificates, passports and character certificates.

4. Mobile App Translation

Translation is a great way to boost the app sales in global marketplace. Hence, localizing and translating the app according to the language and culture of the target audience, has become an important aspect for the marketers. Keeping this in mind, we localize and translate the mobile in different language combinations.

All That’s Promised, is Delivered

We always deliver what is promised by us. Hence, we successfully reach to the level of maximum customer satisfaction. The step wise work flow and the rigorous quality check procedure helps us to deliver pristine grade translations within stipulated time frame. Hence, whether it is the promise related to time, budget, or quality, we will always keep our promise and render you authentic form of translation.

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How Does Language Translation Helps in Avoiding Culture Clash

As the world is getting smarter and smarter, the audience (customers) is too becoming smart and wise. Now, the customers need not to search for the marketers. Rather, the marketers look for opportunities to lure customers; not just in their country, but also beyond the national boundary. This is a major reason why diversity marketing has become an integral part of the any company’s business development plans.

To cater to the diverse audience, diversity marketing is really important. Reaching out to different social or cultural groups is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to strategize ways through which you may touch the emotional chords of those ethnic or cultural groups.

Hence, it may be needless to describe that your messages must be perfectly adapted as per the culture of the target audience. This is the place where translation will help you like a true ally.

According to English to Spanish translation company in India, diversity marketing + language translation is the killer combination to grab a loyal customer base and huge revenues.

Let’s say, you are just planning to expand your business overseas. You have planned all the possible strategies to cater the market and the audience. Everything is well planned. But, how will you bridge the cultural gap?

This is only possible through translation. While conducting business in a foreign language, you need to understand some parameters (as mentioned below) that define or differentiate culture from one country to another. Translation will help you understand those differences and overcome the challenges –


This basically refers to the level of authority one has in his family or organization. For example, in hierarchical societies, an employee can never say ‘no’ to his boss. The boss has all the control. If you are targeting such an organization, you can plan your strategies accordingly. Also, a native translator will help you understand the authority level perfectly and would translate the brand message with utmost precision.

Colors and Symbols

Meaning of colors and symbols differ from one culture to another. Any particular color or symbol might have a good meaning in one culture, while it may have an offensive meaning in the other. But, this clash can be avoided with the help of deft translators. The native translators have actually the knowledge of the culture. Hence, the clash can be eliminated. The Russian translation company experts believe that hiring native translators can be an easy way to avoid the clash.


It might be the case that a particular product or product line might not work for a specific cultural group. Hence, introducing such types of products for the audience will be a complete waste of time and money. Through translators you may come to know whether or not the target audience would prefer buying any such product. Often, in situations, it may happen that translator will translate the message in such a way that it won’t be offensive for the target audience.

So, whenever you are planning for diversity marketing, make sure you take the help of translation. Translation is not just a method to transcend the language barrier, but also a method to eliminate the cultural gap.


Applications of Speech to Text Translators for Industry Players

In the growing era of technology, speech to text conversion or transcription has evolved as a critical element for the major industry players of today’s marketplace. Converting audio into text format is into existence, since a long period of time; it’s just that the people have become aware about it. Hence, a major proportion of companies search for qualified transcriptionists to convert audio reports into a text file. No matter, it is electrical engineering, linguists, healthcare, computer science or any other modern industry; this speech to text conversion is applicable in almost all types of sectors for a multiple needs.

Often, it happens that the organizations rely on latest smart technologies to get the audios converted into text version. It’s actually in the trend today. Hence, using automatic tools brings no wonder or surprise. But, it should be understood that machine will always remain a machine. 100% accuracy cannot always be guaranteed. Therefore, one must always keep contact with human speech to text translators who convert the audio into text plus translate the text into multiple languages.

Applications of Speech to Text Translators

As mentioned above, these translators conduct both the activities of audio conversion and text translation, hence, it can be understood that they are of prime importance to any organization. Some of the sectors where these professionals deliver excellent results are:

1. Education

For language training, these translators or professionals are greatly demanded. It helps one learn multitude of languages plus their pronunciation, grammar and sentence formation. Students who suffer from learning disabilities can also benefit from this activity. Many academic institutions organize seminars or summer classes where such professionals are called upon to provide training to the weak students (who could not pronounce or write words properly).

2. Medical Industry

These professionals are highly demanded in the medical industry. The need of converting the audio reports of patients, treatments or other medical info has facilitated the physicians and clinicians to hire experts in speech conversion. Further, to make sure that the text is clearly understood by the doctors or other allied professionals, the report is sent for multilingual translation. Often, both the tasks are performed by the same individual.

3. Gaming

In the gaming sector also, such experts hold prime importance. In some video games, you might have realized that as the game starts, an audio plays, describing all about the game and its story. Thus, such audios are often converted into text format in varied languages, so that the user understands every aspect of the game. Further, it helps the business owners the business owners keep a record of the audio files, to introduce a new game each time.

A new approach to win your market
Outsourcing the quality native experts, can be helpful for you to win the global market. The modern software or technologies are no doubt, smart enough; but, experience and talent of human professionals can never be ignored. So, to keep a record of everything happening in the market, it is necessary to rely on activities like the speech conversion.


Why Translation Software is Inapt for Official Communication

Official or professional communication is a milestone on which a business runs. Smooth communication between two or more business parties ensures the successful achievement of a deal. This implies that you will be able to crack a deal only if you conduct a smooth and error-free communication. At times, when this communication is to be held with foreign clients, the chances to make an error increases by multiple times. Further, communication does not always mean the face to face conversation. It also relates to the communication through official papers or contracts etc.

Some business owners often commit the mistake of relying on a translation software that might offer you instant results, but cannot assure quality. So, to succeed in the global marketplace, you need to keep distance from any automatic translation software.

Few of the many reasons have been highlighted below that every business owner should keep in mind:

1. Decreased Quality Level

The quality level in the translation assignments is very poor. This is basically due to the fact that a machine or a tool cannot understand how a sentence is structured, how the phrases or terminologies are used, what are the exact synonyms of a word in a particular context etc. a human native translator, on the contrary, excels at phrasing the sentences and using appropriate terminologies.

2. Unaware of the Mental Outlook

This is also somewhere related to the quality of translation. A machine cannot understand the emotions with which a particular sentence is written. Normally, the marketing or promotional materials are written in a manner to touch the chords of the customer. Hence, the translation would be such that helps the marketer in approaching the customer. A machine does not understand such emotional texts or language, so it might turn up as a rude message for the customers.

3. Unavailability of Languages

Generally, not all languages are available on the automatic translation tool. If you study about every language, you will find that there are number of regional languages as well that might not be available in the tool. Further, the few language dialects are also generally unavailable that creates a problem with the business owners.

4. Literal Translations

The software actually does not understand the context in which something is being said. It performs a literal or word to word translation. Such translation never portrays the real meaning or message within the content. Hence, the quality is definitely not at the upfront.

There are more factors about the software that makes it an inappropriate choice for the business owners. Do not let the software eat up your revenues. When it is the matter of official communication, do not rely on the automatic tool blindly. Human translators are actually professionals with immense experience in their genre. They are well versed about each and every fact associated with quality translation. Hence, quality level is guaranteed with a thorough quality check.


Why Multilingual Translation is a Saviour to Websites Owners

Every entrepreneur of today plans to go global. But, only few of them sail through. Entering the global market is not that easy, as it seems. While you are conducting your business in the domestic market, you need not to think much about the culture or language of the customers, as you are aware about the target culture. But, when it comes to a foreign country, you need to be very alert. The content of the website needs to purely in line with the foreign culture and language. A single mistake in understanding the target language or culture can cost you huge amount and losses.

Hence, multilingual translation is a savior, here. Whether, it is the website or online promotions, multilingual translation definitely aid the website owners in a number of ways. Thus, he or she must understand that targeting the global audience, not just invites revenues, but also huge amount technicalities. These technicalities (like culture language, preferences, demographics etc), if understood and precisely worked upon, can benefit the business owner from all ends.

To accomplish this, one must keep few tips in mind. These tips plus quality translation will keep a website owner away from any mistake:

1. Keep Everything Simple

Launching your business in a non-native country is a challenging task. Often in such situations, website owners freak out and make everything complicated. In an effort to make sure that the translated website reaps rich results, the site owners end up getting complex translated information on their website. It should be noted that translation should be precise and clear. You need not to provide long information on the translated website. Short, but clear translated information would be more than enough.

2. Avoid Automatic Translation Tools

Do not, ever use the automatic translation tools. Such automatic tools are just not worth your money. These tools, no doubt will provide you quick and instant results. But, they do not commit quality. On the other hand, translation through human natives, offer pristine grade quality within specific period of time. Also, the experts have a complete know-how on translating multiple languages.

3. Avoid Internal Translations

Some business owners assign the task of translation to their employees who are versed in the target language. This is done to reduce cost. Although, in such cases, the cost is reduced, yet quality level is not met. An employee might know a different language. But, it doesn’t mean that he or she could translate the text pretty well. So, try to avoid this.

4. Search a Reputed Translation Agency

A task that requires expert supervision should always be performed by deft professionals. Hence, it is your responsibility to look for reputed translation partners in India and others nations in the world. Such agencies offer quality translation in a multitude of languages. These multiple languages will then spread your brand message worldwide among different niches. Hence, translation can really be your savior, if you choose the right service provider.

Translation is a precious pearl for you. Don‘t let it go away. A proper use of multilingual translation on your website, marketing collaterals and others can be highly beneficial for your business goals and objectives. You might have always dreamt of success and constant growth. So, using the translation, your dream can come true.

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