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New Porsche 911 Series Makes a Rockstar Entry in India

Porsche, the famed German sports car maker has made a rockstar entry in India with new models under the 911 brand. The new series launched includes the 911 Turbo, 911 Carrera S, 911 Turbo S Cabriolet and 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

The starting price of these luxury car models is said to be Rs 1.42 crore and it may go up till Rs 2.81 crore.

Reports say that Porsche may launch two more showrooms at Hyderabad and Chennai in the coming months. This will help the company in boosting its presence in India.

In the new Carrera models, you may find a new engine generation with bi-turbo charging. Besides this, the models feature a fuel reduction up to 1 litre for every 100 km.

The Carrera S delivers 420hp.

According to Porsche India Director, the new models are 12% more fuel efficient than the previous ones. Further, it is said to be the 8th generation of the models under the 911 brand.

There is a huge range of model variants in new 911 series that includes cabriolet and coupe with completely new turbocharged power units.

The company, at present, has 6 showrooms in India – Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru.

The portfolio of Porsche’s luxury sports cars in India includes Boxter, Cayman, Panamera, 911, Macan and Cayenne.

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Machine Translation Can Bring Businesses in Jeopardy: Report

Recent reports suggest that machine or automatic translation can bring businesses in a state of jeopardy. This is possible due to the poor quality of translations that the translation software delivers.

Many instances of poor translations have been seen that often becomes a joke. But, some translations can be very offensive for the target audience, making the businesses to lose their business and customers.

Although, the reports continue to describe that the natural language processing and machine learning will soon become error-free, yet it can’t be said that for how long the businesses will have to wait for it.

Hence, it is better to opt for native language translation by native translators; rather than using the auto translation.

Reports further say that the example of obscene translation was seen with the real-time translation software launched by Skype.

In January, Skype launched voice call translation in seven languages. On one occasion, it was found that the Mandarin words turned into obscenities.

This was actually spotted by a photographer who was shooting a commercial for Skype in China. The photographer was using the software for communicating with the people in Mandarin language.

The simple phrase ‘It’s nice to talk to you’ got translated into offensive stream of swear words.

This was one of the many instances that people may face due to the faulty translation by the auto translation software.

Thus, human translation is considered to be better than machine translation, as the translators have the language knowledge, dialect knowledge and the ability to generate translation in proper target language.

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KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut to Deliver Pizzas and More in Trains

Recent reports suggest that big brands such as KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Subway will deliver tempting food to the train passengers in India.

Soon, the passengers will have the facility to order pizzas and burgers on the Indian Railways website. Their ordered meal would be delivered right to their coaches.

It is also said that if the passenger makes a last-minute purchase, the vendor boys will wait on the station platform with the ordered pizzas, burgers and Indian thalis.

To cater to the train passengers in India, these restaurants are opening their stores at the railway stations. Reports say that the potential for this is very huge, as almost 23 million passengers travel by train each day.

Further, it is said that such outlets will come up in the food courts at various stations – Pune, Agra, Visakhapatnam, Howrah, Madurai and Mumbai.

This move is said to be very beneficial in pushing the sales of these quick service restaurants. Not just this, it will also transform the food that is on the rail network of India.

Additionally, product innovations and special railway menu are also getting designed to cater the passengers.

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Paytm to Add 6 Regional Languages for Seller Assistance

Reports suggest that Paytm is planning to add 6 regional languages for seller assistance and consolidating the ecommerce, seller marketplace and digital payments platform.

It is said that the local languages will help the sellers in documentation, cataloguing and loan applications.

The end-to-end seller services worked pretty well for the Flipkart and ShopClues, which launched Seller Hub and Merchant Central programme respectively.

This helped the companies to provide information to their sellers and that too in their local languages.

Talking about Paytm; the vice-president of Paytm said that they are working on the language translations in-house.

He further adds that with such a platform for regional languages, the sellers would be able to manage orders and inventory, grab payment details and even add new products in the regional language app.

Almost 20% adoption has been noticed for the regional language app that is presently available in Hindi language. In the coming future, more regional languages will be added up.

Reports say that the marketplace has joined hands with almost 150 seller services providers. This move aims at creating a centralised system for assisting the sellers.

The seller app in Hindi is reported to have 40,000 monthly active users.

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New Spanish Brand Massimo Dutti to Debut in India Soon

A new Spanish retailer, Massimo Dutti is going to be launched in India on May 13. It is one of the most famous Spanish brands that will surely bring excitement for the shopping lovers in India.

Massimo Dutti brand is going to be launched in India

It is said to be the sister brand of Zara that is a renowned name in the fashion brands.

The retailer would open its first store in India on 13th of May in Delhi.

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It would be spread over a space of 5027 square feet Select Citywalk Mall.

Some of the products that this brand will offer to its customers are: accessories, menswear, footwear, womenswear and personal tailoring.

On a global scale, this fashion brand is spread across 73 countries with almost 755 stores.

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Reports suggest that the proposal of Massimo Dutti was once rejected by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board.

The reason is said to be the violation of a rule that says that the brand which is proposed to be launched in India should be owned by the investor.

Massimo Dutti is owned by Inditex; but the proposal application was made by Zara Holdings.


India Witnesses A Whopping 156% Increase In Social Media Scams

According to recent report laid out by Symantec, India is the most targeted country for threats in Asia, while ranking second in World for the same.

Symantec’s director Taran Kaura told PTI  “A whopping 94 per cent of these scams were spread through manual sharing, proving India’s burgeoning social media population remains a favoured target of scammers”

Social Media Scams increasing in India

Social media is now being used as a tool by scammers to make more people trust them in their social circles. This makes it easy for them to spread scams and fake links.

India currently ranks third globally as the source of malicious activity, followed by China and the US. India also ranks third as the prime source of items and activities like spam, malware, phishing tool and hosts and much more.

India has seen a significant decrease in the amount of spam originating from its borders. Once ranked 6th in the year 2014, India saw a significant decrease and ranked lowered to 18th as a source of spam.

The most targeted sectors have always been financial sector organization and public utilities. These sections are most likely to be in the prime spot for spammers in the coming future too.


Narendra Modi Unveils E-Trading Platform as a Boon to Farmers

An E-Trading Platform has been unveiled by Narendra Modi. This platform is expected to help the farmers in the way that they could leverage better prices. At present, products from 365 wholesale markets would be traded. However, this will increase with time.

Modi Unveils E-Trading Platform to Farmers

It is said that by the year 2018, the number would increase to 585.

According to reports, it would benefit stakeholders and the farmers.

On one hand, it is seemed as a perfect platform, on the other hand, it also has certain limitations. It can be explained with an example – there are almost 7,000 wholesale markets in India.

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But, it is estimated that only 8% of the markets would be able to use the trading platform.

Farmers were left with very little bargaining power, according to a very old law that dates back to almost 50 years from now.

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With an aim to protect the farmers, Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee Act was launched. But, this introduced middlemen in the market. This in turn, deprived the farmers from good price rates.


Naukri Portal Reports a Huge Growth in IT Sector Jobs

The leading portal reported a huge growth in the IT and other sector jobs. It reveals that apart from IT software and IT- enabled services; there is significant growth in the insurance and telecom sector jobs too.

Naukri Portal Reports for it sector jobs

In the month of March, an increase of 22% has been witnessed. According to reports, this definitely reveals greater opportunities for the job seekers in 2016.

Within the previous few years and especially in March, the need for expert professionals in ITeS and IT-software increased significantly.

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Hence, the professionals associated with these sectors saw rapid increase in their jobs by almost 48% and 25% respectively.

Further, an increase in the demand for business development and sales experts was also found between March 2015 and March 2016. The index fluctuated; however, it ended with a growth of 17%.

Not just this, professionals in the banking sector also experienced 20% growth (year on year).

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Talking about the cities where the hiring activity is seen in good numbers; Hyderabad leads this list. After Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai are ranked in the list.


NITI Aayog’s Take, On New Reforms for Electronics Manufacturing

New reforms have been suggested to initiate Electronics Manufacturing, on which NITI Aayog has made several suggestions, specifically related to the special coastal zone and tax breaks. These reforms have been suggested by the government, with a view to get hold of the electronics markets with China.

Electronics Manufacturing

NITI Aayog thus, questions over the new policy formulation or shift. It argues that there should be an import substitution and that the strategy must an export oriented one.

It further suggests that the CEZ must be established under the Sagarmala project.  Further, flexible land acquisition, international standard infrastructure plus labour laws must be present to kick-start the sector.

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A massive tax break has been recommended for the companies that create big employment opportunities and make huge investments.

Modification in the market access policy has been suggested by NITI Aayog for import substitution. This will pave way for preference in government procurement, as per the strategy paper.

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It is said that the Chinese model has been completely analyzed by the policy organization and an unusual opportunity is found to be in the hands of India.


India Ranked Among the Largest Manufacturing Countries – Report

India is ranked among the largest manufacturing countries, according to a report by UNIDO, i.e. United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Earlier, India was on the 9th position. But, now the country has moved further and reserved the 6th position for itself.

india reserved the 6th position in largest manufacturing countries

It was found that in the year 2015, the Manufacturing Value Added of India increased by almost 7.6% as compared to the previous year. Further, 1% growth in the manufacturing output of fourth quarter is also witnessed.

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The yearbook, published by UNIDO provides all such information.

The report not just provides info about India being ranked on the 6th position, but also provides info regarding the global growth rate of manufacturing. This growth rate is said to be slowed down by nearly 2.8% in the year 2015.

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The reason behind this is estimated to be the decreasing growth rate of the emerging economies.

Talking about the top 10 countries in the manufacturers list, China is at the top position. Indonesia is at the bottom position in the top 10 list.