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Facebook All Geared Up for Improving Maori Translation

In agreement with the Maori Language Commission, Facebook is al geared up to improve the Maori translation.

According to Ngahiwi Apanui (Te Taura Whiri chief executive) Facebook made an approach to use the online Maori language dictionary. Not just this, the company also asked for help regarding the translation of its platform, in order to help people in using the language on Facebook.

He further adds that they need to make sure that the language is seen and also widely used where it is not being used at present.

This in turn will help the language to be promoted, i.e. main aim of the Maori language week.

Further, as per Mia Garlick – the Facebook New Zealand and Australia head of policy – the company was working with the Maori Language Commission for promoting the language through the platform.

The major discussions also encompassed the specific use of Maori language.

Garlick said that already many people have been observed to share Maori language on Facebook and they are working towards supporting the engagement in Maori language.

Working with experts such as the commission, Facebook wished to ensure that the translation was appropriate and provided through the right channels.


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Get Facebook Posts Composed and Translated into 44 Languages

Facebook has launched a multilingual composer that lets the user to compose and translate their posts into 44 languages. It is said that there are almost 1.5 billion users of Facebook. But, only half of the users speak the English language. The rest of the users speak other languages.

Reports say that the new tool lets the user translate the posts in a semi-effective way. The translated posts will automatically show up in the users’ News Feed.

Ayan (who oversees the company’s translation efforts) and team designed this multilingual composer especially for the multilingual audience. Further, the composer lets the user to edit the automatic translation. One can even provide their own translation.

But the eventual goal is to automate the process for each Facebook user. Although, machine translation is not so perfect, yet it is steadily improving.

Facebook will handle the translation task largely with traditional algorithmic models. These models rely on the language statistics. But when it comes to translating English to German, the company is majorly leaning over the deep neural networks. According to Ayan, this provides a noticeable improvement.

In recent years, the deep neural networks have been known to be adept at learning varied tasks, such as identifying spoken words, recognizing faces in photos etc. But, now, they are also improving their understanding about the natural language and machine translation.

It is said that Skype translation service also leans over the neural networks.

The users will get an option of clicking to create additional versions of the post or update in different languages. The user can either write his/her post from scratch, or edit the text generated by the Facebook’s translation software.

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KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut to Deliver Pizzas and More in Trains

Recent reports suggest that big brands such as KFC, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Subway will deliver tempting food to the train passengers in India.

Soon, the passengers will have the facility to order pizzas and burgers on the Indian Railways website. Their ordered meal would be delivered right to their coaches.

It is also said that if the passenger makes a last-minute purchase, the vendor boys will wait on the station platform with the ordered pizzas, burgers and Indian thalis.

To cater to the train passengers in India, these restaurants are opening their stores at the railway stations. Reports say that the potential for this is very huge, as almost 23 million passengers travel by train each day.

Further, it is said that such outlets will come up in the food courts at various stations – Pune, Agra, Visakhapatnam, Howrah, Madurai and Mumbai.

This move is said to be very beneficial in pushing the sales of these quick service restaurants. Not just this, it will also transform the food that is on the rail network of India.

Additionally, product innovations and special railway menu are also getting designed to cater the passengers.

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Use of English Should Be Discarded After Brexit, Says French Mayor

According to the French mayor, use of English language should be discarded after Brexit. This language is among the 24 official languages spoken in the EU.

But, the mayor believes that the language, no more holds legitimacy after Britain voted to exit the EU. His tweet is as follows:

La langue anglaise n’a plus aucune légitimité à Bruxelles. #Brexit

English is also one of the major languages that are used to conduct business.

Further, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (left-wing presidential candidate), said the language can no longer hold the status of the 3rd working language of the European Parliament. Jean-Luc Mélenchon also tweeted –

L’anglais ne peut plus être la troisième langue de travail du parlement européen #Brexit

As per a report, almost 51% of citizens in EU speak English as their first or second language. However, only a third could speak German language and a quarter could speak the French language.

Reports further say that despite of the vote for exit, it seems that discarding English language altogether in Brussels is not likely to happen. This is because it is the official language of Malta and Ireland.

A report in 2013 stated that English language squeezed other languages, in order to become the common language of Europe.

Further, it was also revealed that almost two out of three people have a fair working knowledge of English language.


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Now, See Translation for Comments on Instagram

Instagram is soon going to introduce a ‘See Translation’ button that will translate the user bios, captions and comments automatically.

You will now be able to understand the captions or comments written alongside the images, as they would be translated into your native language. According to the social network, this feature will be rolled out in the coming month.

The personal details, captions and comments will be translated or rendered as per the language settings of the user. The descriptions and comments would be automatically translated into the language chosen by the user.

Further, it is said that the translation would be a machine translation that would translate the original language into the native language of the user. You will have to select your language in the user’s app settings.

The translation will be visible to the user, by just a simple tap on the ‘see translation’ button. This button would be placed under comments and captions.

With the addition of this translation feature, Instagram managed to keep up the speed with social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Both of the networks have introduced the automatic machine translation earlier.

Reports suggest that this option in instagram would arrive in the month of July.

range of dialects supported by Instagram version 3.4.0 include Spanish, Afrikaans, Danish, Chinese, Czech, French, Dutch, Russian, Finnish, German, , Indonesian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Malay, Tagalog, Norwegian, Korean, Turkish, Polish and Swedish.

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Interesting Facts About India’s 7th Navigation Satellite

India’s 7th navigation satellite has been launched successfully by ISRO. It is said that PSLV-C33 carried the last navigation satellite of India. Further, as per reports, India will not have to depend on other countries for military navigation.

Sriharikota: ISRO's PSLV-C32 carrying India's navigation satellite, the IRNSS-1F lifts off successfully from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. PTI Photo (PTI3_10_2016_000265A)

Sriharikota: ISRO’s PSLV-C32 carrying India’s navigation satellite, the IRNSS-1F lifts off successfully from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday. PTI Photo (PTI3_10_2016_000265A)

Listed below are some facts that need to be understood:

1. Some of the major uses of this system will be: vehicle tracking, voice navigation, fleet management, disaster management, geodetic data capture, integration with mobile phones, aerial navigation, precise timing, marine navigation and terrestrial navigation.

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2. All the seven satellites cost around Rs 1,420 crore, according to some ISRO officials.

3. This system has some similarities to the GPS of US, Galileo of Europe, Glonass of Russia and Beidou of China.

4. This system comprises of seven satellites and is said to provide great accuracy.

5. It would provide real time positioning services all over India and also to the regions around India extending up to 1,500 km.

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6. The earlier six satellites were launched on: IRNSS-1F on March 10, IRNSS-1C (October 16, 2014), IRNSS-1A on July 1, 2013, IRNSS-1E (January 20, 2016), IRNSS-1B (April 4, 2014) and IRNSS-1D (March 28, 2015).

So, there are the major facts that every individual should know about the GPS system of India.


WhatsApp May Roll Out Two New Features for the Users

As per some reports, WhatsApp might soon roll out two new features – voicemail and call back for the users. These features are expected to be very beneficial for the users.

WhatsApp upcoming features

For the call back feature, it is said that it would help the users in calling back their friends without actually opening the app. The user will just have to tap the button and he would be able to make the call.

Reports suggest that this button would be present in the notifications panel. So, it is for sure that the users would be able to access the call button easily and instantly and call back to their friends.

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Another feature, that is highly talked about is the voicemail feature. This feature might be available to the iOS users. But, there is one condition in this feature.

It would operate only in the condition when the user is busy on WhatsApp call.

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The user will just have to record the voicemails and send them to whosoever he or she wishes to send it.

Further, zip files may also be introduced in the app, to send larger files.


An App that Makes Smartphone Easy to Use for Low Vision Users

Smartphones have eased our lives a lot. Let it be reserving a taxi, ordering food or surfing the web, anything is merely a few touch away. Well another application has added in the list of making things easier for us.

Smartphone App for Low Vision Users

A team has successfully developed an application that provides a zoomed version to make it easy to see for those who have the problem of low vision.

The team of developers from Schepens Eye research institute of Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School make the application work by projecting a Zoomed in image of Smartphone screen to Google Glasses. Once user has Google glass he can take use of Head Movements to view the required section of the screen.

The senior author Gang luo said “When people with low visual acuity zoom in on their smartphones, they see only a small portion of the screen, and it’s difficult for them to navigate around — they do not know whether the current position is in the center of the screen or in the corner of the screen”.

Luo further added “This application transfers the image of smartphone screens to Google Glass and allows users to control the portion of the screen they see by moving their heads to scan, which gives them a very good sense of orientation”.


India Witnesses A Whopping 156% Increase In Social Media Scams

According to recent report laid out by Symantec, India is the most targeted country for threats in Asia, while ranking second in World for the same.

Symantec’s director Taran Kaura told PTI  “A whopping 94 per cent of these scams were spread through manual sharing, proving India’s burgeoning social media population remains a favoured target of scammers”

Social Media Scams increasing in India

Social media is now being used as a tool by scammers to make more people trust them in their social circles. This makes it easy for them to spread scams and fake links.

India currently ranks third globally as the source of malicious activity, followed by China and the US. India also ranks third as the prime source of items and activities like spam, malware, phishing tool and hosts and much more.

India has seen a significant decrease in the amount of spam originating from its borders. Once ranked 6th in the year 2014, India saw a significant decrease and ranked lowered to 18th as a source of spam.

The most targeted sectors have always been financial sector organization and public utilities. These sections are most likely to be in the prime spot for spammers in the coming future too.


LinkedIn Launches New App to Help Students in Job Search

LinkedIn is introducing a new app that would help the students in job search. According to reports, this app will help the students who are just about to complete their graduation or higher studies and looking for a job.

LinkedIn Launches App for Job Search

This app will be available for both android and iOS platform.

With all the job related data in the network of LinkedIn, it helps the students who are going to complete the studies and leave the college.

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This will help them to find appropriate positions and job roles according to their qualification and background.

When you download the app, you will be asked to provide varied information, like background and educational info. After this, you’ll be required to go through 5 steps to keep tandem with the job search.

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To make sure that the students find it easy to hunt for the job, they will be provided with job hunting articles, information about which companies are hiring fresh talents, suggesting job roles and so forth.