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Turkey, Now Known As a Huge Market for Construction Projects

Today, turkey seems to be a huge lucrative market for various construction projects, as construction market of turkey stands at around $350bn and provides ample opportunity to the contractors and consultants from the GCC market for getting involved (as per a new survey by Meed Projects).

The report says that a fast-growing population and a booming economy, led Turkey to accelerate a nationwide infrastructure programme, with major projects of US$135 billion in the transport sector alone.

Turkey - Huge Market for Construction Projects

The most noteworthy of these projects is the plan to build the biggest airport by area. The new Istanbul Airport would cost nearly $11bn in its initial phase, and will be established on a 76.5 square kilometre site, that is almost 35km away from the existing Atatürk airport. After its completion, it will have 6 runways, 4 terminal buildings and a capacity of 150 million passengers per year.

There are also plans for introducing a high-speed railway ($35bn) between Edirne and Kars. Alongside a $15bn nuclear power complex is also planned in the power sector.

Turkey has seen enormous investment from the Arabian Gulf, particularly through Emaar Properties, which is building a mall, a hotel and more than 1,000 homes at its Emaar Square project in Istanbul.

However, just because the construction sector of Turkey is active, does not necessarily mean that there is an affluence of opportunities for all. The market is specifically tough for contractors as it is the most competitive market in the world. Only China has more number of contracting firms in the 2014 ENR (Engineering News Record) ranking of the biggest 250 international contractors. On the other hand, Turkey has 42 firms on the list. According to the ranking, there are 62 Chinese firms, 31 US firms, 2 UK firms and 3 German companies.

Another company on the list of ENR is ‘Nurol Construction’, which is building a highway ($8bn) between the cities of Izmir and Gebze.

According to Ceyda Çarmikli Kiliçaslan, the executive board member of Nurol Reit, the construction sector has been a dynamic force in driving the Turkey’s economy over the last 15 years. Thus, Turkey is a great place to invest.

Owing to the urban regeneration work and major infrastructure projects, the construction market of turkey is definitely a promising one. The GCC firms can create enormous value in Turkey’s infrastructure and construction industry, if they choose the right partner to enter into the market.


Top Investment Zones in Russia & Tourists Attractions in Russia

The huge docket of Top Investment Zones in Russia & Tourists Attractions in Russia is the major reason for attracting a huge amount of investors to the country. This, in turn contributes to the economy.

Top Tourists Attractions & Investment Zones in Russia

Located in northern Eurasia, Russia is a federal semi-presidential republic. With 17,075,400 square kilometers, Russia is regarded as the largest country that covers more than one-eighth of the inhabited land area on earth. Russia shares land borders with Ukraine, Norway, Finland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, China, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Georgia, Mongolia and North Korea. Further, it is one of the largest producers of natural gas and oil in the global market as well as contains the largest stock of weapons for mass destruction. Hence, Russia is certainly a great power. It is additionally the permanent member of the G20, the United Nations Security Council, the Council of Europe, OSCE, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, WTO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States & the Eurasian Economic Community. Some of the other enticing facts about Russia are as follows:

Beguiling Facts and Statistics

  • The nominal GDP of Russia valued at $1.175 trillion in 2015.
  • In the year 2012, oil and gas sector contributed for 16% of the GDP.
  • Some of the major industries in Russia are: Oil and gas, Mining, Processed metals, Defense equipment, Textiles, Healthcare, Electric power generating, Shipbuilding, Real estate, Chemicals, Food and beverages, Aerospace, Automotive and Retailing.
  • The exports and imports in Russia in 2015 were $120.5 billion and $61.9 billion respectively.
  • Russia’s major export partners are: Netherlands (10.7%), Ukraine (5%), Belarus (4.1%), Germany (8.2%), Japan (4%), China (6.8%), Turkey (4.9%) and Italy (5.5%).
  • Russia’s major export goods: metals, natural gas, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, wood and wood products and various others.
  • Russia’s major import partners are: China (16.5%), Belarus (4.9%), United States (4.3%), Germany (12.5%), Italy (4.4%) and Ukraine (5.2%).
  • Russia’s major import goods: optical and medical instruments, consumer goods, pharmaceutical products, machinery, plastic, vehicles, iron and steel, semi-finished metal products, fruits, meat and nuts.

It becomes evident that Russia definitely has the power to rule the international market and boast of a booming economy. Besides these prime statistics, there are other parameters that contribute to Russia’s economy:

Major Investment Cities

Major Tourists Attraction

Major Languages

• Moscow • Moscow Kremlin • Russian (official)
• Saint Petersburg • Mount Elbrus • Abaza
• Samara • Lake Baikal • Bashkir
• Nizhny Novgorod • Hermitage Museum • Cherkess
• Rostov-on-Don • Saint Basil’s Cathedral • Adyghe
• Novosibirsk • Kizhi Island • Komi
• Yekaterinburg • Valley of Geysers • Moksha and various others
• Omsk • St Sophia Cathedral, Novgorod
• Kazan
• Chelyabinsk


Special Investment Zones

Russia has 28 SEZs of 4 different types:

  • 5 Technology and innovation zones
  • 6 Industrial and production zones
  • 3 Port zones
  • 14 Tourist and recreational zones

Major Companies

  • Gazprom (market value: $111.4 billion)
  • Sberbank (market value: $73.3 billion)
  • Rosneft (market value: $73.2 billion)
  • VTB Bank (market value: $18.9 billion)
  • Novatek (market value: $31.3 billion)
  • RusHydro (market value: $6.9 billion)
  • Lukoil (market value: $55.4 billion)
  • Magnit (market value: $18.8 billion)
  • PhosAgro (market value: $5.5 billion)

These are the major factors that continuously play their role in making Russia’s economy worth applauding. But besides this, there is a secret key player that works rigorously for Russian firms to boost economy and attract a lot of investors. That secret player is none other than, ‘multilingual translations’. In order to communicate and settle several business terms, translations help the Russian firms, to crack the deal and earn huge revenues.

TridIndia Translations in Russia

Known for multilingual translations, TridIndia is highly appreciated for delivering its consistent translation services to Russian firms. Since years we have been serving the translation requirements of our Russian clients for numerous industries and business documents. On account of our multilingual translations, we have resulted into a leading translation entity that is famous for its quality output. Further, the major proportion of appreciation goes to our dexterous team of translators who deliver the translation assignment within specific time frame, irrespective of the size of the translation project. Some of the other services that we offer are:

1. Comprehensive Market Research

It is a certain fact that before setting up a business unit in a non-native country or market segment, you’ll require to go through a complete market research of the target segment. This will help you analyze the future of your products/services to some extent. Hence, we aim at providing each and every small detail of the target market, assuring that the report helps you in planning your future plan of action. Moreover, we can also translate the market research into ‘n’ number of languages, if required from your end.

2. Lands and Property

Purchasing a suitable land at correct location and at correct price is always the major concern of an entrepreneur. An incorrect location can make your firm devastated in terms of growth and revenue. Hence, our diversified business operations allow us to guide the potential customers to purchase appropriate lands and property according to their specifications. Our property agents are well-versed with the current market scenarios and the real estate market. Thus, they guide the customers throughout to ensure they choose the right option.

3. Company Registration

This is the most crucial step for a business owner, as only a registered company is said to be legal in terms of law and is devoid of any legal threat from the government of that country. If you plan to set up your firm in India that may be a non-native nation to you; the legal formalities and procedures will then definitely be difficult for you to understand. Henceforth, in such a case TridIndia will help in fulfilling all the legal requirements for company registration in India.

4. Machine Installation

The next important thing to consider is machine installation. All the big brands who have achieved immense success in just a short span of time have acquired modern technology and machinery in their premises. Thus, installing modernized machinery is very essential for your business growth. Here starts our role in machine installation. With strong contacts with expert professionals, we would help you in getting the machinery installed at your business unit, as well as if required we will translate the user manuals for your safety and easy understanding of the operations of the machine.

5. HR Solutions

A company is like a human without a heart in the absence of proficient human resources. Hence, if you are concerned about acquiring a team of experienced professionals for different departments of your firm, then our HR consultancy (conglomerate business unit) will recruit specific candidates as per your specifications. No matter you require for bulk hiring or just a few candidates, our HR consultants will make sure that only the experienced and motivated candidates are recruited for your firm.

6. Multilingual Translation

While dealing with different clients, you might encounter the need for multilingual translation, as these days translation is the base of negotiating and business settlement. Hence, at every step of business, you will need translations in various languages. Recognizing this need, we offer avant-garde translations to our worldwide clients, including those of Russia. You just need to specify the industry and the documents for which translation is required; the rest will be done by our team.

7. Translators/Interpreters

As a reputed HR consultancy, we are also proficient to recruit translators and interpreters for your short-term or long-term assignments. Whether you require such candidates for your in-house team or as freelancers, our team will guide you throughout to provide the most experienced lot off translators and interpreters. Additionally, as per your specification we will provide bilingual as well as multilingual candidates.

8. Travel Arrangements

Travel arrangements can sometime be very hectic and time consuming, especially when you have no time to arrange all this. Hence, in such a situation TridIndia comes into action to satisfy all your travel and accommodation related requirements. Whether you are planning a tour to India with friends, family or business colleagues; we will book cabs, hotels, auditoriums, restaurants and other travel related facilities within a short span of time.

Assured Satisfaction for Indian and Russian Companies

While we are dealing with Indian or Russian companies, we make sure that their needs and requirements (be it for translation, travel arrangement, human resource, interpretation, human resource and others) are satisfied and fulfilled to the highest possible level. With the constant support of our team members, we always excel at delivering quality results within proposed time frame and beyond the clients’ expectations. Moreover, we commit to serve our clientele with consistent quality and professionalism.

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Top Investment Zones in Japan & Tourists Attractions in Japan

Among the various factors, the Top Investment Zones in Japan & Tourists Attractions in Japan are considered as the highest revenue generating parameters for the country’s economy.

Top Tourists Attraction and Investment Zones in Japan

Located in the Pacific Ocean, japan is often referred to as ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Japan is the home to 6,852 islands. The largest among these are Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido which constitute almost 97% of Japan’s land area. Further, Japan is a developed country with the third-largest economy in the world (by nominal GDP). Japan also ranks as the world’s fifth-largest exporter and importer. Not just this, the country has maintained a modern military that is used for peacekeeping roles and self-defense, alongside it is a member of the G7, the UN, the G20 and the G8. Thus, it leaves no doubt that why japan is highly preferred for investment. Additionally, some of the other facts that contribute to Japan’s economy are:

Amazing Facts and Statistics

  • Japan’s GDP is estimated at $4.210 trillion in the year 2015.
  • Japan is the 3rd largest automobile manufacturing country in the entire world.
  • 27.5% of the GDP is the outcome of the result of its major industries, viz. electronic equipment, motor vehicles, ships, machine tools, chemicals, steel and nonferrous metals, textiles and processed foods.
  • Almost 62 of the total ‘Fortune Global 500 companies’ are set up in Japan.
  • According to a study in 2010, japan is the second largest country in the world in terms of financial assets, estimated at $14.6 trillion.
  • In 2013, the Japan’s total exports were almost $697 billion while the imports were valued at nearly $766.6 billion.
  • Japan’s major export partners are: United States (17.8%), Hong Kong (5.1%), Thailand (5.5%), China (18.1%) and South Korea (7.7%).
  • Japan’s major export goods: motor vehicles (13.6%), power generating machinery (3.5%), iron and steel products (5.5%), semiconductors (6.2%), auto parts (4.6%) and plastic materials (3.5%).
  • Japan’s major import partners are: Australia (6.4%), China (21.3%), United States (8.8%), Qatar (4.0%), Saudi Arabia (6.2%), South Korea (4.6%) and United Arab Emirates (5.0%).
  • Japan’s major import goods: audio and visual apparatus (2.7%), petroleum (15.5%), semiconductors (3.5%), liquid natural gas (5.7%), coal (3.5%), clothing 3.9%.

Hence, it is evident from the above statistics, that japan has a flourishing economy in each and every sector as well as it is continuously investing a lot off efforts to become the top revenue generator country in the world. Some of the major factors that allow the said country to generate more and more revenue each year are:

Major Investment Cities

Major Tourists Attraction

Major Languages

• Tokyo • Jigokudani Monkey Park • Japanese (national)
• Yokohama • Himeji Castle • Ryukyuan languages
• Osaka • Todaiji Temple • Aynu itak
• Kyoto • Great Buddha of Kamakura • Western Japanese
• Fukuoka • Tokyo Tower • Eastern Japanese and other Japanese dialects
• Kawasaki • Mount Fuji
• Saitama • Golden Pavilion
• Hiroshima • Hiroshima Peace Memorial
• Kitakyushu • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
• Hitachi
• Fuji
• Toyota

Special Investment Zones

  • National Strategic Special Zone: Its goal is to develop an international business base that garners money, people as well as companies from around the world and establish competitive business through start-ups.
  • Special Zone for Asian Headquarters: Its goal is to target at least 500 foreign companies and all the major industries, including content/creative, IT, electronics/precision instruments, medical/chemical, aviation and finance/securities.
  • Special Zone for Structural Reform: To advance structural reform, in order to prevent the hindrance in the efforts of local governments and economic activities of private businesses.

5. Major Companies

  • Toyota Motors (total revenue approx.: $235.89)
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (total revenue approx.: $124.33)
  • Nissan Motors (total revenue approx.: $105.52)
  • Hitachi, Ltd. (total revenue approx.: $112.24)
  • Panasonic Corporation (total revenue approx.: $105.04)
  • Honda (total revenue approx.: $107.99)
  • Sony (total revenue approx.: $86.52)
  • Mitsubishi Corporation (total revenue approx.: $62.73)
  • Toshiba (total revenue approx.: $77.09)
  • Fujitsu (total revenue approx.: $54.56)

The above parameters are the major revenue generating magic wands for Japan. These factors are continuously contributing their part, the result of which is the booming Japan’s economy.

But one of the most crucial and hidden factor that silently contributes to Japan’s economy is ‘multilingual translations’. In order to crack the deal and communicate with multi-cultured clients, the Japanese firms invest into translations. That, in turn offers huge sales and revenues.

Why Japanese Firms Trust TridIndia for Translations?

As mentioned above that translations play a key role in the successful implementation of a business deal, thus, most of the japan-based firms trust TridIndia for authentic multilingual translations. Basically, TridIndia is a renowned translation agency that excels at translating all the Indian and foreign languages in a number of language combinations and for a number of industries. Not just this, we are abound of a talented team of multilingual translators who are well-versed with the terminologies utilized in specific fields, such as legal, medical and technical. Hence, the Japanese entrepreneurs get delighted and mesmerized to see the quality output rendered from our end. Additionally, we offer the following services to the firms:

1. Extensive Market Analysis

Usually it is advisable to undergo an extensive market analysis or market research of the target segment, in order to estimate the future scope of products/services in that market. Hence, as reputed market consultants, we provide companies, a thorough market research report that helps in them in analyzing the profits/losses that can occur due to business expansion. Moreover, we can also get the market research report translated into a number of languages, if required by your firm or stakeholders.

2. Lands and Property

If the market analysis is in your favor, then you might require a proper land where you could start up your new business unit. Hence, our real estate firm (diversified business unit) will guide you at each and every step, so that you purchase the most suited land as per your specifications. With a huge database of lands, our team recommends you various alternatives that are based purely on your land guidelines.

3. Company Registration

The next most important step is definitely to register your company. Let’s just say, you are opening your firm in India that is a non-native country to you. Hence, you will be unmindful of the legal procedures and formalities followed in India. Keeping these factors in mind, we will help you in getting the company registered. Our team will guide you right from filling the form to the final registration of the company.

4. Machine Installation

This is a known fact that simply setting up a company is not an affirmation for its huge success in the global market. It requires the precise involvement of latest technologies and machinery in the firms’ premises. But, machine installation is not that easy to undertake. Hence, we are here to help you in this regard as well. Not just this, we will translate all the manuals and guidebooks in your native language for precise understanding of the operations.

5. Human Resource

Human resource is one of the significant factors that contribute in the success of a company. It is necessary to ensure that your team boats of a superbly relented group of professionals. Hence, our team of veteran HR consultants recruits the most experienced and skilled lot of candidates. As per your specifications, regarding industry, skills, experience and other factors, we will recruit the candidates who assure to be a helping hand for your company’s growth.

6. Multilingual Translation

Multilingual translation is definitely our forte, under which our team has served numerous hi-end brands since the last 13 years. You name any industry or service or product or marketing material; we will render precise translation for each and every possible thing in the world within no time. Moreover, the translations are not limited to one or two languages; rather you can ask for any language combination or any of the Indian/ foreign language.

7. Translators and Interpreters

You cannot ignore the importance of Translators and Interpreters, while dealing in the globalized business world. Almost in every business meeting, you will find translators and interpreters for bridging the communication gap between the business parties. Hence, if you require translators/interpreters, then we can certainly provide an experienced and talented lot of such professionals as per your specifications and requirements.

8. Accommodation Facilities

For business meetings or for a tour with your family, you might plan to visit different destinations. But arranging all the travel facilities and accommodation facilities consumes a greater proportion of your time. Hence, if someday you plan out a tour or a business meeting in India, then you need not to worry about the accommodation or travel related problems. We will arrange all the travel and accommodation facilities for you in line with your specifications.

Always Ready For Indian and Japanese Companies

Our team boasts of an ‘always ready’ attitude for all the companies that it serves. Specifically talking about the Indian and Japanese firms, we are devotedly working for them since a long time. Thus, a mutual understanding and a long-term relationship is established among us. Irrespective of your requirement for translation, interpreters, human resource, machine installation or other services (within our scope); we will serve your needs with the highest degree of zeal, passion and dedication for years and years.

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Top Investment Zones in India & Tourists Attractions in India

On account of the Top Investment Zones in India & Tourists Attractions in India, the country is seamlessly progressing day-by-day and also attracting a number of investors for revenue generation.

Top Tourists Attraction and Investment Zones in India

Known as the most populous democracy in the entire world, India is the seventh-largest country by area. As per the Indian naval hydrographic charts, there are 11% rocky shores, 46% mudflats or marshy shores and 43% sandy beaches in the mainland coastline. India is also recognized as the region of vast empires and historic trade routes, boasting of 29 states and 7 union territories. Thus, India is a multi-ethnic and multilingual society. Further, in a short span of time, India has become one of the fastest growing economies, by $2.308 trillion nominal GDP in 2015. Besides this, India has certain other features that are described below:

Key Facts and Statistics

  • According to the WTO, India is among the top 20 global traders.
  • The annual growth rate of Indian economy increased to almost 7.3% in 2014-15 as compared to 6.9% in 2013-14.
  • The GDP of the country was $7.996 trillion in terms of purchasing power parity in the year 2015.
  • Mumbai is valued as the commercial capital of India.
  • Almost 64.8% of GDP is contributed by the services sector in India, which includes services like infrastructure, telecommunications, software, travel, trade, education, banking and health care.
  • In the year 2013, there were a total of $464.2 billion exports, while $590.6 billion imports.
  • India’s main export partners are: European Union (16.7%), China (4.9%), United States 12.5%, Singapore (4.2%) and United Arab Emirates (10.1%).
  • India’s major export goods: engineering goods, chemicals, software, ores, transportation, petrochemicals, jewellery, agriculture products, pharmaceuticals, textiles and other commodities.
  • India’s main import partners are: China (11.1%), Switzerland (5.3%), Saudi Arabia (7.9%), European Union (10.6%) and United Arab Emirates (7.1%).
  • India’s major import goods: vegetable oil, crude oil, electronics, chemicals, iron and steel, engineering goods, coal and ores, gold and precious stones, plastics and other commodities.

The statistics above clearly depicts the fast growing pace of Indian market. Thus, the country has evolved as the most lucrative sector for long-term investment. Some of the major benefactors to India’s economy are as follows:

Major Investment Cities

Major Languages

Major Tourists Attraction

• Bangalore • Hindi (official) • Taj Mahal
• Mumbai • English (official) • Rohtang Pass
• Pune • Sindhi • Dal Lake
• Ahmedabad • Bodo • Kashmir Valley
• Delhi NCR • Nepali • Nuranang Falls
• Kota • Dogri • Darjeeling Tea Gardens
• Chennai • Santali • Sheshnag Lake
• Hyderabad • Manipuri • Matheran
• Coimbatore • Sanskrit • Belum Caves
• Kochi • Gujarati • Hawa Mahal
• Rewari and various other regional languages • Lotus Temple


Special Investment Zones

Different states and union territories India have a number of operational and approved special economic zones. The major SEZs developed by the central government are:

  • MEPZ Special Economic Zone in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for Multi product
  • SEEPZ Special Economic Zone in Mumbai, Maharashtra for Electronics and Gems & Jewellery
  • Noida Special Economic Zone in Uttar Pradesh for Multi product
  • Falta Special Economic Zone in Falta, West Bengal for Multi product
  • Cochin Special Economic zone in Cochin, Kerala for Multi product

Major Companies

  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (market capitalization: INR 2,78,994.53 crore in May 2015)
  • Tata Consultancy Services (market capitalization: INR 5,09,837.31 crore in May 2015)
  • Reliance Industries Limited (market capitalization: INR 2,85,051.72 crore in May 2015)
  • Infosys(market capitalization: INR 2,31,600.93 crore in May 2015)
  • SBI (market capitalization: INR 2,10,037.93 crore in May 2014)
  • Sun Pharma (market capitalization: INR 2,29,765.30 in May 2015)
  • HDFC Bank (market capitalization: INR 2,58,157.69 crore in May 2015)
  • ITC (market capitalization: INR 2,57,658.88 crore in May 2015)
  • Coal India (market capitalization: INR 2,42,137.83 crore in May 2015)
  • Hindustan Unilever (market capitalization: INR 1,83,101.45 in May 2015)

Hence, from the above description, it is evident that India is surely on its way to transform into a developed country from a developing country.

The business transactions and dealings are increasing at a rapid pace. Thus, the growing Indian economy is not just an outcome of the above parameters; rather it involves an intrinsic contributor, i.e. multilingual translations, in order to deal and communicate with foreign clients.

TridIndia’s Contribution in Indian Economy

Known as a multilingual translation company, TridIndia contributes its heart and soul to serve the Indian economy via authentic and pristine translation services. We are very much aware of the market conditions and scenarios at present, thus we provide our translation services for a multitude of industries, marketing/business documents in all the Indian and foreign languages. This helps our Indian clients to effectively deal with their foreign business associates and generate revenue for the country’s economy. Moreover our vision and expertise guides us in offering the following services to varied Indian companies:

1. Rigorous Market Research

Investing into an entirely non-native country or market segment requires a huge amount to set the business unit there. Thus, before investing such an amount, it is advisable to undergo comprehensive target market research to analyze the scope of your products/services there. As reputed market consultants, our team will provide each and every small detail of your target market. Further, if you already have a market research report and you just need to get it translated, then our translation team will help you get it done quickly.

2. Property and Lands

After the market research turns out to be in your favor, you might require an appropriate land to set up your unit there. Thus, if you are looking for affordable lands at prime location, then our property agents will help you purchase the best of the best options of lands in India. Our team is backed by a huge database of lands, on account of which they provide the most suited lands to the potential customers.

3. Company Registration

Different countries have different legal procedures and formalities. Thus, if you are setting-up your business in India and are non-native to the country, then you might face certain difficulties in registering the company due to lack of knowledge of the work procedure. Hence, we help all the companies wishing to register their company in India in line with the all the legal formalities.

4. Machine Installation

Machine Installation is the most critical element in a firm’s consistent growth, as a firm can attain heights in its respective field, only if it is accompanied with the latest technologies. Hence, if you are stuck in the decisions to install a machine, then we will help you out in this regard too. Right from getting the machine installed to translating the manuals in your language, we will perform it all. Additionally, we can help you in purchasing the machinery at the lowest possible rates.

5. Human Resource

Apart from time and money, ‘human resources’ are the most significant resources for an enterprise. The future of the company, to some extent, depends on the quality of human resources it has. Thus, our conglomerate business unit (i.e. a renowned HR consultancy) provides comprehensive and tailored HR solutions as per your needs.

6. Language Translation

As mentioned earlier, our core business is into language translation. Since years we are translating numerous Indian and foreign languages into numerous language combinations and dialects. Thus, we have the required and apt expertise to translate marketing collaterals and various documents for all the genres/sectors in the business world. Moreover, we specialize into multilingual translations, thereby enabling companies to target and deal with all types of market segment in the native language.

7. Translators and Interpreters

In this globalized age, Translators and Interpreters are highly essential for conducting business meetings, thereby facilitating a smooth and crystal-clear communication. As a known translation company, we are associated with a number of talented and experienced multilingual Translators and InterpreteINR Hence, we provide you the most eligible and qualified translators/interpreters suited to your needs and specifications.

8. Travel Arrangements

Besides the above mentioned services, we arrange hotel rooms, cabs, conference halls, auditoriums and other allied requirements that one may need to get fulfilled during his travel to India. Whether you are on a tour to India with your colleagues, friends or family, we will get all the travel related stuff arranged for you within no time.

Comprehensive Assistance to Indian and Foreign Companies

No matter, you are an Indian company or a foreign company (planning to invest in India); we put forward a helping hand towards you and your specific requirements. During business expansion, you might encounter various needs, such as translation, interpretation, market research etc. Thus, we are to assist you in all your business expansion or diversification plans. Also, our team commits to deliver 100% satisfaction and positive attitude while serving your specific needs.

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Top Investment Zones in Australia & Tourists Attraction in Australia

Owing to the Top Investment Zones in Australia & Tourists Attraction in Australia, the country has been a part of full-fledged development in a short time period. This commendable growth is highly appreciated by many potential investors.

Top Tourists Attraction & Investment Zones in Australia

Known as an oceanic country, Australia ranks as the sixth-largest country in the world by total area. It is surrounded by various neighboring countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Zealand. Also, Australia has a constitutional monarchy consisting of 6 states and several territories, with an approximate population of 23.6 million people who are highly urbanized. As a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, G20, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, ANZUS, the Pacific Islands Forum, OECD and WTO, this country is certainly a developed country with 12th largest economy. Some of the major facts and statistics that describe the Australia’s economy more precisely are as follows:

Enticing Facts and Statistics

  • Australia is the fifth-highest per capita income generator in the world.
  • Australia’s nominal GDP in 2015 is valued at $1.252 trillion, while that in terms of PPP, it is $1.137 trillion.
  • It is the 19th-largest importer and exporter in the world.
  • The country is into free trade agreements with Chile, ASEAN, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand.
  • The GDP contribution of Australia in various sectors: industry (27.3%), agriculture (4%) and services (68.8%).
  • Some of the major industries are food processing, mining, industrial and transportation equipment, steel and chemicals.
  • Australia’s export partners are: China (29.5%), India (4.9%), South Korea (8.0%) and Japan (19.3%).
  • Australia’s major export goods: coal, transport equipment, iron ore, gold, wool, meat, alumina, machinery and wheat.
  • Australia’s major import partners are: China (18.2%), Japan (7.8%), United States (11.6%), Thailand (4.2%), Singapore (5.9%), Germany (4.6%) and South Korea (4.0%).
  • Australia’s major import goods: petroleum products, crude oil, machinery, computers, transport equipment, telecommunication equipment and parts and office machines.

Hence, it leaves no doubt of suspicion that how Australia grew tremendously in such a short period of time. Al these factors truly represent the country’s growing and flourishing economy. Further, some of the major factors that contribute to Australia’s economy are as follows:

Major Investment Cities

Major Companies

Exclusive Economic Zones

• Sydney • BHP Billiton • Norfolk Island
• Adelaide • AMP • Cocos Islands
• Melbourne • National Australia Bank • Heard and McDonald Islands
• Perth • Westpac • Australian Antarctic Territory
• Brisbane • Commonwealth Bank • Macquarie Island
• Darwin • Rio Tinto Group • Mainland Australia
• Hobart • ANZ • Tasmania and minor islands
• Townsville • Macquarie Bank
• Telstra
• Woolworths


Major Tourists Attraction

Major Languages

• Great Barrier Reef • Australian English (national)
• Sydney Opera House • Australian Aboriginal languages
• Blue Mountains National Park • Torres Strait Island languages
• Bondi Beach • Tasmanian languages
• Fraser Island
• Great Ocean Road
• Jamison Valley
• Sydney Harbour Bridge


The above mentioned factors are the most prominent revenue generators for Australia’s economy. The most enticing feature of these parameters is that they never delay in deriving a quality output and also never let down the country in any aspect. Furthermore, one of the most special factors of Australia’s economy is ‘language translation’. This factor delivers a ravishing and satisfying experience to the Australian entrepreneurs and their business growth.

TridIndia and Australian Translations

Founded in the year 2002, TridIndia is recognized as the leading translation entity all over the world and is serving the translation requirements of many Australian firms with utmost professionalism and dexterity. We have on board with us a superbly talented team of Australian translators who excel at translating a number of business documents or marketing materials related to different industries. Hence, most of the Australian based firms rely on our pristine translations that are not just limited to one language; rather available in all the Indian and foreign languages. Further, these firms also trust on our other services that include:

1. Comprehensive Market Research

Before investing into a non-native market segment, new demographics or country, it is usually advisable to conduct a thorough market research. In the absence of a precise market research, you cannot be sure of the success of your product/service in the target market. Hence, to help you get out of this, we provide you comprehensive market re4search of the target segment, with each and every small detail of your target customers, such as likings/disliking, most preferred brand and so on.

2. Lands and Property

After the market research and its positive results, you will require a land to set up your business unit. If you require any type of land for building malls, amusement parks, offices, hotels and other residential and commercial purposes in India, then our diversified business unit in real estate sector can provide you the most appropriate land at prime location and at very reasonable rates. Further, besides providing lands, we also offer construction services of commercial and residential complexes.

3. Company Registration

Company registration requires fulfilling a number of legal formalities and procedures that you may be unmindful of, if you are setting up your business in non-native nation. Let’s say, you plan business expansion in India and you are unaware of the legal procedures, then it would be difficult for you to firm your roots there. Hence, in such a case, we will guide you throughout the process of company registration in India.

4. Machine Installation

A firm is incomplete in the absence of avant-garde technology and modernized machinery. Thus installing latest machine in your business unit is of paramount importance if you wish to keep pace with the current market trends. But this is not as simple as it sounds. Hence, with a strong contact with skilled professionals, we will help you in the entire process of machine installation. Not just this, we will also translate the technical manuals, user guides in your desired language (to ensure ease of operation).

5. HR Solutions

The most significant part of your success train, is human resource that acts like the engine of a train. You cannot ever ignore the fact that human resource is the major driving force for your business success or failure. Hence, it is crucial to appoint only qualified and eligible team of human resources. So, as a dignified HR consultancy, we aim at providing comprehensive HR solutions. Our HR services basically recruit eligible candidates for your firm according to your specifications Read more..

6. Multiple Language Translation

Working in this globalized age, will necessitate translations at every step of progression. As already discussed, we are one of the leading masters in the translation industry. We are not simply related to one language or one industry; rather we offer comprehensive translation assistance in all the Indian/foreign languages along with all the industries. Hence, you can be rest assured that you will be provided with quality-driven multilingual translations within specific time frame.

7. Translators and Interpreters

As a business entrepreneur, you might have many a times encountered the situation where you realize the need for translators or interpreters. Isn’t it?? This need is basically the driving force of this globalized arena. Hence, every month we recruit multilingual/bilingual translators and interpreters to a number of companies, including those in Australia. Not just this, as a translation firm, we are in contact with a whole lot of translators and interpreters. Thus, in case you fall out for such requirement; we will provide you the same within a short span of time.

8. Accommodation and Travel

Travelling is the most beautiful experience of life, as those fun moments never come back again. Hence, it is advisable that you should be relieved from all the worries related to travel and accommodation arrangements and just replenish your senses at the tour. With such a perspective, our team is always dedicated to arrange cabs, hotels, conference halls, restaurants and various other accommodation, business meeting and travel related facilities in India.

‘Will Always Be’ for Indian and Australian Companies

Since the last 13 years, we are serving the ‘A-Z’ requirements (for services within our business scope) of Indian and Australian companies and we will continue to do the same for generations ahead. Not only, we are here to satisfy your needs and requirements, but also, we focus on accomplishing the tasks with the highest degree of professionalism and brilliance. Therefore, in case of translation, machine installation, interpretation, human resource and other allied requirements, you can always rely on TridIndia for sure.

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Top Investment Zones in China & Tourists Attraction in China

Based on the Top Investment Zones in China & Tourists Attraction in China, the country has flourished and bloomed significantly in a short period of time.

With almost 9.6 million square kilometers, China is considered as the world’s second-largest country by area of land. Also, it is the most populous country, with an approximate population of 1.35 billion. For the past two thousand years, China had a very complex economy with periodical cycles of prosperity and decline. But after the introduction of economic reforms in 1978, the country transformed into the fastest-growing economies. Currently, China is listed among the world’s largest exporters and importers of goods, has the world’s largest standing army, known as a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the second-largest defence budget.

Top Investment Zones and Tourists Attraction in China

Some of the other major features and statistics of China are stated below:

Major Facts and Statistics

  • As the world’s second-largest economy, the nominal GDP of china totals approximately US$10.380 trillion (in 2014) as per the report by International Monetary Fund.
  • China has the largest economy in the world, in terms of purchasing power parity owing to its PPP GDP of US$17.617 trillion in 2014.
  • China’s exports in 2014 were valued at $2.34 trillion.
  • China’s major export goods are iron and steel, electrical machinery, data processing equipment, apparel, optical and medical equipment, textiles and various industrial products
  • The main export partners of the country are: Hong Kong (17.4%), United States (18.1%), South Korea (4.1%) and Japan (6.8%).
  • China’s imports in 2014 were valued at $1.96 trillion.
  • China’s major import goods are: oil and mineral fuels, metal ores, electrical and other machinery, optical and medical equipment, organic chemicals and plastics.
  • The main import partners are: South Korea (9.4%), Australia (5.0%), Japan (8.3%), United States (7.8%), Taiwan (8.0%) and Germany (4.8%).
  • The China’s economy has recently started ‘Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’ in 2015.

Thus, economy of China is growing at a faster pace. Some of the major factors that are driving China to make such rapid growth are as follows:

1. Major Investment Cities

  • Shanghai (GDP per capita: $14k)
  • Beijing (GDP per capita: $15k)
  • Hong Kong (GDP per capita: $39k)
  • Chengdu (GDP per capita: $10k)
  • Shenzhen (GDP per capita: $22k)
  • Tianjin (GDP per capita: $16k)
  • Guangzhou (GDP per capita: $19k)
  • Taipei (GDP per capita: $50k)
  • Dongguan (GDP per capita: $10k)
  • Hangzhou (GDP per capita: $15k)
  • Macau (GDP per capita: $91k)

2. Major Languages

  • Standard Mandarin (Mainland)
  • English (Hong Kong)
  • Mongolian (Inner Mongolia)
  • Portuguese (Macau)
  • Cantonese (Hong Kong and Macau)
  • Uyghur (Xinjiang)
  • Tibetan (Tibet)
  • Zhuang

3. Special Investment Zones

  1. Special Economic Zones: Shenzhen, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Shantou, and Hainan Island
  2. Economic and Technological Development Zones: Guangzhou ETDZ, Nansha ETDZ and Zhanjiang ETDZ
  3. The Coastal Economic Open Zone: large and wide area along the southern coastline of China
  4. Old Urban Districts (‘OUDs’) of cities where the major SEZ/ETDZ are located
  5. New Areas: Shanghai Pudong NA
  6. Industrial Parks
  7. Industrial Zones
  8. Development Zones
  9. Bonded Zones: micro-areas where tariff-free trade can be conducted

4. Major Tourists Attraction

  1. Great Wall of China
  2. Victoria Harbour
  3. Terracotta Army
  4. Mogao Caves
  5. Leshan Giant Buddha
  6. Li River Cruise
  7. Forbidden City
  8. Potala Palace

5. Major Companies

  • Sinopec
  • China National Petroleum
  • China Mobile
  • State Grid Corporation
  • China Development Bank
  • SAIC Motor
  • Noble Group
  • China National Offshore Oil
  • China Railway Group
  • PetroChina

Outlining the major benefactors of China’s flourishing economy; it becomes clear that China utilized its resources in a very fruitful manner. Also the country is still thriving and is one of the world’s largest revenue generators.

But the credit for the healthy economy is not just limited to the above parameters; rather it involves other factors too, i.e. error-free multilingual translation. All the business communications and dealings in China are conducted via effective translation of various business documents.

TridIndia’s Helping Hand Towards China

With an established track record of translations since years, TridIndia has achieved quality benchmarks in the domain. Supported by a deft team of multilingual translators, we have served the international translation industry with effective translations for certificates, technical documents, legal documents, medical documents and various others. Further, we offer the following services to the leading Chinese companies:

1. Market Research

In order to assure the successful implementation and marketing of your products/services, you might require undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the target market. As business expansion requires investing huge amounts, therefore you’ll obviously need the assistance of market research consultants. Thus, as reputed market research consultants, we provide productive research of your target market.

2. Infrastructure

After the results of the market research are in your favor, then you will start approaching for an appropriate infrastructure, lands and properties to set up your business unit. Thus, if you are planning business expansion in India, our conglomerate business unit (that deals with infrastructure) will provide the most appropriate lands at very competitive rates.

3. Registering the Company

Now when the proper infrastructure is with you, you will have to get your company registered in India, according to the various legal formalities followed in the country. As a non-native country, you might be unaware of the legal procedures; therefore we will help you out in this regard too (i.e. getting your company registered by fulfilling all the legal formalities).

4. Machine Installation

Starting a company is not enough for business growth. Acquiring technological advanced machinery also holds prime concern for ensuring constant growth. Thus, if you get muddled up in installing a machine in your premises, then we will help you in installing the same. Not only this, but we can also provide you the machineries at discounted prices and translate all the user guides and manuals in your desired language.

5. Human Resource

You cannot excel in your domain, unless and until you possess qualified human resources. Hence, as a certified HR consultancy, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your requirements and needs related to human resource. Not only we recruit candidates for your firm, but also instill a higher degree of motivation and loyalty in them to deliver exceptional results for your growth.

6. Multiple Language Translation

For holding international business conversation and business dealings, you will require the need for multilingual translation that is TridIndia’s forte. With deep-rooted knowledge of all the Indian and foreign languages, we propound error-free and genuine translations as per your specifications.

7. Multilingual Translators/Interpreters

As mentioned above that we are a renowned translation entity, therefore we have garnered a huge database of multilingual translators and interpreters. Hence, if you face any such requirement for eligible translators and interpreters, then we will provide and recruit the most eligible and talented lot for you.

8. Travel Arrangements

Besides all the above services, we also offer value added services, where we arrange all the travel related facilities, while you plan to travel to India. Right from taxi or cab booking to hotel room reservation, we provide everything at nominal rates.

Fulfilling the Needs of Chinese and Indian Companies

With a well-established network in the international market, we aim towards fulfilling the translation, human resource, travel, interpretation and other allied needs of both the Indian as well as Chinese companies. Not only this, our team is always dedicated and devoted towards their work, which facilitates us to keep serving the industry with such positive approach.

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Top Investment Zones in UAE & Tourists Attractions in UAE

Boasting of a number of Top Investment Zones in UAE & Tourists Attractions in UAE, the country is worldwide praised for its thriving economy.

Investment Zones in UAE and Tourists Attractions in UAE


Located in the southeast end of Arabian Peninsula, UAE is bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia, as well as it shares sea borders with Qatar and Iran. UAE was established in December 1971, and is considered as a federation of seven emirates, viz. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah. Further, it has the fourth-largest oil reserves in the world. The nation’s economy is the most diversified one, in the Gulf Cooperation Council. The statistics depicting the UAE’s economy are stated below:

Facts And Figures

  • Since independence, UAE’s economy has grown by almost 231 times the economy in 1971.
  • UAE has the second largest economy in Gulf Cooperation Council (after Saudi Arabia), with a GDP of $570 billion in 2014 and is still increasing.
  • 71% of the country’s total GDP hails from non-oil sectors.
  • In 2009, more than 85% of the country’s economy was based on oil exports, whereas, in the year 2011, the oil exports accounted for nearly 77% of the UAE’s state budget.
  • Nationwide, there are almost $350 billion worth, active projects in construction sector.
  • Within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), the UAE is the premier trading partner of Africa, with nearly 80% of the UAE’s imports from Africa. Primary products imported from Africa are food products and beverages.
  •  Other importing partners of UAE are Japan and China, accounting for 4.52% and 15.03% of the imports from the respective nations.
  • Besides import, UAE also exports to Japan (17.27%), large amounts of oil and aluminum.

From the above facts and figures, it is evident that is thriving and flourishing at a fast pace. But there are factors, as well that contributes to the UAE’s economy:

1. Major Cities

  1. Abu Dhabi – The capital of United Arab Emirates
  2. Dubai – Transport and commerce center of the UAE
  3. Fujairah
  4. Ajman – One of the budget destinations
  5. Sharjah – A cheaper destination
  6. Khor Fakkan
  7. Al Ain – comprises a triangle between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  8. Hatta
  9. Umm al Quwain – The most peaceful Emirate, free from the hussle of city-life

2. Major Languages

  • Arabic (official)
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Persian
  • Hindi

3. Major Free Zones for Investment

Within the Free Trade Zones, the companies can apply for any one of these licenses: Industrial (For companies outside the UAE), National Industrial (For industrial companies incorporated within or outside the UAE), Trading (For locally incorporated companies, and other companies outside the UAE) and Service (only for companies holding a UAE license.). The major free zones are:

  1. Jebel Ali Free Zone
  2. Sharjah’s Hamriyah Free Zone
  3. Fujairah Free Zone
  4. Ajman Free Zone
  5. Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone
  6. Umm Al Quwaim Free Zone
  7. Ra’s al-Khaimah Free Trade Zone
  8. Twofour54 Media & Production Free Zone

4. Most Preferred Tourist Attractions

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Jebel Hafeet
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Bastakia
  • Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
  • Heritage and Diving Village
  • Burj al-Arab
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Sharjah Arts Museum
  • Deira Souks

5. Major Companies

  • Etihad Airways
  • Jumeirah Group
  • Liwa Chemicals
  • Aabar Investments
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • Abu Dhabi National Energy Company
  • Al Gurg
  • Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company
  • SHUAA Capital
  • Estee Lauder
  • DHL
  • Hyatt

Summarizing all the factors in a nutshell, we can say that the UAE’s economy is only gonna flourish in the next few years as well. But the contribution to the blooming UAE’s economy is not just limited to the revenue generating cities, companies, free zones and tourist places; rather the authentic multilingual translations are also a significant aspect that contributes to the country’s prosperity.

UAE understands that the world has liberalized and globalized, thus it necessitates a global trade with multi-cultured business clients. This resulted in listing the UAE companies among the fortune 500 companies of the world. Via pristine multilingual translations, UAE companies became able to:

  • Expand their business units all over the world
  • Gain an edge over their business rivals by nearly 2.04 times
  • Roughly 3 quarters of the companies added and diversified into new markets (international as well as domestic), over the past year
  • They were 1.8 times more likely to report for rapid revenue growth

TridIndia and UAE: A Strong Bond since Years

Whenever it comes to availing quality translation services, most of the companies in UAE, trust TridIndia as the first and last choice. Since our establishment in 2002, we have maintained strong and mutual relationships with ‘n’ number of hi-end companies registered in UAE. Hence, whenever these companies require effective translations for conducting their global business dealings, UAE has always relied on us blind-folded.

TridIndia’s Effective Services

Boasting of a long list of effective services to various global organizations, we aim towards fulfilling various requirements (within our scope) such as:

1. Market Survey

After the advent of Mr. Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister, India is viewed as a lucrative investment sector. Thus, if you are planning to enter into the Indian market, you will face certain issues regarding the tastes and preferences of Indian natives or the scope of your products/services in the market. Further, if you wish to expand into any country, other than India, then also you can be rest assured that you will be guided in the right way, with an effective and comprehensive market survey encompassing each and every small detail related to the competitors, customers and future scope.

2. Infrastructure

After a comprehensive study of the market, you might be thinking about appropriate lands at prime location where you could set up and start your business operations. As diversification has become a natural process for all the organizations, we have also diversified and set up a conglomerate unit that is centered at providing affordable lands for your specific purposes. All over India, if you require any type of property or structures, we can provide you the same at nominal and discounted rates.

3. Company Registration

Now when the land and property is with you and you have established the company structure, it is the time for your company registration. Thus, if you are also planning to set up your business unit in India, we can help you in the entire process of company registration and fulfilling other legal formalities. As you may be unfamiliar with the Indian legal process, therefore you might require our assistance in fulfilling the same.

4. Machine Installation

To keep pace with the ever-changing technologies, you need to incorporate a perfect blend of modern technology and modern machineries within your company’s premises. But it is not as easy as it seems; it is a very complicated task. Hence, if you are in a mid of such situation, then we can guide you throughout the installation process of the machines in any country. Further, we can also provide you the machines at discounted rates.

5. Human Resource Services

A company is useless without competent human resource. If you search the web for TridIndia, you’ll find that we, not only expertise in translating languages, but also in satisfying the human resource requirements of the organizations. After a long struggle and constant efforts, we have finally reaped the fruit of our labor in terms of an established and recognized HR consultancy. Further, our proficient team of HR consultants, excel in recruiting all types of candidates (as per your specifications and profiles), for all industries and at all locations. Till date, we have recruited more than 6000 candidates in UAE.

6. Multilingual Translations

As mentioned earlier, we are a reputed translation company that is centered at delivering error-free translation services in all the Indian and foreign languages. No matter, where your company is officially registered or what are your translation requirements, we fulfill all of them with utmost professionalism and brilliance. Right from Hindi to Arabic, we translate all the languages under the stern guidance of certified translators.

7. Multilingual Translators/Interpreters

Serving the translation industry since a long time, our HR team has accumulated a weighable list of experienced multilingual translators and interpreters. We keep receiving requirements for translators and interpreters from various global organizations. The major factor that drives the organizations to prefer our HR consultancy than others is that we provide them experienced and certified candidates who are versed with multiple languages.

8. Travel & Accommodation Arrangements

As business associates, you might have a scheduled appointment for various business meetings in various countries. Thus, if someday you meeting happen to be conducted in India and you are concerned about travel and accommodation arrangements, then you can always trust TridIndia for this. Not only just for business meetings; if you are travelling to India for any purpose, we will arrange hotels, conference halls, auditoriums, cabs and other related stuff for you.

Affordable Services for UAE and Indian Companies

Set up with an oath that we will continually serve our clients with utmost loyalty and honesty, our translation company has achieved higher acclaim from all our previous clients. Our glorifying achievements and constant efforts have fostered our team to manage the workflow in such a manner that prompts us to charge very minimal rates from the clients. We serve not only the Indian companies, but also the companies in UAE, with utter devotion and positive approach towards them.

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Top Investment Zones in Turkey & Tourists Attraction in Turkey

With a number of Top Investment Zones in Turkey & Tourists Attraction in Turkey, this nation is one of the most preferred choices for entrepreneurs (for investment) and tourists (on account of spell-bounded destinations).

Major Investment Zones and Tourists Attraction in Turkey

Largely located in Western Asia, Turkey is bordered by eight countries, viz. Bulgaria, Armenia, Greece, Iraq, Georgia, Nakhchivan, Iran and Syria. Turkey is a unitary, democratic, constitutional and secular republic with a diverse or multifold cultural heritage. With Turkish as the official language of the country, it constitutes almost 85 percent of the native-speaking population. Due to extensive liberalization of tariff rates, Turkey has the 17th largest nominal GDP in the entire world. The statistics representing Turkish economy is stated below:-


Major Statistics

  • Export partners of turkey are: Iraq (7.1%), Germany (8.6%), Iran (6.5%), UAE (5.4%) and UK (5.7%).
  • Turkey’s exports were $143.5 billion and $163 billion in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The figures reached to $158 billion in 2014.
  • Import partners of turkey are: Russia (11.3%), China (9%), Germany (9%), Italy (5.6%) and US (6%).
  • Turkey’s imports in 2012 amounted to $229 billion, whereas in 2014 it raised up to $242 billion.
  • Major sectors contributing to Turkish economy are home appliances, food, mining, banking, construction, textiles, iron and steel, electronics, oil refining, petrochemical products and machine industry.
  • Foreign direct investment in 2012 was $8.3 billion, while it increased to $12.5 billion in 2014.

Besides the above mentioned statistics, the other areas that are the major benefactors towards thriving Turkish economy are:-


1. Major Industrial Cities in Turkey

  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Izmir
  • Bursa
  • Antalya


2. Major Investment Zones in Turkey


• Technology Development Zones

Technology Development Zones are designed to support R&D and high technology fields. There are 59 TDZs in Turkey.


• Organized Industrial Zones

They are designed to enable companies to operate within an environment that boasts of ready-to-use social facilities and infrastructure. There are 290 such zones in 80 provinces of Turkey.


• Free Zones

These zones are designed in order to increase the number of export-centric investments. There are 20 free zones in Turkey.


3. Major Tourists Attraction in Turkey

  • Aya Sofya
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Pamukkale
  • Sumela Monastery
  • Mount Nemrut
  • Bodrum Castle
  • Patara Beach
  • Oludeniz
  • Blue Mosque
  • Library of Celsus
  • Aspendos Theatre


4. Top-Notch Companies

  • Beko
  • Vestel
  • Ford Otomotiv
  • Tofaş
  • Ereğli Iron and Steel Co.
  • Oyak Renault
  • Aygaz
  • Petkim
  • Halk Bankası
  • Mavi Jeans
  • BMC
  • Hunca Cosmetics


Looking at the wider and flourishing Turkey market, boasting of major tourists attractions, companies, investment zones, cities etc., it is evident that why Turkey has the world’s 17th largest nominal GDP.

If we talk about the world as a whole, one of the key rationales behind the burgeoning economy or revenues gained by any country is not just limited to the above mentioned factors; rather it involves a comprehensive and accurate translation of various documents relevant for conducting business beyond its national boundaries.


How Important the Translations Are, For Turkey

As discussed above, authentic translation is a precursor to conduct business dealings across the globe. Thus, the Turkish economy also necessitates availing premium multilingual translation services, because of the multitude benefits borne to translations, such as:

  • Precise translations are a viable way to negotiate terms with international clients or local companies for tie-ups.
  • In order to possess a global understanding of a particular region and its life, it is necessary to get the various art forms such as films, music and literature translated into native language.
  • As per the recent survey, most of the SMEs that were almost negligible in existence saw a drastic rise in revenues by undertaking supreme grade translation services.
  • The tourists around the world complain of being tricked by crooks, as they are unfamiliar with the popular destinations. The main reason for such negative word-of-mouth is the absence of authentic translations. Hence, translation is a crucial factor for attracting tourists.

If you are a resident of Turkey, and are unsatisfied with your existing translation service provider or wishing to locate the same with an established track-record, then you must thoroughly analyze the international market and compare the available options.

Listed among the top-notch translation companies, we have attained a benchmark in the industry for providing authentic multilingual translations. Since our establishment, our efforts are centered at providing complete value for money to the clients. Thus, these constant efforts resulted in facilitating strong mutual relationship with some of the most renowned entities, including HP, NIIT Technologies, L&T and so forth. Our team aims at assisting the clients in ‘n’ number of services, such as:


1. Error-Free Multilingual Translation

As mentioned above, we are a renowned translation service provider with a huge client base across the globe. In line with the different dialects and nuances of a language, our team delivers flawless translation of all the relevant documents within specified timely and budgetary constraints. Furthermore, we specialize in providing the translations for all Indian and foreign language. Thus, all your translation needs can be fulfilled just at one place, i.e. TridIndia.

To provide you a glimpse of our wide range of translation services, we have listed some of them below:


• Certificate Translation

Our wide range of certificate translation services range from school certificates and character certificates to insurance papers and corporate documents. Read more..


• Legal Translation

With deep-rooted knowledge in the field of law, we offer legal documents’ translation for various specialized areas, such as estate planning, family law, product liability, debt solution and much more. Read more..


• Website & Software Translation

With a view to assist the clients in gaining a competitive edge in the international market, our team localizes and translates the website and software into the desired target language of the client. We work on numerous file formats, including Delphi, JavaScript, C, Flash and C++.


• Tourism and Hospitality

Whether you are a Cruise Operator, Aviation Company, Car Rental Agency, Hotel or any other entity related to tourism and hospitality industry, we ensure for 100% accuracy and timely delivery of flawless translation assignment.


• Medical Translation

Maintain conformity to high quality, safety and effectiveness, our native translators makes sure that the translated assignment consists of precise usage of medical terminology. With error-free translation of patient reports, clinical documents, labeling, pharmaceutical website etc., we have emerged as a trustworthy translation service provider in the global market. Read more..


2. Experienced Interpreter at Your Service

Besides tremendous expertise in the domain, our organization also boasts of skilled and talented manpower that is well-versed with interpretation skills. In case, you require an interpreter for any specific language, you can always rely on us and our deft team of interpreters. Read more..


3. Comprehensive HR Solutions

With an aim to redefine human resource management practices in the present-day workplace, we direct all our efforts towards providing the worldwide organizations with precise human resource consulting services. Our team works to instill motivation in the eligible candidates, so that they could be an asset to your organization. Read more..


4. Company Registration

If you wish to start a new venture or company in India, but unaware about the legal formalities and procedures for the company registration, then we can surely be your helping hand in this regard too. Right from filling up the application form to initiating the final formalities for registration, we will guide you throughout the process with zero mess.


5. Your Property Partner

As the globalized business world is a diverse entity in itself, so does our organization. Besides the above mentioned services, we have diversified our operations in infrastructure sector as well. Boasting of a talented team of property agents, we help the potential customers in buying lavish lands and structures (offices, schools, hotels etc.).


6. Escalate Your Tourism Experience

Going out on a tour with friends, family or colleagues, is one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. But how to upgrade the entire tourism experience remains the prime concern. Thus, to relieve the tourists from all worries, we provide each and every service related to tourism. Right from ticket booking to hotel reservation, you can always rely on our prompt services for travel and tourism.


TridIndia as an Ally for Turkish and Indian Companies

In line with current market scenario and technological advances, we keep updating our knowledge to deliver improved results to the clients, each time they contact us. Owing to our huge clientele all around the world, we are engaged in serving our premium translation, interpretation and other services to various global hi-end organizations. Further, specifically talking about Turkish and Indian companies, we render quality services in each spectrum of professional life. Hence, regardless of your identity as an Indian or Turkish company, our team will always bear a dedicated and positive attitude while guiding, assisting and working for you.

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