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Applications of Speech to Text Translators for Industry Players

In the growing era of technology, speech to text conversion or transcription has evolved as a critical element for the major industry players of today’s marketplace. Converting audio into text format is into existence, since a long period of time; it’s just that the people have become aware about it. Hence, a major proportion of companies search for qualified transcriptionists to convert audio reports into a text file. No matter, it is electrical engineering, linguists, healthcare, computer science or any other modern industry; this speech to text conversion is applicable in almost all types of sectors for a multiple needs.

Often, it happens that the organizations rely on latest smart technologies to get the audios converted into text version. It’s actually in the trend today. Hence, using automatic tools brings no wonder or surprise. But, it should be understood that machine will always remain a machine. 100% accuracy cannot always be guaranteed. Therefore, one must always keep contact with human speech to text translators who convert the audio into text plus translate the text into multiple languages.

Applications of Speech to Text Translators

As mentioned above, these translators conduct both the activities of audio conversion and text translation, hence, it can be understood that they are of prime importance to any organization. Some of the sectors where these professionals deliver excellent results are:

1. Education

For language training, these translators or professionals are greatly demanded. It helps one learn multitude of languages plus their pronunciation, grammar and sentence formation. Students who suffer from learning disabilities can also benefit from this activity. Many academic institutions organize seminars or summer classes where such professionals are called upon to provide training to the weak students (who could not pronounce or write words properly).

2. Medical Industry

These professionals are highly demanded in the medical industry. The need of converting the audio reports of patients, treatments or other medical info has facilitated the physicians and clinicians to hire experts in speech conversion. Further, to make sure that the text is clearly understood by the doctors or other allied professionals, the report is sent for multilingual translation. Often, both the tasks are performed by the same individual.

3. Gaming

In the gaming sector also, such experts hold prime importance. In some video games, you might have realized that as the game starts, an audio plays, describing all about the game and its story. Thus, such audios are often converted into text format in varied languages, so that the user understands every aspect of the game. Further, it helps the business owners the business owners keep a record of the audio files, to introduce a new game each time.

A new approach to win your market
Outsourcing the quality native experts, can be helpful for you to win the global market. The modern software or technologies are no doubt, smart enough; but, experience and talent of human professionals can never be ignored. So, to keep a record of everything happening in the market, it is necessary to rely on activities like the speech conversion.


Why Translation Software is Inapt for Official Communication

Official or professional communication is a milestone on which a business runs. Smooth communication between two or more business parties ensures the successful achievement of a deal. This implies that you will be able to crack a deal only if you conduct a smooth and error-free communication. At times, when this communication is to be held with foreign clients, the chances to make an error increases by multiple times. Further, communication does not always mean the face to face conversation. It also relates to the communication through official papers or contracts etc.

Some business owners often commit the mistake of relying on a translation software that might offer you instant results, but cannot assure quality. So, to succeed in the global marketplace, you need to keep distance from any automatic translation software.

Few of the many reasons have been highlighted below that every business owner should keep in mind:

1. Decreased Quality Level

The quality level in the translation assignments is very poor. This is basically due to the fact that a machine or a tool cannot understand how a sentence is structured, how the phrases or terminologies are used, what are the exact synonyms of a word in a particular context etc. a human native translator, on the contrary, excels at phrasing the sentences and using appropriate terminologies.

2. Unaware of the Mental Outlook

This is also somewhere related to the quality of translation. A machine cannot understand the emotions with which a particular sentence is written. Normally, the marketing or promotional materials are written in a manner to touch the chords of the customer. Hence, the translation would be such that helps the marketer in approaching the customer. A machine does not understand such emotional texts or language, so it might turn up as a rude message for the customers.

3. Unavailability of Languages

Generally, not all languages are available on the automatic translation tool. If you study about every language, you will find that there are number of regional languages as well that might not be available in the tool. Further, the few language dialects are also generally unavailable that creates a problem with the business owners.

4. Literal Translations

The software actually does not understand the context in which something is being said. It performs a literal or word to word translation. Such translation never portrays the real meaning or message within the content. Hence, the quality is definitely not at the upfront.

There are more factors about the software that makes it an inappropriate choice for the business owners. Do not let the software eat up your revenues. When it is the matter of official communication, do not rely on the automatic tool blindly. Human translators are actually professionals with immense experience in their genre. They are well versed about each and every fact associated with quality translation. Hence, quality level is guaranteed with a thorough quality check.


Why Multilingual Translation is a Saviour to Websites Owners

Every entrepreneur of today plans to go global. But, only few of them sail through. Entering the global market is not that easy, as it seems. While you are conducting your business in the domestic market, you need not to think much about the culture or language of the customers, as you are aware about the target culture. But, when it comes to a foreign country, you need to be very alert. The content of the website needs to purely in line with the foreign culture and language. A single mistake in understanding the target language or culture can cost you huge amount and losses.

Hence, multilingual translation is a savior, here. Whether, it is the website or online promotions, multilingual translation definitely aid the website owners in a number of ways. Thus, he or she must understand that targeting the global audience, not just invites revenues, but also huge amount technicalities. These technicalities (like culture language, preferences, demographics etc), if understood and precisely worked upon, can benefit the business owner from all ends.

To accomplish this, one must keep few tips in mind. These tips plus quality translation will keep a website owner away from any mistake:

1. Keep Everything Simple

Launching your business in a non-native country is a challenging task. Often in such situations, website owners freak out and make everything complicated. In an effort to make sure that the translated website reaps rich results, the site owners end up getting complex translated information on their website. It should be noted that translation should be precise and clear. You need not to provide long information on the translated website. Short, but clear translated information would be more than enough.

2. Avoid Automatic Translation Tools

Do not, ever use the automatic translation tools. Such automatic tools are just not worth your money. These tools, no doubt will provide you quick and instant results. But, they do not commit quality. On the other hand, translation through human natives, offer pristine grade quality within specific period of time. Also, the experts have a complete know-how on translating multiple languages.

3. Avoid Internal Translations

Some business owners assign the task of translation to their employees who are versed in the target language. This is done to reduce cost. Although, in such cases, the cost is reduced, yet quality level is not met. An employee might know a different language. But, it doesn’t mean that he or she could translate the text pretty well. So, try to avoid this.

4. Search a Reputed Translation Agency

A task that requires expert supervision should always be performed by deft professionals. Hence, it is your responsibility to look for reputed translation partners in India and others nations in the world. Such agencies offer quality translation in a multitude of languages. These multiple languages will then spread your brand message worldwide among different niches. Hence, translation can really be your savior, if you choose the right service provider.

Translation is a precious pearl for you. Don‘t let it go away. A proper use of multilingual translation on your website, marketing collaterals and others can be highly beneficial for your business goals and objectives. You might have always dreamt of success and constant growth. So, using the translation, your dream can come true.

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How to Multilingual Recruiters Must Apply Onboarding Strategy

If you are a reputed Multilingual Recruitment Agency that is currently in a high-growth mode and recruiting new candidates rapidly, then the onboarding strategy might hold a significant importance for your firm. It’s actually very easy to just welcome the new employees on their very first day and conduct an orientation session describing the list of facts including that where they should sit, whom they should report and what is their never-ending list of tasks etc. performing this, you have certainly guaranteed higher turnover from the employee in his first year of employment. To make sure that the most proficient candidates stick around, you need to adopt an effective onboarding strategy that results in constant development for both the organization as well as the new employee. Further, the proposed strategy assures job satisfaction, improved job performance and greater organizational commitment from new employees’ end.

The four steps, listed below describe ways to ensure that you start off on the right foot: –

1. Initiate the Onboarding Strategy during Recruitment Process

During recruitment process, make sure that you treat all candidates with utmost respect. Constantly Follow up with them, keep them updated what is going on during the entire process, and determine when they will receive the final decision. Also, expose the candidates to your organizational culture while recruiting.

2. Be Ready For Their Warm Welcome

Remember that there is no excuse for a lack of preparation. Make sure that the direct supervisors provide a warm welcome to the new employees. Have their workspace prepared for them, Assign a team member to introduce the new employees with other employees and invite them to lunch on the first day and Ensure they join discussions and meetings that are relevant to their job.

3. Opportunity to the New Hires

Make sure that the new hires contribute phenomenal business ideas and input in the first week itself. Since, you hired them for their superior skills and ideas, so let them input their creative thoughts immediately. You can even schedule a session with your founder or any other higher authority so that they can provide useful feedback. These types of activities are essential for infusing positive attitude in the new hires. Eventually they will be satisfied by their job role by investing significantly in the success of your company.

4. Share Feedback Regularly

Start providing feedback to the new employees on a regular basis. No need of any formal reviews, just describe, how the new hire is performing. On a regular basis, tell them about the areas where they excelled and where they still need to improve. Connect them with other employees who can teach or train them regarding the things they need to know. Make sure to draw connections between their inputs and the company’s success.


By simply following these four steps for undertaking an onboarding strategy, your Multilingual Recruitment Agency will definitely boast of productive and engaged employees from their very first day.


How to Make Your Firm Smart with English Translation Services

The Internet has been regarded as a great medium for connecting people from all over the world. Not only people, but also the businesses have gone global by connecting with different customer groups and different market segments. However the language still remains a significant challenge for most of the businesses to cater to a larger audience. Here comes, the role of error-free English Translation Services that are the most trusted way out to communicate with any individual in his/her native language. In recent times, the English translation has helped many businesses to bridge the cultural gap between them and their customers, thereby enabling effective and smooth communication.

Not only this, these services today are aimed at making the firms and their business communications smart, for gaining a larger part in revenue. This is accomplished to the numerous benefits borne to these, such as:

• Cognizance of Cultural Identities and Differences

English translations offer an insight into the attitudes and culture of the target country. For instance, while reading books and novels from reputed authors such as Agatha Christie or Shakespeare, we learn something about that particular culture or mentality of the masses at that time.

• Reach Out To a Larger Audience

These services can help your businesses grow and flourish to newer markets and segments, as there is no point to stay local when your products/services hold the potential to meet the demands of a larger audience.

• Technical Translation

It is seen that many companies have very technical text with enormous usage of specific jargons that require to be translated precisely. Thus, English Translation helps in converting the technical documentation into a number of languages. This in turn, helps the users to understand the jargons and technical language better, and that too in their own language.

• Internet commerce

Online business is not uncommon, now-a-days. Even if your website solely targets towards a specific set of people in a country, you would still find people from all the corners of the world visiting your site. Hence, via quality English Translation Services, you can get your website translated into ‘n’ number of languages that will help you attract more visitors and increase your sales revenues.


You make be more prosperous than ever, if you utilize these se4rvices effectively or hire the most trusted translation brand for deriving improved results for you.


Importance of French Translation in Boosting APP Store Ranking and Sales

These days the online app stores are on a hike. Thus, the business of app store has intensified its roots in the globalized world, giving birth to cut-throat competition internationally. This has eventually led the marketers to ponder over the major aspects that would rank their online app store higher on various search engines. Trends show that, since the advent of online stores, the marketers are thoroughly scrutinizing to evolve with great ‘rank boosting ideas’. After comprehensive analysis, research showed that language translation is an ideal way out to translate the app store into different languages for a better global reach.

How Can French Translation Save Money

As mentioned above, app store ranking is dependent on language translation. For each and every business to thrive, it is important to invest time and money significantly at the right time at the right place. Hence, translating the app into every language would neither be possible for you, nor beneficial in terms of revenue. Hence, business analysts advocate for certified French Language Translation, as French is highly prioritized language in the business world. There are a number of non-English speaking nations that can be targeted with these translations. Also, with French translation, you will be able to cover a significant proportion of market with just a minimal investment, thereby saving a lot of money and other resources.

The Power of Localization

According to statistics, the modern customers are downloading the apps heavily in their native language, specifically French language. As a result, it has turned out to be an important strategy for the marketers to employ for greater sales. Other reason for employing this strategy is the fact that through translation, the app also gets localized. Thus, it has two-fold benefits.

Not just this, the recent survey reported that the more the apps are translated into French, the more the apps are getting downloaded. Since, the translated apps also features localizations, the marketers are definitely offering phenomenal experience to their customers. If you have still not localized your app, then you must do so, as it is the only way to rank it higher. The benefits borne to translation and localization of app might be clear from the following:

  • Translation and localization increased the app download by more than 128% within one week.
  • 27% of the marketers agreed that they clearly noticed the sales growth after translating and localizing their app.
  • 39% of the marketers enjoyed the benefits of high revenue through French translation.

Reach To Global Market

The US, Japan and Korea markets are known to generate more revenues via translated app downloads than other countries combined. Even the markets in Russia, Brazil, India and China collectively grew 120%. Hence, it is needless to describe the wide scope of App Translation in today’s modernized competitive era. Minimum 80% of the online population can be targeted via localized and translated app. Among Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Korean and other languages, French has significantly come up with assured results.


The modern app developers need to generate flexible translation solutions, in order to increase the global app demand. This is necessary for evoking out the constructive benefits from the marketing campaigns. Further, through pristine app localization and translation, companies are on a positive side to save money, shorten the timelines to market their product and attain better visibility and workflow.


Why Engineering Sector Go Abreast With Japanese Translation

Known as the most advanced producer of machine tools, motor vehicles, electronics, steel, chemical substances and ships, Japan is definitely the third largest economy in the world. With its engineering expertise, Japan has always focused primarily on precision and high-tech goods, viz. hybrid vehicles, optical instruments and robotics. Hence, the engineering industry contributes almost 24% of the GDP of this nation. Inspite of all such achievements and competitive edge in the international market, the country seems to be inclined towards a certain pattern that is basically the driving force of Japanese engineering sector in today’s competitive world. The point here arises as to what is the key element (apart from engineering expertise) that makes Japan outperform in the international engineering market. So, the simple yet powerful pattern adopted by most of the Japanese firms is, Japanese translation.

Sudden Shift to Translation

Since years, Japan has been serving the marketers and even households with various automotive and electronic products. No wonder, the trade across the boundaries was prevalent way back before, but the products offered by the country were just limited to the metropolitan cities of various nations. Also, a number of market segments and niches were reported to be unnoticed and un-served with the engineering products. This impacted the growth in sales. Here the market players realized the real element that they were lacking. After years of research and analysis, productive Japanese Language Translation came as something that was lacking in the engineering industry, thereby holding back the sales growth. So, the Japanese firms shifted to effective translation in order to reach to a wider audience. Due to translation, the firms were able to:

  • Target the unidentified niches and demographics
  • Establish a constant connect with the target audience in their native language
  • Boost the sales graph

Hence, it leaves no doubt that why Japanese engineering industry and translation go side by side.

Extent of Dependability on Translation

Japanese translation (as already mentioned above) started to be used as the source of reaching and targeting a wider base of audience. Gradually as the usage of translation started to grow, the key players in this industry decided to utilize this translation method at the root level, as this effort would help the marketers to localize their services according the target audience. Hence, be it production engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, materials management, computer science or operations management, the translation into/from Japanese language also started for manufacturing and engineering studies, such as the ones below:

  • Computer-aided technologies
  • Putting-out system
  • Just in time
  • Mass production
  • Craft or Guild
  • Prefabrication
  • Mass customization
  • Lean manufacturing
    And the like

How Come Recruitments Are Related

You might wonder that in the engineering translation sector, how come recruitments can be correlated. But it is a certain fact that translation has widened his horizon and touches every sphere of human life. Hence, most of the Engineering Translation Services providers are directed to undertake the task with utmost proficiency. As far as relation of recruitments is concerned, the role of translation is quite evident here also, as these days, the number of students opting for engineering stream has drastically increased. One of its several reasons may be its attractive salary packages. Some of the statistics that prove that recruitments are related are:

  • Almost 1.7m and 900k students have been admitted for bachelor’s and master degree’s engineering course, respectively. So, the chances of recruitments increases and thus comes the task of translating their recruitment related certificates and other documents.
  • A huge number of mechanical engineers from all over the world are hired for a salary of approx. $3.3 million.
  • Nearly 7 out 10 individuals vote for choosing the engineering sector for study and job.


The modern engineering sector has found effective ways to target the masses by involving translation at each and every step of progression. Hence, keeping abreast with Japanese translation has helped the sector in multitude ways. For the upcoming years as well the translation would keep mesmerizing the said industry with its lucrative benefits.


Conversation in English Can Be Easy For Anyone in the World

English conversion is really important these days. Even at the school and college level, students are taught about the language. Not just this, speaking in English is considered to be mandatory for all teachers and students. This ensures that the English speaking skills get better and better. Right from the moment, we enter school till we become graduate or post-graduate, we are always taught in English, so that the lack of conversation skills do not hinder our way in the professional or daily life. Further, it is regarded as a global language. Therefore, it serves as a connecting bridge for two or more non-native individuals.

In a nutshell, it can be said that English is the key to lead a successful life. If you are non-native to English language, then you must definitely join a language learning course, else try the following:

1. Look for Knowledge Expansion

According to an Indian English translation company, a language learner should always look for his knowledge expansion. Try reading books, newspapers, journals or magazines in English language. If you do not love reading too much, you can watch some popular Hollywood movies or shows. Now-a-days, the cartoons are also telecasted in English language. So, even while sitting with your kid, you can learn English language from the cartoon show.

2. Visit US or UK

Americans and Britishers are known to speak the finest English in the world. Hence, if you’ll visit the country, you’ll come across different culture, accent and the style of speaking. Listen to the people, observe how they form the sentence structure and use it fluently in the conversation. Although, the English spoken in US or UK is a bit different, yet visiting there would definitely add to your knowledge and improve your skills considerably.

3. Be Friends with English Speaking Natives

Another thing that you can try is to be friends with English speaking natives. If you are unable to visit US or UK, you can contact the individuals on social media platforms. Social media sites are the perfect platform where you can connect with ‘n’ number of people. Talk to them, crack jokes, giggle over silly talks etc. this will certainly help your conversational skills improve. This can also be a fun way to learn English dialect grammar rules.

4. Become a Part-Time Tutor

You can also become a tutor at school or work as a private tutor. If you feel that you are now pretty aware about the language and hold good command over basics, then you can ideally try being a tutor for kids. This will help you learn new experiences and utilization of English. When we help someone learn a particular skill, we also gain some knowledge. So, try it; it will definitely help.


English is not hard to learn or understand. Actually, nothing is difficult if you try positively, investing all your efforts. So, try and keep trying to converse in English. You can find more ways to talk in English, when you actually start practicing the language. So, cheers to the language.. Cheers to your efforts..!!

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A Pure Linguists’ Guide to Understand Dialect Grammar Rules

Often, it is believed that only languages have grammar and not the dialects within the languages. However, this is not true. All the dialects, whether traditional or contemporary have certain grammar rules that every linguist should know. The languages have certain set of rules that are applied while speaking or practicing the language, and so does the dialects. Hence, if you are a translator, language learner or even a business owner; you must know the different types of languages, their regional dialects and the grammar rules within.

Listed below are some of the dialects that are not much known today, but certainly hold importance for a linguist:

1. African-American English

According to the language experts, this dialect is borne to a number of features and attributes. Some of the major English translation services providers say that this dialect focuses on the word BIN. This is different from the word BEEN. If you study about this, you’ll find that ‘bin’ is used in varied sentences like ‘she bin married’. It might resemble like ‘she has been married’. But, both the sentences differ in their meaning. The word ‘bin’ represents a remote past tense. It can also be used at places where ‘been’ is not usually used.

2. Appalachian English

The dialect Appalachian English is famous for the use of a- prefix attached to the verbs. If you do not have knowledge about its correct utilization, it is for sure that mistakes will happen. It should be noted that this prefix can be attached only to verbs and not to adjectives, gerunds or prepositions. ‘He was a-huntin’. This is the perfect example to understand this.

3. Southern American English

The use of ‘liketa’ is a major feature of Southern American English. This word can be said close to the word ‘almost’. But, it does not mean exactly like the word ‘almost’. It can be sued in sentences like ‘I liketa had a severe panic attack.’ This word (liketa) is always used in past tense and may co-occur with ‘just’. The English translation company names in Delhi are known to follow all the rules of dialect grammar. Further speaking, ‘liketa’ can be used in both negative and positive sentences. However, it cannot be used in commands and questions.


It does not matter, whether or not you wish to build your career in the language or translation industry; but you must certainly discover theories that contribute in developing human linguistic knowledge. Further, this language knowledge is also highly important for the business owners. Before investing into any particular niche, you must have apt knowledge regarding the language and dialects. In a nutshell, it is both knowledgeable and interesting at the same time.

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Do I Need Translation Partners to Meet My Business Goal?

In today’s world of globalization, gaining a competitive edge in your domain has become a dire necessity. So, wherever possible, you need to think about fruitful ways that lead you towards quality enabled solutions. Further, as the market is rapidly evolving. Hence, the importance of language and translation should be the first thing on your mind. Language is important because it serves as the mode of communication between you and your clients. On the other hand, translation is doubly important because it eliminates any language barrier coming your way. It should be noted that to enter the globalized market, you need to be aware of the target language plus culture. Without prior knowledge, you cannot bask in the sunshine of growing sales and revenues.

So, what can be the solution to this? Well..!! The only and most effective way out, is to look for translation partners. These partners are actually the global translation companies that help business owners in boosting international sales.

Translation is a Waste of Money – Really??

Often, you may think that translation would only cost you extra money and nothing else. With such a perception, business owners end up translating their professional chats and other stuff through varied automatic translation tools. The result of such a puerile decision comes out to be a sheer loss, in terms of time, money, revenues, quality and other resources. The one, who learns a lesson from his inane activities, becomes a master in the global market; while the one who keeps on ignoring the translation assistance, lingers at the same old position (where he was few years back).

So, definitely translation is not a wastage of money; rather, it invites revenue for your business

Translation Partners + Business Goal

It is now quite clear that translation is your right hand, when it comes to investing into a foreign market. Hence, looking for translation partners should be your first task on the priority list. As translation invites global customers; the translation partners pave way for a qualitative translation outcome. They help you meet your desired business goal. Specifically talking; if you collaborate with a reputed agency, you might gain the following benefits:

  • Access to better results.
  • Leverage what the translation company excels at (localization, creativity, cultural knowledge etc.).
  • Chance to collaborate with the most knowledgeable industry experts. This will help you leapfrog the competitors in the global market.
  • You will be able to concentrate on your core competencies, leaving all the translation worries on your translation partner.
  • Achieve the finest of business solutions.

Becoming the best in different business activities requires whole lot of practice, time and focus. However, to mere survive in this cut-throat competitive world; you need to be honest with your work, sharp-minded and also SMART at your work. If you think that you can become expert at your core skills plus translation, within a short span of time, then this can just be called as ‘living in a fantasy world’. Gaining expertise demands time and you might not have that amount of time with you. The modern success policy says – work smart, not hard. So, work smart and look for the translation partners who can aid your business growth and work hand in hand to satisfy your business goal.

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