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Twitter App Embarks a New Initiative for Visually Impaired Users

Twitter app now embarks on a new initiative for visually impaired users. This implies that accessing and understanding images would be easier for those who suffer from visual impairments.

Twitter adds image descriptions

Whenever an image would be posted on the site, the users will have the option to add description for the image. The android and iOS users can provide a description of almost 420 characters.

This description would be accessed and read by the visually impaired users, just like any other text via assistive technology.

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According to the last year reports, it was found that it is due to the tweets with photos that attract huge engagement on twitter. The visually impaired users had to use the third-party workarounds for alternative text.

But, with this feature in the app, twitter has certainly given a lovely surprise to its visually impaired users.

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According to Venture Beat, this feature will help the search engines find specific tweets. Further, it would be useful through API partners and within Twitter’s own search field.


Pakistanian Referred as the Language Spoken in Pakistan

Recently, ‘Pakistanian’ was referred as the language spoken in Pakistan in a comics. This left the social media in shock. Actually, the famous DC Comics has mentioned Pakistanian as the language spoken in Pakistan in one of the comics launched recently.

DC Comics has mentioned Pakistanian as the language spoken in Pakistan

This is the reason why the company is facing criticism on the social media.

Khaver Siddiqi who is a Pakistani writer tweeted an image of a scene in the comic where it is written “all translated from Pakistanian”.

This is the scene from “Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2”. Actually, this comic is about the story of two superheros who are responsible for rescuing shepherds from blue-faced demigod.

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In this comic the shepherds are in the Shimshal region of Pakistan.

All over twitter, people are tweeting about their views on this blunder.

According to some, even the people who live in Pakistan might have never heard about this language.

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The host of the Karachi based radio wonders, if someone could teach her this new language known as “Pakistanian”.


Now, Make Transactions through Twitter

In the near future, you could make transactions through Twitter. This is because of the partnership that was announced between the company and another company ‘Lookup’.

make transaction through twitter

So, users will be able to make appointments and transactions easily. Lookup provides a direct messaging platform to the customers and retailers. So, they can easily chat with each other

Almost 1.2 million users are registered in it. Users will be allowed to send a message to @lookuplite for making transactions, inquiring for services.

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At present the buy button is greatly helping the users, as it helps the users to buy anything directly within the network. Now, with option, people will be able to make payment and orders.

According to reports, it is said that Twitter’s monitoring capabilities and API will be used, in order to connect merchant and the customer.

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It is also said that the users will not be connected through phone numbers; rather Google Maps will be used. Google Maps will provide info about the retailers in the particular area.


Twitter to Improve its Apps on iPad and iPhone

Twitter, the microblogging service is planning to improve its app across iPhone and iPad. This is done to bring it in tandem with experiences that users have on Cupertino’s handset.

Twitter Improve Apps on iPad iPhone

A responsive design has been visioned (adapting websites layouts to varied screen sizes automatically) by focusing on major aspects, such as, size class, canvas, typography, device and orientation.

Last month, Twitter supported language extension and now this, effort by twitter will surely give a comfortable experience top the users.

Twitter says that the app is just like a pyramid, where the width of the content adjusts with respect to text-size changes; while other aspects, such as profile headers requires modification just under that.

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