Chinese to English Translation Services in Delhi-New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai

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TridIndia is a leading translation company with voluminous experience in the field of Chinese-English translation services. Our highly competent, native Chinese translators have been in the Chinese-English translation field for over 15 years, providing accurate and reliable Chinese to English as well as English to Chinese translation services to several key clients all over the world.

Growing Importance of Chinese-English translation services

Standard Chinese is one of the six official languages of the United Nations as well as the official language of China and one of the four official languages of Singapore, while Mandarin is the highest natively spoken language in the world. The growing importance of China as a key exporter in several sectors, apart from the lucrative opportunity of selling goods and services in the  vast Chinese market, have together propelled the requirement for reliable and affordable Chinese-English translation services.

Native Chinese translators

We carefully handpick our native Chinese translators based on their linguistic expertise, area of specialization as well as immaculate understanding of Chinese culture and social norms, in order to deliver the finest quality of Chinese-English translation services.

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