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Get exceptional quality Chinese Translation Services in Delhi NCR India UAE Dubai by Reputed Chinese Translation Agency with Native Translators, ISO Certified, 100% Quality and Stratification. With an established track record of delivering authentic translation services, we have set a benchmark in the domain in terms of translation quality and perfectionism. This results in delivering utmost customer satisfaction and attaining a positive word-of-mouth from our valuable clients. Be it any translation project related to mobile apps, arms and ammunitions, apparels, chemical fertilizer, ships, locomotives etc, we offer pristine translation services in a variety of languages at very competitive rates.

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Fundamental Features of Chinese Language

  • Chinese is widely spoken by the Han majority along with various other ethnic groups in China
  • Almost 16% of the total world’s population speaks Chinese as their first language
  • The standardized form of Chinese language is based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin
  • Chinese is the first language to be written in Latin characters during the 16th century
  • Chinese has a significant importance in USA too. The number of foreign candidates opting for China’s official Chinese Proficiency Test had risen sharply to 750,000 people in 2010


Services Proposed By Our Translation Agency

1. Legal Translation

 legal translation   With an aim to reflect the exact meaning in the translated assignment as in the source document, we work closely with our translators to ensure the precise usability of legal terminology and phrases. Hence, we propound authentic translation services in Chinese for patent applications, court documents, maritime law, mergers & acquisitions, corporate litigation and so forth.


2. Market Research Translation

market research translationTranslating your target market research documents can a valuable tool for your business success. Chinese market is a treasure of business opportunities. Thus, to deliver accurate information to the clients, we provide seamless translation of any language into Chinese and vice versa.


3. Technical Translation

content writingBacked by a deft team of trained translators, we offer superior quality technical translations related to CAD Drawings, Safety Manuals, MSDS and Data Sheets, websites, Bill of Materials and other technical documents. Also, our experts make sure that the translated assignment is delivered with maximum conformity to technical terminology and flawlessness.


4. Press Release Translation

press release writingA multilingual Press Release Translation enables companies to multiply the impact of their messages as well as boost their reputation. We translate all sorts of press releases, such as launching a new product line, diversifying business operations, mergers and so on.


5. Certificate Translation

certificate translationOwing to the tremendous expertise in the domain, we offer premium translation for all types of certificates, such as insurance papers, corporate documents, driving license, character certificates and a number of other important certificates.


Attributes Of Our Translation Agency

As a globally renowned agency, we boast of numerous attributes that makes us the most trusted brand name in the industry: –

• A notable 13 years of experience in the translation sector
• Work with a comprehensive network of industry’s expert translators
• Well-versed with the nuances of each language to be translated
• Offer translations in more than 200 Indian and foreign languages

Quality Translation with Quality Intact

With a certified team of native translators, we assure to provide qualitative pristine translations to the clients, with quality and precise meaning intact in the translated assignment. In spite of the maximum perfectionism and brilliance at translations, we do not cost any extra ort hidden charges to the clients. Rather, our translation services can be availed at pocket-friendly rates.

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