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Owing to the tremendous expertise, our English Translation Services Company in Delhi NCR India UAE Dubai has achieved a milestone in the translation industry. Coupled with team work, we endeavour to deliver maximum satisfaction to the clients. We boast of a team of deft translators, who spent a significant part of their lives in translating varied documents. Thus, you can be rest assured, as your documents are in the right hands. Further, our project manager ensures that the translation is completed within the proposed time frame as well as enriched with flawlessness and authenticity.

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Mesmerizing Features of English

  • English is widely spoken by almost 700 million people worldwide
  • After Mandarin and Spanish, it is the third most spoken language in the world
  • English speaking natives can be easily found in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, Canada, the United States, Ireland, Australia, Caribbean, New Zealand and Africa
  • English is the most common language in professional contexts and many regions
  • English follows Latin script writing system


Significance of English

• India

india flagIndia is a land of diversity; diverse cultures and languages. Thus, English is a link that bridges the communication gap between multi-cultured people. In India, English is the language of the Constitution, the High Courts, the Supreme Court and various other official departments.



uae flagEmergence of English as a lingua franca fostered the growth of developing economies of the Gulf States. Although Arabic is the official language in Dubai, yet English is widely spoken by a majority of people residing in Dubai.


Applicability of English Translation Services

1. Market Research Translation

market research translationAs an ISO certified agency, we render genuine translations of all types of market research documents. We translate full range of marker research materials, such as questionnaires, showcards, stimulus materials, localisation of concepts, cultural adaptation reports and so on.


2. Pharmaceutical Translation

medical translationWhether you require a translated copy of patient information leaflets, regulatory submissions or packaging labels, we provide authentic English translation services for your specific requirements. Further, we translate various advertising materials for medical and life sciences industry.


3. Software Translation

website translationWith a proficiency to work in numerous file formats, our team renders phenomenal translation of software into English and other languages. Our team effectively localise your software as per the target culture and then translate it into the desired target language.


4. Legal Translation

legal translationBacked by professional legal translators, we provide premium translations for all sorts of Corporate Litigation, Entertainment & Media, Intellectual Property Litigation, Consumer Class Actions, Banking Litigation and so forth.

The list of our translation services is not yet finished!! There is a lot more to explore….

Seamless Time and Project Management

Associated with a dedicated team of professionals, we always deliver the translation assignments within specified deadlines. To assure maximum credibility to the clients, we have devised a well-structured system that guides us in accomplishing our translation task within time limit. Further, our project manger sees to it that the translation project underwent rigorous quality check procedures for 100% accuracy.

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