Find or search professional freelance translation jobs & projects at TridIndia that recruits translation experts for work at home at higher salary package in MNCs, NGOs, small/ large scale and global companies around the world. As a reputed HR consultancy, we aim at 100% freelance translation jobs recruitment in New Delhi NCR India UAE Germany France Russia China Japan Sweden Portugal Mumbai Bangalore Pune Chennai Hyderabad Gurgaon Noida Chandigarh Kolkata Ghaziabad Amritsar and worldwide countries. This implies that our multilingual translators placement services are spread all across the globe and is available for every multilingual or bilingual language expert who is hunting for a promising career in the language industry. This also includes the mothers and single parents, who love to work and take care of their family simultaneously.

Multilingual and Bilingual Translation Jobs

In simple words, we recruit candidates for industry-specific and general freelance Translation projects/ jobs for multiple industry specialization areas, viz. legal, medical, technical, aviation, automobiles, engineering, oil & gas, tourism, hospitality, mining, fashion and so on. So, if you fulfill all the requirements as a translator and searching for a job or freelance translation projects online, then you are certainly at the right place. Additionally, we do recruit for work from home translation job, permanent translation job and even for in-house translation member of a team. We aim at uniting employers (searching experts for urgent translation jobs & projects) and employees, thereby providing mutual benefits to both the employer and the deserving candidate. So, contact us today for urgent freelance translation jobs online and we assure that our consultants and recruiters will locate the best options for you.

Get Translation Projects Wherever You Are

Since we recruit for translation jobs around the world, therefore, you can find and search for specific long-term or short-term translation assignments in any country or for any language you want –

We provide worthwhile freelancer translation jobs in the following countries and regions:


Translation Jobs in India

Chinese Dutch English French Hindi Translation Jobs in India Hungarian German Russian Arabic Translation Jobs in India
Italian Spanish Turkish Japanese Translation Jobs in India Bengali Telugu Urdu Tamil Punjabi Translation Jobs in India
Oriya Gujarati Sindhi Konkani Bodo Translation Jobs in India  Assamese Marathi Maithili Kannada Translation Jobs in India
Sanskrit Nepali Santali Dogri Meitei Translation Jobs in India Kashmiri Malayalam Filipino Bahasa Translation Jobs in India
Bhutanese Burmese Cambodian Korean Lao Translation Jobs in India Maldivian Sinhala Malay Thai Armenian Translation Jobs in India
Vietnamese Philippine Hebrew Dari Translation Jobs in India – Azerbaijani Berber Georgian Kazakh Translation Jobs in India
Kurdish Kyrgyz Pashto Persian Turkmen Translation Jobs India


Grab Projects as Per Specialization Areas

You might have specialized translation skills that are required for different industries, like technical, medical, legal and others. So, we can help you get recruited for a diverse range of translation projects that relate to your specialization area.

Some of the areas or domains, we work for include:

  • HealthCare and Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • IT & Technical
  • Media and Marketing
  • Education
  • Publishing
  • Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Aviation
  • Travel and more..

The Essential Step of Getting Translation Job

In order to get a rewarding translation job, in one go. You need to make sure that your approach is in the right way. Since, our duties and responsibilities foster us to shape your career and push you towards a bright future, hence, we are here to guide you the correct approach of getting a job in translation domain. Simply perform the following to get noticed quickly:

  • Start by sending an e-mail to us. (Each day we receive dozens of applications that are sent to the employers. But those applications are not worth getting selected by the employer, thus, you need to add some more in it.
  • State the language pair within the Subject line
  • State your credentials in the email
  • Provide phone numbers and Skype details. These are optional, but in today’s competitive world, if you provide such details then it would add a good impression to your personality in the employers’ perspective
  • Just send one e-mail. Never over-do it as this will be a negative point for you
  • Attach a highly focused CV. State your highlights and try to avoid too much of information. You just need to highlight and focus your translation skills

Assured Job Satisfaction

Although we provide you a whole lot of options for translation jobs, and push you towards the most productive company or profile, yet you need to invest some time in refining your intrinsic skills. So simply modify your e-mail and CV (as above) and you are certain to cross the first hurdle for getting a promising job. After that all the efforts will be conducted from our end to get you the right job, thereby guaranteeing for assured job satisfaction.

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