Vietnamese Philippine Hebrew Dari Translation Jobs in India

As per a recent survey, the number of Vietnamese Philippine Hebrew Dari Translation Jobs in India has grown immensely in a short span of time. This huge increase implies that the need of all of the four languages is increasing in the business world, thus driving career opportunities for those versed in these languages. But it is seen that the candidates, i.e. the translators do not get a precise approach to reach to the employer and hence remain unmindful of the vacant positions in the organizations. Hence, keeping this in mind TridIndia HR solutions is set to help out the translators in shaping their career in the industry. With a team of talented HR professionals, we recruit translators to their specialized and desired industry at attractive salary packages.

Hebrew Vietnamese Dari Philippine Translation Jobs

☞ What Makes Us Distinguished

As mentioned above that we are backed by a skilled and veteran team of experts, we have gained a distinguished image in the global market for recruiting a number of bilingual as well as multilingual translators. Also, our ethical recruitment policies and motto to render 100% recruitment, is what gives weightage to our HR services. Some of the other factors that are regarded as our edge over the others are as follows:

● More than 1500 freelance translators are recruited from our end for short term assignments
● The translators have been recruited to a number of countries, including Dubai, Sharjah, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
● Huge referral network
● We have and are still working on recruitment assignment for InterGlobe Technologies, Eureka, Aegis, United Bio-Tech, Oorja, Nittsu Shoji India Pvt. Ltd., Mymoneymantra and so on.
● Over 6000 multilingual translators have been recruited under our guidance

☞ Precisely Customized Translation Jobs

Giving utmost attention to job satisfaction, we believe that a precisely customized and tailored job is the sole method through which any individual could perform his job role perfectly and with full dedication. Hence, while recruiting candidates we make sure that the jobs recommended to the candidates from our end, should be such that fulfills their desires and needs, as well as pave way for the future growth. Hence we offer tailored translation jobs:

• As a Freelancer

You might prioritize or prefer to work as a freelance translator for a number of industries and companies. Hence, in line with your specifications, we recruit the candidates who desire to work as a freelancer on certain short term and long term translation assignments. We are basically in contact with several companies that keep sending us requirements for the freelance candidates. So, we recruit the suitable candidates to those companies.

• As an In-House Member

On the contrary, if you desire to be established as the in-house team member of any company, then we will help you out in this too. Apart from the freelance translators, most of the companies also require to involve a team of translators that are permanent in their company. If you are looking for such a post, then as per your specifications, we would recruit you to your specialized field accordingly.

☞ Industry-Wise Recruitment

We also recruit the candidates in accordance with their specialized areas or industries:

● Media
● Logistics
● IT
● Content writing
● Interpretation
● Digital marketing
● Finance
● Construction
● Aviation
And so on

☞ Ensuring the Most Out of You

While we recruit candidates for a multitude of companies and industries, we make sure the candidate proves out to be a gem for the company. This is accomplished as we work to instill motivation and confidence in the candidates. This helps them to outperform in their specialized area and hence turn out to be useful for the company and their future growth.

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